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    Joseph Farrell joins Dark Journalist to hold forth with his trademark “high-octane speculation” about the catastrophe that may have ended the last Ice Age, altered the Earth’s axial tilt and shifted the Continent of Antarctica to the South Pole.

    Farrell notes parallels between recent tests of a diamond-based, dual-beamed “superlaser” and the “Mighty, Terrible Fire Crystal” aka “Tuaoi Stone” of Atlantis described by Edgar Cayce, which he said both powered the lost civilization and caused its destruction.

    Farrell is of the opinion that several historical ancient civilizations, particularly Egypt were founded by the survivors of the Atlantean cataclysm, accounting for their abrupt appearance, with no evidence that they developed from less technologically-developed cultures over a period of time.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • I really don’t like all of this ugly partisan right wing crap I’m seeing on this site. Is this a partisan right wing site or what?

    • Yes, the split of sexes/gender develloped gender fight of persons and personalities.
      By being human a gender harmony could appear, where the inner sex/gender between maleness and femaleness creates a new self.
      This new self grows inside up from the plevis to the the brain, where the entire human body is a spiritual/material womb for evolving the new human being. A womb is an emptiness with attractions forces. So is also the spiritual womb inside any human being, where this new self evolves into a genderless being.
      So instead of searching for aliens, human beings are able to evolve into a until now unknown being (alien) with can be present all over universe, inside a non-dual world.
      This is the world of a permanent gravity, where a gravitational mass is identical with this being, now named as gestalt.

      The search for intellectual life in universe, happens inside light, by bipolar persons.
      The search for intelligent life in universe, happens inside gravity by singular human.

      • So the stages are zero point, bi polarity then variety and then a person becomes bi polarity again and then to zero? What would someone who has reached bi polarity be like?

        • Debbie,

          look in the mirror.
          You are a bipolar individual by a male and female presence.
          Your sense organs are bipolar, because of the two eyes, two arms, two legs etc.
          Look at the leaves of some plants and watch the two sides of the leave.
          You will find this everywhere in nature.

          What do you feel/sense, when you put both hands with the inner side to each other, holding a bit distance. You sense a ball of temperature?
          Or, you sense/feel a flowing energy through your hands, coming inside the left hand, passing the arm and shoulders, now flwoing through the right arm, finding the right hand? Is there a flowing energy circulating?

          When thisw flow is present, you feel/sense your own healing energy.

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