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Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt welcomes Oxford Scholar Dr. Joseph Farrell back to the show for a special deep dive on the FBI Raid on President Trump and the National Archives MacGuffin that may lead directly to the UFO File!

This is a great, incisive analysis of the Mar-a-Lago raid and its significance for US politics going forward, which is refreshing because it’s not from the point of view of either the Communist Fake News or from Conservative, Inc. pundits, just from a very clear thinkers.

One of Farrell’s most interesting speculations is whether the Feds were looking for Putin’s alleged data dump, given to Trump in Helsinki, some say secreted inside the World Cup soccer ball.

Farrell says, “That is the only thing that would make sense out of the extraordinary overreach we’ve just seen.”

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  • Orthodox Christian Church in Russia is not the biggest threat to Mr. Global, it is the Gold Trust that expired with the Bank of England & the Gold was returned to the Russia Empire & Prussia German Empire, which both still exist! This Gold Trust was set up by Kaiser Wilhem II and Tsar Nicolas II.
    Christianity was not under attack with the removal of the Ten Commandments, Judaism was. The Ten Commandments are from Jewish Mythology of Moses. But technically by removing them is an injury to us all.
    The Roman Catholic faith is the most ancient of all religions, because it is based on Astronomy. The Astrological movements of the Stars and the Sun Solstice.
    Islam & Hasidic Judaism are the biggest threat of returning to “Calvinism.” Both rely on over breeding to survive, which in itself becomes abusive to women. And both require head coverings.

  • “The constitution is a dead letter”, sorry to break your bubble but all three (3) constitutions are debt agreements between the states and the federals, of which the two government services corporations, the Territorial (Trump) and the MUNICIPAL (Biden) are in breach of contract on account of the principals to these contracts are misdirecting our employees, both went bankrupt in 2015. By Maxim of Law, all delegated powers return to the delegator!! Remember America, government of, by and for the people…that is why nothing ever gets done because these two foreign franchise subcontractors work for foreign interests, HRM Elizabeth, The Pope and by treaty the Lord Mayor of London (Westminster), the queens contract is The Constitution of the United States of America Inc. (1789 Territorial) and the Popes Holy See administers his theocracy via The Constitution of the United States Inc. (1790 MUNICIPAL). The American side “The Federal Republic” which has the lions share of the powers delegated to them by the states is the one missing and that contract is known as The Constitution for the united States of America, notice how different the titles to each are. All the agencies are franchises of these two giant corporations and there are two of everything to suck out the substance of America. Don’t believe me, do your homework as i did and go to D&B (Dunn & Bradstreet) start plugging names and see what you find. A dejure government is unincorporated because it is vested in it’s people and is not able to take bankruptcy protection, only corporations/incorporated entities, legal fictions, can hide behind the veil of bankruptcy to discharge their debts onto the public. Dr. Farrell is right about Lincoln, he started this whole fiasco unlawfully as he was president of a holding company chartered out of Delaware with our name, he was not able to hold office because he was a BAR member (Esquire), everyone forget the 13th Amendment to prevent what?? Conflicts of interest, Titles of Nobility Amendment, Esquires (lawyers) take an oath to the guild, the BAR, and that is where their loyalty rests. So America, it is up to us, time to wake up from the slumber and enforce the Constitutions or there will be nothing left to save, but first you will need to correct your political statuses as the criminals have illegally and unlawfully converted your status as an American to something foreign which is not desirable because you have no constitutional guarantees if you do not declare yourself to be an American on the public record.
    US Citizen = Territorial British subject
    citizen of the UNITED STATES = MUNICIPAL slave
    Neither of them are American, your nationality derives from your state of the union, Texan, Floridian, Georgian, Alaskan, New Yorker, etc., etc.

      • Of course they do, with or without any government in general.
        It’s my God Given Right to Speak.
        It’s my God Given Right to protect myself & my family.
        No law can put a mask on anybody, (not even a Muslim law).

      GOVERNMENT does not and cannot make law for men or women, boys or girls.

    • And that is why i believe that the State of Texas should have had standing in the election; because you need to be a U.S. CITIZEN

  • Why can they not say anything interesting. I know that it makes sense what they are doing. They want to survive.

    Give me some fact instead!!!

  • Trump need to hire only 100 percent parties advisors and executives to run the next government to destroy his enemies.

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