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This is the best episode of Dark Journalist in a while, as Daniel Liszt is joined by Dr. Joseph Farrell to discuss how the Globalists’ disclosure agenda was disrupted by the failure of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential bid.

On the campaign trail, UFO disclosure was part of Hillary’s platform, when she stumped on the late night TV shows, calling UFOs by their hip new acronym, “UAP” for “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena”. Her campaign manager, John Podesta is a longtime disclosure advocate who’d met with Tom DeLonge just prior to the launch of the latter’s CIA-led To The Stars Academy.

TTSA is sputtering in an environment that no one had foreseen, a world without Clintonistas in the White House. Meanwhile, on the other side, Liszt says, “We have Trump with the Space Force trying to grab the reins of the UFO file.”

Liszt reminds us of Carol Rosin’s anecdote, while working for Wernher von Braun, in which he predicted that the final False Flag attack will involve a fake alien invasion.

Farrell reminds us of how the postwar Military Industrial Complex and intelligence community was peopled with escaped Nazis via Project Paperclip, including the grandfather of rocketry, Hermann Oberth, who was very outspoken about his views as to the origin of UFOs, stating openly that he believed they were from another solar system and manned by intelligent observers that may have been investigating the Earth for centuries.

The two cite many examples of why they believe that something has shifted in the narrative around UFOs and alternative energy technologies, with the promotion of “asteroid drills” and stories like that of Oxford University professor, Dr. Yun-hae Chi, who has been lecturing that aliens are interbreeding with humans, due to “climate change”, two Globalist agendas rolled into one.

Farrell lists numerous examples of why he believes that both the US and Russia are heavily involved in back-engineering UFOs, in their belief that whoever controls this will control the world. He says massive corporations like Lockheed-Martin (itself descended from the British East India Company) appear to be carving up the territory of this covert field and he believes Trump’s Space Force is an attempt to get that technology out of private hands.

Liszt reminds us of how Donald Trump’s uncle, John was given Nikola Tesla’s private papersby the FBI to review following the latter’s death and how prior to that, John Trump’s mentor had been Vannevar Bush, who many believe was in charge of of the US’ UFO back-engineering efforts in the 1940s. Given the President’s frequent references to his uncle John, this leads Farrell to think that he is signalling that he knows more about the Secret Space Program than your average reality TV star.

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  • There isn’t going to be ANY “White Saviors” on this planet, simply because it was created for the Future “Golden Race Beings”.
    The Man-KIND ellement created by Lucifer, was NEVER the ORIGINAL Melanin God/Woman/Man being first “Seeded” On this planet in AFRICA.

  • Y’all did not bring up the fact that Trump is now in league with the
    Bushes/neocons. Bush was probably involved with the JFK assassination. Are they going to hand over what they know if Trump keeps them from going down with the Clintons?

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