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This is Part 2 of Dr. Joseph Farrell’s “Most important interview to date” on Dark Journalist.

Farrell is suspicious of the purported aims of  CERN to explore sub-subatomic particles, citing the massive disturbances in the Earth’s magnetosphere when the Hadron Collider is turned on. Farrell explains how these may have a serious impact on the rotation of the planet, itself.

Farrell discusses the clear links between CERN and a post-war “Nazi International” cabal, in the person of John J. McCloy, lawyer for the infamous German corporation, IG Farben. McCloy was also Chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations and the American High Commissioner for post World War II Germany. In a controversial action, McCloy helped clear and vet over 70,000 Nazis to help set up the intelligence networks of the CIA.

McCloy cleared top Nazi legal theorist, Dr. Walter Hallstein who helped to set up CERN. Hallstein was also a key architect in the development of the Nazi plan for a European Federation that was eventually adopted as the blueprint for the European Union.

In a shocking coincidence, McCloy also served on the Warren Commission, which whitewashed the Deep State’s connections to the JFK Assassination. JFK was famously committed to “Smashing the CIA into a thousand pieces,” as a way to root out the Nazi infiltration of the Agency and to regain control over the US Government from suspected Nazi collaborators, including CIA Director Allen Dulles.

CERN is rife with staggering implications of a massive covert military project hiding in plain sight. Don’t miss this cutting-edge Dark Journalist Episode!

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  • I don’t accept this blog saying things against Germans and Hitler, because you know more then I that the history until today and what majority people still thinking what the media embedded in the brain of people with false claim; and jew Benjamin Freeman can say. Ernst Zundel, David Irving too.

  • In 1913 we got the Federal Reserve, in 1945-6 we got operation paperclip, then we got a name change of the OSS to CIA, and the installation of Nazi’s into it. What is wrong with this picture? And since the first world war we have been paying interest, to whom? And for what? For the CIA to keep going out and starting wars all over this world, as a distraction from what? I think I got a couple of dots connected, there are a lot more, just to see behind the curtain and the plan to keep us busy from seeing the truth. I know, I’m rambling on, oh well, deep and wet. What a bunch of B.S. we are “living” in and through. Lots o luck folks, ramble, ramble…

    • James, I’m going to be covering the Central Banking System (a bigger secret than UFOs – that’s right under our noses) in an interview that I’m doing today with Bill Calder, author of an eBook that I just edited, ‘The Right to Issue’ and which I’ll be making available from this site for $3.99 to help keep FKTV going.

  • America deliberately destroyed National Socialism in Germany. This so-called forbidden knowledge simply cannot be taken seriously at all when the agenda is so silly. There is no way on Earth that the Americans would put Germany’s National Socialists in power over them after laying waste to Germany. If those in power in America were so in favour of National Socialism, well, they would just have joined Germany against Russia at that time. Why waste our time with such rubbish?

    • Mothman777, I can’t speak for Dr. Farrell but he’s by no means implying that Nazism was ever the official policy of the US. He’s referring to covert activities after the war, that were counter to official US policy. I think he’s suggesting that during the postwar era, there were elements within the US intelligence establishment who, even if they were not in favor of Nazism (although many were doubtless Aryanists, which was a fairly mainstream ideology throughout the West during the early- and mid-20th century), they subscribed to the idea of “keeping your enemies close”, in addition to coveting the scientific skills of their nation’s enemies, which they wanted to see put to work, to help establish the technological and geo-strategic dominance of the US after the Second World War.

      • Thankyou for your reply. I still think though that the CIA and all the evil that they have been doing for decades now has absolutely nothing in common with any aspect of National Socialist ideology, but rather serves the agenda of an altogether different group.

        The few ‘Operation Paperclip’ scientists and so on that they brought over to America would most certainly have been under extremely close scrutiny, and would never have been allowed to gain even the slightest degree of autonomous power beyond the reach and control of the rest of the government agencies, however, what is more likely is that some of these Germans taken prisoner to work for the US were used as scapegoats whenever the CIA did something nasty, so that people could always be conned into pointing their fingers and saying, “Oh, look, it is those damned Germans doing all this”.

