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    The brilliant Catherine Austin Fitts comes on with Dark Journalist to discuss her latest Solari Report and the very evident “liquidation” and quasi-genocide that she sees going on in America, with two basic methods tailored according to social status: The Middle Class is being liquidated by the healthcare system while the Lower Class is being liquidated by the criminal justice system – both of which, as she notes are drug-based – because drugs are a major source of income for the Black Budget.

    Catherine’s insights about the cryptocurrency market are very interesting. She describes buying a train ticket in Basel Switzerland, in the shadow of the Bank for International Settlements and the machine gave her the choice of not only using Bitcoin to make the purchase, but the choice to buy more Bitcoin while she was at it.

    She is thoroughly convinced that this alleged “grassroots movement for decentralization” is being allowed to develop apace as a prototype for a system that the central bankers eventually roll out. If they were to develop this themselves, the cost would be astronomical. It’s more economical to let this op run and depending on how much time they need to develop the system, it could run up to the crazy levels predicted by Max Keiser ($100,000) and John McAfee ($500,000) – or it could collapse tomorrow, she says. The main point is to not invest any more than you’re prepared to lose 100% of. She also cautions that everyone who owns cryptocurrencies has a control file on them and for that reason, she doesn’t even want to be in the database.

    In the meantime, what she does say is that the day the SEC approves in ETF; when somebody’s prepared to provide a really professional custodian experience is when the price…could double again or more.”

    For those who do own cryptos, she reminds them not to store them on an exchange but in a hard wallet that is in their possession, with their private keys known only to them. She suspects keystroke loggers are part of the US’ broad surveillance system so she recommends that 1. Get your digital assets offline and 2. Comply with the law.

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      • There is a Prince of this realm and he is the Prince of Lies.

        So who are we in this picture? (I have no idea).

        I guess one can’t blame the shallow power mongers of this world for worshiping the Prince and winning his games.

        It’s just something that feels very wrong to me and that I don’t want to do.

        • Please, Please, just be who you are. I place far more trust in you, and your judgement . You seem able to see past the surface of what things are. Most can not. You are “grounded” and “connected” at the same time. Thank You.

        • Love what you do and your dedication Alexandra. I have a theory that it is “us” that gives the “script” it’s “final cut”. As in: “they” are more opportunistic than really “directing” anything. It could be something akin to– “if they (the masses) expect that (the imaginations of what they are doing)– then that’s what we’ll (the powers that shouldn’t be) do”

          In the Highest Vibration of Love

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