Here’s a teaser from Dr. Steven Greer’s new DVD/VOD, ‘Unacknowledged,’ in which he discusses a UFO cover-up linked to Marilyn Monroe.

A declassified document which Greer describes as her “death warrant”, dated just two days before Monroe’s death refers to information obtained in a CIA wiretap on the phone of Howard Rothberg, a New York antiques dealer. Rothberg allegedly obtained information that Marilyn told her photographers and passed it on to celebrity and gossip columnist, Dorothy Kilgallen. Kilgallen’s own mysterious suicide in 1965 is often linked to her investigation into President Kennedy’s assassination and she also wrote about UFOs.

Greer reads select lines from the document, in which Rothberg indicated that the President had told her about visit to a secret airbase for the purpose of inspecting “things from outer space.”

Monroe is also reported to have “Repeatedly called the Attorney General [Robert F. Kennedy] and complained about the way she was being ignored by the President [John F. Kennedy] and his brother.” The document states that she threatened to hold a press conference and would “Tell all.”

Greer believes Monroe was killed not because she was having a dangerous affair with a President and his powerful brother but because she was threatening to reveal what the President told her about the existence of spaceships and aliens at a secret base.

My guess is that it was less about UFOs that Greer’s suggesting but it’s an interesting document.

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  • Just an aside here, but the film mistakenly shows Arlene Francis rather than Dorothy Kilgallen (both of whom were panelists on the “What’s My Line” quiz show.)

  • Truth is never found on any stage.

    Any star in universe has a special behaviour: It follows a path of fusing, where the random of this star disappears into itself.
    In a human term: The human aura can become sucked inside for collecting all energy inside and find inner truth.

    This is different to the stars of entertaining.

  • As is often the case with “stars”, behind the glamor lies a tragic life. MM was certainly a human tragedy, not just because of her untimely death, but because of what she had done to herself. Her first husband was a fool to let her do modeling on the side, but he was in the military overseas and she was struggling financially, so it’s understandable. But it was the doorway to hell.

    Marilyn was at the end, a delusional alcoholic prostitute for high profilers like the Kennedy’s and FBI Hoover knew it. She sealed her fate when she got serious about JFK who was just using her body to gratify his lust.

    Very, very sad.

    • Her problems began way before her first marriage, at 15, which was largely a way for her to escape her foster parents. Her mother had schizophrenia. Her father was unknown. She grew up in institutions and in foster care, where she was sexually abused as a child. She did apparently have a genius IQ but she also suffered from addiction to heavy tranquilizers and alcohol. It’s amazing that she was able to achieve what she did, in light of all of that.

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