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Dark Journalist has hit a new stride with his livestreams. This week, he’s joined by Joseph Farrell. They discuss early Theosophy, Swedenborg, Steiner, Blavatsky, Besant, Mesmer – and Bush. Yes, George Bush, uncle of Prescott Bush (Dubya’s grandfather).

George Bush was a Presbyterian minister and the author of the 1830 book, ‘Life of Mohammed’, the first written about Islam by an American author and published in the US. Bush, who was a longtime professor at Dartmouth University fell out of favor with the academy when he became a Spiritualist. Bush was also one of the first-ever Zionists.

There are so many interesting details about this era which the two discuss as only they can. It’s a real treat!

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Clearly everyone forgot a big contributor to Bush 41 losing the election for a 2nd term as president. He was the lone person on the Hill advocating for the Palestinians in a confrontation with Shamir. The Zionists excoriated him. As an American of Arab heritage I was so hopeful because 41 was working so hard to bring peace.
    While his ancestor may have been a Zionist, it did not appear to be the case with his father.

  • The original successful revolution based upon a classless society was the American Revolution and it is memorialized in the original Articles of Confederation as well as the Constitution, but this is forgotten or not taught today, though clearly understood by earlier scholars. It is not economically popular today, which explains why my work gets little or no serious consideration.

  • Great conversation…one disconcerting element for me is the regular ‘inside baseball’ chuckles.
    One point I’d add to the general drift is the notion that ‘secret’ is woven into the esoteric side due to powers and influences involved.
    Without the path of study, discipline and the concomitant insights accumulated, the forces of egoic temptation overwhelm individuals. A fine example is our recent experiences with the massive egos in Nazi Germany…irresponsible to say the least.

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