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Shocking details have emerged relating to Corey Goode, and his marketing team’s documented association with Satanism, according to Dark Journalist who also suggests that Goode, who claims to be a time traveling astronaut in his show with David Wilcock on GaiaTV, is promoting of a story that appears from all angles to be a work of fiction.

This episode also examines the ‘Corey’s Kids’ initiative that attempts to enlist young adults, to attract the teen market into cult-like activities by promoting Goode’s comic books and video games about “Disclosure”.

Goode recently announced a “3-Year Disclosure Plan”. Goode’s business partner, Roger Ramsaur has rolled out the Full Disclosure Network (FDN). The FDN movement doesn’t even mention UFOs. Dark Journalist asks, is the “Disclosure” they are referring to an introduction new Satanistic Movement under the guise of Advanced Alien Races coming to help humanity?

Dark Journalist says more will be revealed as he gets closer to the truth of this 3-year movement for disclosure, which co-opts legitimate UFO and Secret Space Program research and attempts to turn them into Occult recruiting initiatives aimed at young people.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Dear ?D J,
    Thank you so very much on your research into CG.
    I attended Contact 2 yrs ago & heard him w DW. I saw through it and that DW who is very gifted got hooked up w CG as a need for a pal, but didn’t do his own research on partnering up w CG.
    Also I firmly believe CG doesn’t even know , & if he exposed himself to DJ etcetc by finding out his life would be in danger.
    Please contact me as numerous astronomy groups feed into attendance at CIDessert.
    Thank you so much for your exquisite writing abilities, & for your critical mind!!

  • The Dark Journalist is a part of a major disinformation campaign to mislead. I find way more journalistic merit in David Wilcock’s information because it is all backed up with references, links, and actual url’s for the studies and scientific findings.

    Daniel Listz is a disinformation agent.

    Do not trust Daniel Listz…where is his journalistic merit??? Oh, that is right, does not exist.

    • So, an honest question–What do you do with the overt Satanic dealings of CG’s business partner in regard to Corey’s kids? The voluminous information about the Satanic so-called religion that has been released by credible witnesses/experiencers on the internet says this man should not be involved with nor in charge of anything to do with kids of any age. Yet, CG put him in control of choosing and working with them?

      If DJ is a disinformation agent how do you rectify his informational “facts” about this whatever-he’s-calling-himself-today partner with the “fact” that Satanic devotion involves sick, twisted, murderous and pedophile activity?

  • Hi! Could you look into Emma Gold interviews with Aug Tellez? Is this the same Emma Gold referred to on Dark Journalist? May need to go deeper….

  • Are you sure that’s William Tompkins? Hmmmm Not sure. He was born in 1913 I think.
    The man you call Tompkins looks about 60.

  • I perceive two structures happening on earth.
    The one of splitting, separation, where all people do hurt each other and themselves. Here any kind of emotional pain is “created”, where by this pain death appears and reincarnation is the result.
    This structure is based on a universal impact, where out of a point duality and manifold appears.

    The one of healing, fusing where human beings heal themselves by coming to the point inside thier own form.
    Here is discovered that all manifold of forms has inside a duality/bipolarity as f.e. male and female.
    By coming to the point inside, inner duality becomes transformed. Here I see such na inner duality as a lie and where their is this point, I say here I find truth.

    For sure, there is much pain and suffer based on such a duality on earth. These pains are the base of any buisiness, using these pains for earning money.
    The path for coming to the point is very rare and very difficult, where a very strong effort is needed to find this inner oneness. This is so diffuclt, because this is in fact forbidden by all religions.

    Yes. it hurts to see how people do hurt themsdelves and others by the sake of money.

    • Thanks Randie, I really appreciate this, and would love to discuss this with you.
      I have followed DW for years along with DK.
      I would appreciate it if you could email me in regards to DJ & CG who I liked a lot, but there is something that doesn’t add up.

  • Is the author of this article a Fundamentalist Christian? Do you believe that all New Age is of the devil? The dark side of Christianity through the centuries shows that much of Christianity has been of the dark side. When I went to Sri Lanka in 1984 for a 7 week insight mindfulness retreat I saw in a large temple the art showing that when the Portuguese first conquered the coastal area of Sri Lanka they would grab all the kids and say to the parents convert to Christianity or we will cut off your kids heads. In the Torah-Old Testament the so called Prophet Samuel demanded of both King Saul and then King David that they kill all the man, women and children of the nations around Israel who sometimes would battle Israel be killed. He also demanded of Saul that all the animals of the rival Nation be destroyed also but Saul kept the animals and Samuel put a curse on him that drove Saul insane. Samuel was a black magician. Another Prophet told the Jews to kill all the men of the enemy nation but to keep the virgin females as sex slaves. That’s where Mohammed got his idea about jihad. There is darkness in the Judeo-Christian tradition. I too am skeptical about the time travel bit. Also that all of the Illuminati is about to be taken down. But I think you may be overreacting unless you can show more proof.

    • Kenneth,
      I know there are two kinds of time travel.
      One, where the painfull past is projected into the future, repeating destruction again and again. This happens by the duality of the big brain and the smal brain for the body.

