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The saga of US Senate candidate for Maryland, Dr Jonathan McGreevey continues. I’ve been following this very interesting person since 2018, when he came forward as a secret witness on the second anniversary of Seth Rich’s murder, under the pseudonym, “Luke”.

His unexpected testimony was that Rod Rosenstein had ordered the hit. This was completely out of Left Field, as many assumed that John Podesta and/or Hillary Clinton were to blame.

In January of 2021, when Defamation superlawyer, Lin Wood released video testimony from a whistleblower with decades in the military and in the intelligence community, talking about the sheer evil of Chief Justice John Roberts and former Vice President Mike Pence, it didn’t take me long to realize that this witness was somebody who I had been following on Twitter called @JohnHereToHelp before we were both de-platformed – and that this was also the same guy who called himself “Luke” in 2018.

Jon has made several appearances on this site with juicy scoops on the Colonial Pipeline hack and the involvement of Pelosi, Pence and the FBI in orchestrating January 6th, as well as the use of encrypted military communications in the murder of Ashli Babbitt, provided by Major General William Walker, who was the Commander of the National Guard in DC and soon afterward promoted by Pelosi to be the Sergeant at Arms of the US House of Representatives.

Which brings us to last Friday, when Jon was arrested by the Harford County Sheriff’s Office for allegedly filing a “false report” about a 10-year old girl being trafficked out of an adult book store in Edgewood, Maryland.

Jon was held over the weekend at the Harford County Detention Center and arraigned on Monday. The primary election was held the following day, yesterday. Out of 10 Republican candidates for Senate, Jon came in 8th.

In a statement uploaded on Monday to a supporter’s account on YouTube, Jon says his police report was not for “political advantage”, as alleged by the Sheriff’s Office, Jon says he had been working undercover at the store for years, long before he threw his hat into the senatorial race.

Reiterating what he said during a Jun 9th interview with Baltimore County Sheriff candidate, Andy Kuhl (who did win his race on Tuesday), Jon says he was investigating and documenting the drug shipments going through that location into Baltimore.

Jon says that after a new owner took over, things at the store got worse, as they began to sell child pornography and to engage in child sex trafficking.

He says Harford County’s corrupt Sheriff, Jeffrey Gahler is friends with Trump-hater, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan. He says Gahler has also been VERY good friends for a long time with former Vice President Mike Pence and he suggests that Gahler’s been promised a big appointment, such as head of DHS, should the latter win the White House in 2024.

He says the trial for this “false statements” case is currently scheduled for this September and if it actually does make it to trial, that he’ll be “Putting everyone up there. Discovery’s gonna be a riot!”

In this recording posted by the SGT Report a month ago, Jon testifies that Mike Pence is a gay pedophile and that he’s fully compromised.

He says that one of his victims, named Nick, who is now 20 years old and who faked his death after fleeing to Ireland is one of the victims Jon referred to in his 2020 deposition to Lin Wood.

Jon says Pence didn’t have a choice as to whether or not to certify the 2020 Election in Biden’s favor. Had he refused to do so, videos of him with this boy and others like him would have leaked out that same night.

Jon rues Trump staffers not working with him, instead of scrambling for new jobs in DC. He says with their Presidential resources, they could have found Nick sooner.

Nick faked his death in Ireland and, armed with several passports and a lot of financial support, he then moved to Scotland and was hard to track down.

Now, Jon says, “That child, Nick has been found and he’s not holding back. He is upset. He’s messed-up, as you would expect any violent abuse victim to be and he’s talking out.

“And because he’s been found, we found other victims, many of them in their early thirties now, a couple in their late 20s.

“But if Pedo Pence “Sugartush” wants to do anything about it, I invite him to do so.

“Take me to court. Let’s get in there. Discovery will be Epic-g-g-g! And the list of people I put up on the stand will not be soon forgotten! 

“Now, can this be used to turn over the election? One would hope! (laughs) but, we’ll see. I’m sure it’ll be fought.

“But there it is. Since January 2020, people put their faith in me, Mr Lin Wood has – others – and I did not lie.

“There it is. It’s out, now. They were just hiding him overseas under a different name. If the people around Trump, like I said weren’t so concerned with lining up a big, high-paying gig afterwards, he’d still be there.

“But here we are. Thank you very much. I hope this gives some relief to people who trusted in me. I did not lie and there it is and they have like, for example, Lin Wood was subject to tons of abuse and challenges to his law license, because people didn’t like the message.

“Well, let’s do that, now! Let’s get on the stand! I got some witnesses for ya!

“Thank you, again for your time. It all has to come out now. We won’t survive another couple of years.”

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Organized theft not a transfer.

    1-Who are the thieves
    A- The monopoly shareholder collective capitalism public, and private partners MSCCPPP ( bastardized free market capitalism , or communism rebranded).

