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A lot of us have sort of given up on Internet privacy, accepting that the price we pay for free services is that companies like Facebook and Google basically know everything about us but the European Union has enacted a law that tries to put control back in the hands of users. I think the EU also sees a great opportunity to get a piece of that Tech Giant pie.

The GDPR doesn’t really affect a tiny blog like mine that doesn’t collect almost any user data but just to be safe, given what looked like multiple attempts by a French bot to access a non-existent index page on my site that I saw in my Google Analytics account yesterday (which I almost never visit) and not being able to afford a €20 million fine for unintentionally breaching the European Union’s GPDR Regulations that took effect today, I’m apprising you of FKTV’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Service with this informative short video.

Forbidden Knowledge TV Privacy Policy

Forbidden Knowledge TV (FKTV) is a website and newsletter service currently made available free of charge. We believe in the Golden Rule of treating visitors and subscribers as we would like to be treated, which means we don’t spy on you. We believe we are in compliance with Europe’s new privacy law, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

FKTV does not access the Internet Protocol (IP) addresses of visitors to the website and no user login is required to access the website.

The sitelog does, however track how many visits a given webpage receives while preserving the anonymity of visitors, as this data helps inform me, the publisher of what most interests visitors and how to satisfy your curiosities.

Visitors are welcomed to comment on blog posts and are asked for their first name (which can be an alias) and email address in order to do so but this data is not accessed or repurposed by the publisher.

Newsletter Email

Subscribers to the free newsletter are likewise asked for a first name and email address, in order for the newsletters to be correctly delivered by email. Click here to subscribe, if you aren’t subscribed already.

The percentage of email- and page-opens are also tracked with great interest by me, the publisher, to better understand the interests of my readers so that I may give you what you want.

This minimal data is stored and managed by an professional third-party service which is in full compliance with the GDPR and costs me almost $500 per month.


FKTV needs to pay the bills somehow and it does get paid a pittance of less than $500 per month from ads but we do not directly collect data in order to advertise to you. Third-party advertiser networks used by FKTV employ industry standard data collection that should be in compliance with the GDPR – if they don’t want to be fined €20 million.

Likewise, partners whose products are promoted in FKTV newsletters must be in compliance of the GDPR, lest they risk incurring the dread €20 million fine.

My main source of income over the past 7 months has come from promoting natural health docuseries and educational resources, like Green Flower and Autoimmune Secrets. through the newsletter. My ad income has been whittled down to almost nothing and although I do have a handful of wonderful donors who make a big difference and to whom I am extremely grateful, it’s still doesn’t add up to a living wage.

These health programs have saved FKTV and kept me alive, as I’ve tried to keep functioning with an Internet that’s trying to squash me like a bug, all on the heels of the heart-rending death of my mother…so, please consider signing up for the programs that are offered for free, to learn how to defend your health. If FKTV has made a difference for you and given you something you haven’t found anywhere else, please consider making a recurring donation, if you enjoy this service

Information Disclosure

FKTV has never and will never sell your information and could not, as it is not collected.

Data Storage

FKTV uses third-party vendors and hosting partners for hardware, software, networking, storage, and related technology needed to run the website.

Third-Party Embeds

The video content that you see displayed on FKTV is generally hosted by YouTube or sometimes Vimeo. These files send data to the hosted site just as if you were visiting that site directly (for example, when you load a post page from FKTV with a YouTube video embedded in it, YouTube receives data about your activity). We do not control what data third parties collect or what they will do with it. Videos are covered by the privacy policy of the third-party service.

Tracking and Cookies

We do not use browser cookies and similar technologies to recognize you when you return to our site and FKTV doesn’t track you across the Internet – it can’t.

Some third-party services that we use, such as Google Analytics may place their own cookies in your browser. This Privacy Policy covers use of cookies by FKTV only and not the use of cookies by third parties.

Data Security

We use encryption (HTTPS) to protect data transmitted to and from our site. However, no data transmission over the Internet is 100% secure, so we can’t guarantee security. You browse the Internet and FKTV at your own risk, and you’re responsible for taking reasonable measures to secure your device.

Changes to this Policy

FKTV may periodically update this Policy. We’ll notify you about significant changes to it.


We welcome feedback about this policy at: [email protected]

Categories of Recipients

FKTV shares minimal anonymous data with third-party processors in order to provide the services. These processors offer at least the same level of data protection as that set out in this statement. This includes the following categories of recipients:

•   Hosting, Storage and Other Infrasructure
•   Security
•   Analytics
•   Communication and Support
•   Payment Processors

Search engines will index public interactions, and any user-generated content. Users may also share links to your content on social media.

Payment Processors

FKTV solicits donations in conjunction with payment processors, including PayPal and Braintree. Those companies acting as payment processors may collect and store personal data related to your billing information and history, in order to provide their services and may collect and store personal data and business data to prevent fraud and other abuse.

Potential Consequences of Processing

By posting public comments on FKTV, users may make certain personal data about themselves public and accessible to others. This may in some cases constitute special category protected data which is considered manifestly made public by the user.

Due to the public nature of information posted to FKTV, it may be possible for third parties to derive identifying personal data from posts, whether by reading, inference, supplemental research, or automated extraction and analysis.

If you do not agree with and accept the risks of using the Internet and FKTV, you may choose not to use the services.


FKTV retains the minimal data associated with a newsletter subscription for the lifetime of your account. You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the “SafeUnsubscribe” link in the footer of this and every newsletter. This will ban that address from being resubscribed.

If you want to have your data completely removed and forgotten, please send an email from the address associated with your subscription with “FORGET ME” in all caps in the subject line to [email protected]

If you wish to have public comments deleted, send a request to [email protected]

To delete payment or billing information shared with a third party payment processor, you will need to do so with your payment provider.

Contact Information

Forbidden Knowledge TV
P.O. Box 347
Hampton Bays, NY 11946
[email protected]

If you don’t accept our terms, please do not visit FKTV.

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