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It’s been said that, “Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it.” So today, as billions of people are under a form of house arrest for Deep State reasons that have nothing to do with the coronavirus, we may ask ourselves, “How did we get here?”

With a shocking number of US government representatives, corporations, Non-Profit Organizations and the Mainstream Media now spouting Chinese Communist propaganda, it might be a good time to revisit the story of Joseph McCarthy, whose name has lived in infamy since his censure by the Senate in 1954, following his two years of aggressive investigations in search of Communists in the US Government.

Dr. Joseph Farrell joins Dark Journalist to discuss his new book, ‘McCarthy, Marshall and the Other International: Roosevelt, Trotsky, Stalin and America’s Progressive Deep State’, which explores the roots of our current political turmoil and societal dysfunction.

As Joseph Farrell says here, “The narrative that’s been put out about him and the reality are very, very different. There’s no question in my mind, as I’ve said before that he was a shameless opportunist but by the same token, as Arthur Hermann put it and I pointed out in the first McCarthy book, he didn’t destroy emails, he didn’t raid the opposing party’s political headquarters, he didn’t kill anyone, bodies don’t drop around him like flies in less than coincidental circumstances – and statistically improbable circumstances – we’ve got to get rid of this idea that he’s just this paragon of evil.

“But by the same token, when you look at his background, there’s very clearly a Right Wing connection to the man…and the more I think about it, Daniel the more I think that yeah, you’re watching two Deep State factions play out a drama and he was he was kind of Donald Trump Version 1.0.”

McCarthy was similarly “fighting another kind of Left Wing, entrenched, Deep State faction.” Farrell believes that most McCarthy scholarship doesn’t want to consider the idea that he wasn’t anything other than a little demagogue “smearing innocent people all over the place and finally got his comeuppance” and that maybe this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Similarly to Trump, McCarthy had been approached by the military after being carefully vetted to publicize what they perceived to be a serious security risk within the Federal bureaucracy.

However, Farrell says, “It’s one thing for him to to go after Communists but when, in the course of that, he starts running into Communist infiltration at a major research facility for the American military, which in its turn, is tied to the events in July of 1947 in New Mexico and he’s mentioning by name ‘Blue Book’ and all of these things, he’s getting to territory now that the military didn’t count on him getting to.

“It’s very clear that the effort to to stall him and get rid of him really begins to gain a full head of steam during those Monmouth investigations, because they are the direct cause, in turn of the Army-McCarthy hearings. So this, to me is the hidden story. They’re worried about that secret getting out somehow and they don’t want him in there, upsetting the apple cart. Plus let’s remember the Kennedys are tied to him very, very closely and Forrestal is, at one point tied to him very, very closely and all of those interests have their own peculiar UFO connections.

“So, you look at Forrestal, he’s on the MJ-12 documents. You look at the Kennedys you’ve got Jack Kennedy ordering the CIA to vet its UFO files so that we can turn what is not national security over to the Soviets and so on and so forth. And then you’ve got McCarthy, with with all of those strange references to Roswell in the Monmouth transcripts.

“So, it’s clear that there is a hidden agenda of secrecy and high technology that’s at stake in all of this. That’s when they turn on him and they do it in such a way to set Roy Cohn up – and in setting Roy Cohn up – they know McCarthy, if nothing else is loyal to a fault to his friends and this is what the whole Army-McCarthy thing is all about.”

Farrell also believes that we’re still looking at the long-term effects of the FDR presidency today. “I really do I think that what we see going on with Donald Trump and the struggles with the so-called Deep State, it’s just a continuation of all of this from the ’50s.”


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