    2- How did the MSCCPPP( Monopoly, shareholders collective capitalism public, and private partners)pull it off?
    A- The MSCCPPP first created ( funded) a virus .
    The virus was used to destroy every nation state economy worldwide with the help of the MSCCPPP in media, the health care industry, and health care regulators pushing fear porn by hiding effective early treatment protocols, and increasing death risk with Remdesevir.
    Then the used the vaccine they also funded by the MSCCPPP pharmaceutical industry to get those nation states to pay for their own demise through vaccine purchases. All with the MSCCPPP, politicians, judges, regulators, law enforcement to keep it running smoothly through the lockstep .
    Meanwhile the MSCCPPP distribution of emergency funds came with contractual obligations of lockstep , and mandating needed to pull off the theft with non disclosure agreements .
    Everyone signs to survive the emergency that the MSCCPPP created the need for,and non MSCCPPP who where not deemed essential to stay open from the MSCCPPP linked corrupt politicians setting MSCCPPP guidelines.

    3- What comes next?
    A- The MSCCPPP who are already funded by the 40% of the total money ever printed that was printed in the last
    Three years will buy up those business, and personal property assets ( the theft of trillions) that was created by the many MSCCPPP thieves.
    Funded in fact my the money our grandchild are on the hook for if we don’t implement the Nuremberg Code laws, and charge all of the MSCCPPP many coconspirators who are not the CEOs who recently stepped down with their golden parachutes because they saw the Nuremberg Code violations writing on the wall. Golden parachutes that also came with non disclosure agreements, that is why no one is talking, and it seems like everyone is in on it. In order to receive the funds to survive the mafia protection racket tactics they went along to get along like it was 1938 Germany.
    Now those same already funded MSCCPPP will bundle the foreclosure assets in such a way as to exclude all but the MSCCPPP!
    Welcome to Hell where free market capitalism has been bastardized into communism rebranded.
    The whole thing is the biggest seemingly unconnected Rico act violation in history!
    If we don’t get to the top of the pyramid Blackrock, and Vanguard to break up the MSCCPPP it will happen again!
    The fact that they created a man made crime against humanity to pull off the biggest Racketeering crime in history is the chink in their armor. The snakes underbelly is exposed for the first time in history.
    Here is something that you can do right now! Sign the petitions, and share.

    Let the Nuremberg Code military tribunals begin!
    ~ Simplestone ~

  • I still believe in Biden, they don’t call him “the comeback kid” for nothing.

  • Trump said he could shoot somebody in Times Square and still get elected President, but he had to have a Deep State pedophile as his Vice President, not just once, but TWICE. He’s either a REMARKABLY BAD judge of character…or he’s controlled opposition.

    And so what do we think that triangle symbol (that Trump always makes with his hands every time he is being interviewed) represents:
    “the all seeing eye”,
    or both?

    • yeah Trump is a Ped0 & he’s controlled opposition. He will be president & sites like this make me suspicious. anyway not going to discount all that has been said but wait until u realize EVERYTHING CONTROLLED 😂

    • late i know. if you are media or go in front of hte media a lot, you are taught to put your hands that way. keeps from using them and distracting. hubby was in broadcasting and that’s what he told me.

  • 1st/-I don’t expect what follows to post but I need to vent:
    This jon is just another whore for breathing so heavily as he was talking about the other whore. was the theme arousing him or something!?!? what a perverted scumbag (like we need more of them)!!!!They are aaaaaall whores god damn it. NONE OF THESE LOW LIFE THUGS CAN BE TRUSTED WITH CRAP.
    EVEN the tramp said to vaxx. Well, what do you say to that SGT Report?!?!?! and this is only the beginning. I AM sick and tired of this SHIT…. DEMOCRACY!!!! HOW ABOUT DEMO CHICKEN SHIT OR MORE LIKE PIG SHIT.
    i m really sorry Alexandra. I LOVE YOUR WORK. but one get to a point where they just bust out.
    and just look at his name: “Jon”, what the fuck happened to the “h” in it?!?!? sound like porn name. Yikes. they are all dirty and filthy. Since 9/11 I’ve been thinking this country is under the anus of satan and NOT “UNDER GOD” as the liars claim.

    • John was tortured by the Deep State for not complyinh; he sustained serious injuries to his mouth and windpipe, and that is why he talks that way. You should learn more about the patriots you mock before shooting off your mouth. What an ashoe!

    • He breaths like that due to a lung condition. Where did you get your perv radar,from a crackerjacks box?

    • the WHOLE WORLD SATANIC. Sites like this a distraction & controlled opposition. There is no God u want to meet here, the bible can be quite prophetic sometimes. fuuck religion 🌞☀️

    • & Trump not a PED0? Let me guess u got some financial ties with Trump? This “forbidden” info wouldn’t be so easily available if the government didn’t want it to. the age of CENSORSHIP. so what’s the catch?

  • Compromised Pedo Politicians all need to be removed from office. They need to be seriously dealt will in the legal system and that may mean lifetime imprisonment and forfeiture of all ill begotten assets. Our forefathers must be rolling in their graves over all this debauchery.

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