        Certainly, in both WWI and WWII, some pre-existing industrial arrangements between German companies and British and American companies continued to function throughout the war, like the sale of British ball bearings to Germany throughout WWI, but maybe not everyone saw it as their war, and saw no good reason for it, and so carried on trading with Germany nonetheless.

        Albeit, the ball bearings were of military use, and maybe some German elements existed on both sides of the English Channel to make that trade, but that is very doubtful, though we know what a racket war is in any case, with every American soldier having dozens of pairs of boots and so on made for them by contractors bilking the American taxpayers completely unnecessarily, or maybe another element was prolonging the war from within the British manufacturing side there, so as to enable fellow members of their element within other companies to continue bilking the British taxpayers in a similar fashion, and of course, the longer the war went on, members of the peoples that they hated on both sides continued to slaughter each other under mass-hypnosis, which was the entire objective in the first place.

        Again though, regarding WWII this time, it can be proven from various statements that Hitler did not even want war in the first place, but that another element did. Neither Americans nor British needed to be ‘saved from invasion and extermination’ by Germany, since no war had ever been intended against America or Britain by Germany at all in the first place, nor the extermination of the British and Americans, but quite the reverse in fact, taking into account the Morgenthau Plan etc.

        Churchill secretly had the RAF bomb civilian areas in German towns and cities with incendiary and high explosive munitions, and refused to hear pleas for peace from Germany, this being at a time when very few people saw any need for war against Germany at all, despite Chamberlain’s decision, especially with three members of the British royal family having married three senior German National socialist officers, one a German prince, and with the British knowing full well what monsters the Bolsheviks were, and when Germany very reluctantly had to bomb England back, the unknowing and gullible British people were absolutely outraged at these seemingly unprovoked actions, which must have seemed to them then as the monstrous actions of a violent madman.

        Of course, no British civilians would ever have been bombed by Germany at all had not Churchill sought to ‘create a war psychosis in the British people’ (Churchill’s own words), by artificially causing all this to occur, especially as British Admiralty intelligence had already properly identified Communist Russia as the real enemy, that intended to invade not only all of Europe, but also America, then kill ‘all the so-called landowners’ there, exactly as they had done in Russia with the slaughter of 66 million Christians there.

        And at the end of WWII, at least 60-70 million Gentiles were all dead, one of the real main objectives, yet the element which had been entirely responsible for all the machinations leading to the artificial need for war between Gentile peoples actually saw an increase in it’s own immediate post-war world population of 700,000 or so, when the religion is that we must principally remember and mourn the mysteriously never actually disappeared 6 million.

        And of course, this nonsense business about ‘Nazis’ controlling the US at various levels is all part of the plan;

        “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” William Casey, CIA Director 1981-1987

        The sinister British military propagandist Sefton Delmer, together with Communist Russia, was responsible for the lies we still read today concerning that awful conflict and the alleged atrocities committed by Germany.

        The same element engineered the false flag attacks on the New York WTC on 9/11 2001, and those on 7/7 2005 in London, England, and initiated the creation, military and financial support, and military control of ISIS, so our peoples are still in the grip of a fierce and malevolent entity that they are made to believe is their benevolent government, and US representative Tulsi Gabbard has now very bravely openly stated some of this truth.

        America and it’s Gentile peoples are being literally destroyed now with the nonsensical doctrine of permanent wars, GMO food, glyphosate, fluoride etc., and the only power that is being built in America is to serve only the malevolent entity, and after that malevolent entity has done with America an the American people, it and they can simply all be destroyed as far as that entity is concerned, so the purpose has never been to make America strong, but only to make the actual enemy and their planned NWO government under Noahide Law strong, and National Socialists would never be party to such a vile plan.

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