The NWO is pulling out all the stops all over the world. They want you to shelter in place and go bankrupt while they prepare a vaccine for you and your family.

Crow777 joins Sean from the SGT Report, who says, “Everybody knew this was coming. We’re here. Here it is. You can call it whatever you want but it’s tyranny and it’s tyranny for the whole enchilada: The entire world.”

• Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot threatened to throw people in jail if they throw a party.

• Oregon Governor, Kate Brown (little sister of Governor Moonbeam) has extended the State of Emergency to July 6th. Kate has ties to the Clinton Foundation, she was involved in Uranium One and the decision to kill LaVoy Finicum during the Malheur Park standoff.

• Soros puppet, Gretchen Whitmer extended her stay-at-home orders amid major protests, causing Trump to tweet, “The Governor of Michigan should give a little, and put out the fire. These are very good people, but they are angry. They want their lives back again, safely! See them, talk to them, make a deal.” The good news is that the Michigan House and Senate plan to sue her.

• Globalist slave, Justin Trudeau banned 1,500 models of “assault rifles” in Canada.

• In Spain, the people have been on lockdown for over 6 weeks. All “non-essential” work has been shuttered by the government. Closed businesses are dying. Unless your work is deemed “essential”, you are only allowed out of your home, one person at a time to buy food or medicine. People are stopped by police and be asked for their receipts. People are fined $2,000 for talking to someone outside of the house, even with social distancing. (In Toronto, that fine is $5,000).

In Spain, the rules are getting stricter and the fines are getting higher by the day. Anyone who is under 18 is not allowed out, at all. Children have been locked in apartments for two months and police brutality has spiked. People call police when they look outside and see people on the street. The police arrive in a group and beat the person up. People on balconies clap.

The government keeps on promising fast release if everyone behaves but the day of prison release keeps getting pushed further and further out. It’s impossible now for people to to get together and protest.

Spain almost sounds like Michigan.

As Crow777, says, “To address the scale of what’s going on here, this is bigger than anything we have a historical reference for. This is touching more of the world than World War II did. If you want to go back to the stock market crash, that didn’t affect as much of the world as this is…

“But there is some good news. I was sent video twice today from people on the streets of Italy. There are big protests going on there and you’re not going to catch it on Fox and CNN and MSNBC, because they are at the enemy and they’re not going to tell you the truth.

“There were huge protests going on in California. Things are going on all over. You’ll just not hear about it and this is part of the information war. This is war in the modern era. We don’t use bullets and bombs in the modern era, because people have started to grow up too much for that kind of thing…This is an information war, where you control the information for those who don’t know any better than to turn off the damn television, because that is your worst enemy – and always has been since its inception. Use other sources to get information.

“You’re going to feel hopeless. You’re going to feel beat-down, because that information has been designed to do exactly that: to beat you down to the ground.

“But I would remind you: anyone who grew up in the United States of America, when I came up, we were told this was the home of the free and the brave. If we deserve that title, we’re gonna probably have to show it pretty quickly. If we can do it like adults, that would be great, because I suspect that the next thing coming is they’re starting to mess with the food supply chains.

“We saw this coming. Almost like the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. The first one is getting people sick second one is famine. You can see the games that get played.

“My point here is we’re in the majority, here and we have the right to demand a decent life. Hopefully, people won’t lose order to do that because I suspect if people lose order, an iron-fisted response will be right behind it…

“This is being pushed to a head. I think it’s going to come to a head and I think that’s part of the plan but if people conduct themselves like adults and just simply protest in an adult manner, I think that’s a critical thing to think about, because we’ve seen [the amount] of assets they’ve mobilized and we’ve seen that, regardless of what the presidents have sworn an oath to, nobody’s following the Constitution, which is a bit ironic, because the Constitution, if it was ever reinstated in a meaningful way, would collapse so much – even the Department of Homeland Security – it’s Unconstitutional…

“The Constitution has to totally go away for all this to work out in the direction we see it traveling. Will people let it?

“It’s pretty clear we’re looking at the largest coup d’état that the world has ever seen and it’s everything – all of it. Not just the enchilada – the restaurant that makes it, the factory that made the ingredients, the supply chain – everything, everywhere is what [they’re] going for, here.

“If they get their way, the people living best in the world will be in the middle of Africa, somewhere where they’re too remote to be messed with. That’s how bad it could get.

“Within a week of March 11, how was it that the Michigan Legislature had a pandemic budget approved in June of 2019? How are these things? I think we all know how these things are but what people need to keep foremost in their mind is there are many millions of people thinking exactly what you are thinking right now, so don’t be fooled that you’re all alone and that they’ve got you cornered and to lose your humanity and become one of those people who will rat out a neighbor, as if this was 1984 and your name was Winston.

“Come on we’ve grown past that. Now, there’s a lot of people who are fed up to their eyeballs so don’t don’t be fooled by the controlled information.

“And lastly, every one of us knows what right and wrong is. Nobody has to tell you what right and wrong is and I would just make this statement, ‘What good are rights if you’re going to accept wrongs?’ and that’s a critical thing to think about. I won’t be accepting wrongs and I will look out for the people around me and I will stand up to death if I have to for the things that I feel are right. I think it’s really that simple. And above all, act like an adult, don’t lose order.

“What’s going on here is a bid for a world takeover but each of us has freedom of choice. The divine spark of God in each of us. With that comes freedom of choice. Anyone who forcibly takes your freedom of choice is violating Universal Law and that’s why we see these games, to convince you to give up your own freedom to choose.

“And I’m here to tell you, if you give up your freedom to choose, then you never deserved it in the first damn place.

“If you can just remember that you’re carrying the divine spark, that this world was made for you and human beings as a whole are in charge of this place – keep in mind you were given freedom of choice and the divine spark – and you need to defend those things with everything you have.

“Just buck up, people. This is happening. What’s going on is happening. We’re going to get a reset but every time there’s a reset possibilities remain.

“Could be that a lot of the things we didn’t like about before could be started in a different direction. Don’t lose hope. Don’t let the damned controlled message make you believe that you’re all alone in this world, because let me tell you something, there are endless people thinking the same thing you’re thinking right now – and I’m one of them.

“I want to wish you all well. Take care of all the fellow human beings around you.”

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