      One, where the painfull past comes inside the stem brain, where this past becomes transformed and pains disappear.There is a void inside where these pains can become transformed and used for spiritual health.
      Now the future is open, because these old pains are not anymore projected into the future. A new human being could appear.
      Self love is the result………….where now love can “concer” the world.

      • Dear Aham,
        I donot usually ever comment on any internet site, but being a member of an astronomy club, going to Contact, & following DJ, CG & DW has given me the awareness through my own spiritual inner awareness that your comment resonated with my heart & soul?and provided a higher expansive truth to all of this.
        Your comment reminded me of how nomads & tribes lived prior to the crusades – followers of Jesus, Muhamed & mystics- how they traded in peace love & harmony, before the ” golds were introduced”. How they loved their neighbors as themselves. Of course this is not written about, as it doesNOT sell in the media.
        I found it touched upon in a great Netflix series called Resurrection Ertegrul, father of Osman the first.
        So yes we are on a very difficult path, to avoid reincarnation & staying out of the duality that is here for us to be aware of, as our teacher to always remind us to stay on the path of soul transcendence…. I have enjoyed all of the DJ, CG & DW, shows & utubes, but they are my distractions & I find great value & love them all. They all need our love & light& in this light more will be revealed for them, as it has for us. However it already may have been revealed for them – I really don’t know.
        But I do know your comment rings the bell of truth in my heart.
        Many thanks & LL to your journey & your Beloveds. ann111

        • Dear Ann

          What astronomy club you mean?
          Where can I find it?

          I had in 1980 a spiritual experience, which I could not understand until I met astonomy.

    • I agree Ron, & I agree with You, Alexandra , Ahman. ALL cards on table will reveal truth…. there is nothing like truth ringing clearly.

  • Your work is appreciated, thanks for reporting such brilliant scholar’s research on our shared reality. The Corey Good story was fascinating from the start, especially in regards to the hidden activity in Antarctica. I have to admit that when I first viewed his spoken accounts of his history I was taken back by the lackluster of his testimony! It seemed ordinary, everyday commentary, or at least my memory of just the one post I observed. I wanted to believe the wild and crazy aspects of his alleged life but he made it seem like a trip down to the corner to pick up a newspaper. So, I guess what I’m saying is, I had my doubts! Bringing this charade into the light, (if that is what it is), is essential to know the facts of the matter. I applaud your dedication to maintain integrity in this discipline of putting “all” the cards on the table!!

    • Ron,

      when all cards has to come on the table, also the cards of self love and/or universal love should come onto the table.

      • Yes, when we face our own dark side, accept, forgive the judgements we have of others, & their judgements of us through their eyes ( this has been my great learning) we transcend these levels.
        I am very interested in the ancient times & travels of Jesus, when he met many Muslims, Tibetan monks, Indian teachers. Unfortunately the “Christian , which Jesus never set up& jihad & crusaders along w the early pope destroyed this history.
        It all became split out into segregated religious factions, leading to money & wars.
        I pray that this early history of people’s on our planet without UFO/alien influence become so well known about.
        IF it doesn’t through the alternative media, we must become those that love our neighbor as ourselves. IF we did this throughout one month we as a world through, loving, caring, sharing, would change our world. We donot need any government, media, writer, conference, Internet to do this. We just do it, and in this we rise above duality.
        I can tell you & I have researched this way, of just loving your neighbor as yourself, no matter if they are a drug dealer, a terrorist you will solve all of your problems, transform your inner city apartment building. It’s small steps, and takes time & patience & going within and listening to the great wisdom of your heart.
        My loving & Light to us all, ann111

    • Dearest Alexandra,
      Thank you for all you do & the light that informs many. Please add your comments of loving & caring when passing your info on your web site along. This will more strongly clarify your INTENTION of non againstness. I recommend as a consult re. He gives a free consult for businesses & website- outstanding professional.
      It would be so wonderfull to get Dr Joseph Farrell or some historical researcher who can find ANY evidence left of Jesus s travels & loving he bestowed on Muslims, Buddhists prior to the pope & Roman doctrines that used Jesus’s teachings to profit off of.
      I beleive this info may be hidden w the nuns, their convents? Or women s family archives, as the pope whatever his name was destroyed the ways of life these earlier nomadic tribes & groups used through giving & receiving, and any harmonies of living in the Middle East, which we have through our American Indian s here in US.
      This is touched on in the new Netflix series Resurrection Ertegrul through a mystical namadic teacher- sorry I don’t have names, mentioned as they are in Turkish & rapidly mentioned, but have looked them up on Wikipedia. and have found some of the film series references of these teachers go way back into Spain.
      The series is long, and demonstrates putting your body on the line for the wisdom of your heart & a higher moral authority.
      During these ancient times there was inner darkness and problems within tribal groups-we still see in the world today with death & destruction , however a more clear picture of what the Kagi tribe was all about.
      It is worth researching, but I think placing a quote & I will look for something, for all your emails that will strengthen your website & help all to see that the intention of your emails is to shed the light, which will conquer any fear, darkness. AND that you are not against CH, DJ or DW.
      For example I know a group who put the worm in the wall of Berlin, and have info on that & it came down didn’t it?
      If you contact me I can share it w you personally w a bit of research. God Bless you Alexandra, and remember we have no againstness toward anyone. Everyone is doing the best they can.
      My loving & big hugs, ann111

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