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    Here is something SUPER weird!


    This is a clip of Donald Trump being interviewed by Piers Morgan when the latter was still at CNN. It is mind-blowing, because  Trump uses the arcane and unheard-of term, “PizzaGate” – way back in 2011 (!)

    There was a WeinerGate in 2011 before there was a WeinerGate in 2016 – but as far as I know, there was no “PizzaGate” until sometime in October, 2016. Yet, Trump clearly uses the term “PizzaGate” here, in 2011!

    This is more than five years before this neologism entered the English vocabulary, as far as I know, with the revelations in WikiLeaks’ Podesta emails and in the Instagram posts of that pizza shop owner, who GQ Magazine mysteriously called the “49th most powerful” man in Washington, DC, which triggered an online citizens’ investigation into their possible relationships to pedophile ring operating in DC.

    (I’m not going to go into further details, due to algorithmic filtering. You can look up that term in quotes, yourself).

    Mandela Effect? Pre-planned psyop? Or coincidental slip of the tongue?

    Very, very strange!


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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • Does anyone remember the Trumps Tweet on PizzaGate ? I cant find it anywhere but i remember seeing it .. I dont recall anything about a interview when he said it..

    • Reading some of the comments below just shows how diverse people are in their way of perceiving things. What I understand about his “pizzagate” comment is that it was about eating a pizza with a fork or with your hands. The media used that term this past year to describe child porn being offered through a number of pizza parlors by using a code when one orders their pizza. Who knows, maybe the term was picked up by someone who heard this interview and because it was used in the same sentence as “Weinergate”, said person appropriated it.

    • Sorry for the double comment below, just delete one of them, Alex. I’m having a lot of trouble with the site.

      This audio is truly, truly weird. He does say Pizzagate, no doubt. When he speaks the words they are kind’a covered up. You don’t need much skill or current technology to make audio changes appear real. The old fashion way–splicing tape together–appears real if skillful; it’s easy. As stupid as the twisted-logic-guy below appears he did note one important fact. The audio does not really sound like the Trump of today. Only once during the voice-over did it sound at all authentic.

      However, that is not the story here. Time is the story. Was the recording tampered with? If so, to what end? An agenda specific reason–attempting to place Trump inside Pizzagate? The Mandela Effect–possibly–there have been a number of world instances in the past year. I’ve personally experienced significant, what I’ve come to call, timeslips in my own home in the last 24-months.

      Whatever this is it ain’t normal, guys. All I can say is WTFK? So, keep an ear to the ground and a wary eye on the MSM. As Liam commented–don’t trust them.

    • I think they are screwing with these recorded news clips…I wouldn’t trust anything from CNN or Lame stream media!

    • When I first heard of pizzagate back in October or November 2016, a friend shared the FBI terminology on fb and I looked it up further and tried to find out more via google by typing in ‘pizzagate’ and right on top were all these articles titled ‘pizzagate’ from years ago. I thought hang on, I thought everyone’s making a fuss that msm isn’t mentioning this, and here I found several articles on ‘pizzagate’ written by msm outlets. I clicked to read further on and found it had nothing to do with the term as we associate it today. It was something entirely unrelated, so I assume this must be from that time regarding that topic.

      • Interesting. I get nothing in that vein. Please provide links so we can all see what you found. Many thanks.

    • Meh…on this one, Mandela Schmandela…’gate’ was a common eyeroll handle by 2011…plus, I eat pizza with a knife n fork too, hat tip to tinyhands…well, the ones I make anyway…lotsa sauce including pesto if I’ve made it, lots a garlic, shrooms, olives, onions, thin tomato slices and even some sausage or pepperoni if I’ve a mind…thin crust just can’t handle being handled by hand.

    • It’s my understanding that it’s possible to computer duplicate the human voice, thus creating a fake recording. I could find nothing on the internet in the Weiner-gate period using the term of pizza-gate so it’s very suspicious. .

        • This is not Donald trump. I don’t believe this is for a minute. It doesn’t even sound like him at all! And I am in no way a trump supporter. I love how in the description you say that this could be a Mandela psy-op, slip of the tongue …I think that the fact that you’re posting this fake crap is a psy-op. Also I don’t think I can trust forbidden knowledge anymore for the simple fact that you are always against main stream media yet post this saying CNN is credible? I call bullshit

          • Go complain to CNN’s YouTube account, then.

            I didn’t whip this up. It’s streaming directly from CNN’s account.

          • What kind of twisted logic is yours? CNN posted this as a MSM TRUTH. FKTV simply brought it to your attention.

            Have a nice trip.

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