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The US blockade of the superpower of this century, China comes under scrutiny in John Pilger’s latest film, ‘The Coming War on China’.

President Obama’s “Pivot to Asia” is described by Pilger as, “Probably the most dangerous blockade. There are 400 US bases encircling China. They start in Australia they go through the Pacific, they go up through Japan, Korea across Eurasia. It’s like a a giant noose around China.

“Missiles, warships, low-draft warships, which can approach China, just outside Chinese waters. The provocation of China that has gone on, in the last five six years has been extreme, to the point where China itself has changed its nuclear weapons policy. It’s gone from from low alert to high alert. It’s developed the kind of of long-range missiles that will target the US Navy. I mean, it is extraordinary.


“It’s not only blockades – the blackout…on the worldwide web, the blackout of this situation around china has been has been almost total. You have the biggest buildup of US air and naval forces since the Second World War – that’s an extraordinary story, that has simply been suppressed.”

This constant provocation is the described by the US Government with innocuous term, “Pivot to Asia”.

Yet, virtually all Mainstream news reports tell us that it’s China that is pushing military aggression in the South China Sea. Pilger’s film is about the perception that’s being managed, where we’re not allowed to know these important and very disturbing events, including the biggest military exercise in living memory, Operation Talisman in 2015. This was a rehearsal for the blockade of the Straits of Malacca in Indonesia, a narrow shipping lane through which about 80% of China’s oil is shipped in and much of its exports are shipped out.


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  • […] From Forbidden Knowledge TV, an essential presentation of twelve minutes of an interview with John Pilger on the RT network, about the venerable and magnificent documentarian’s most recent profferal, The Coming War With China, a movie in the form of a warning to scrappy scribes and stalwart citizens, an imprecation to resist the propagation of propaganda that China and not the United States–the imperial hegemon with plus or minus 400 military facilities that “form a noose” around the now largest economy of this new age of ours–is responsible for increasing tensions and the threat of hostilities in America’s vaunted “pivot to Asia,” an initiation of important observation and reflection for those who care about human survival. […]

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