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    Clif High joins Greg Hunter with some Web Bot predictions for 2018. This is one of the best interviews of Clif High that I’ve ever seen and the best part is that the news is very positive overall.

    There are lots of sets of longterm data in this report, which goes out five years and which he named “The Soaring ’20s”. Clif sees economic and technological booms, which will create a positive feedback loop and an optimistic period for us all, which he likens to a “Renaissance”. One factor in this will be the space economy.

    Bitcoin will surpass $60,000 and possibly reach $100,000 in 2018, with several 30%-40% corrections/consolidations like the one we saw last week, which establish a new bottom of $40,000. He sees Bitcoin hovering around $13,800 through February, after which the release of successful financial cryptocurrency products will draw more people into the crypto space for another euphoric burst through May. This continued neck-breaking upward trajectory of cryptocurrencies will contribute to a “bond debacle,” which will last through 2020.

    While the shocking recent performance of Bitcoin in 2017 was accurately foreseen by the Web Bots, the predicted rise of silver to $600 per ounce by now has not yet obtained. Clif had seen new energy technologies based on silver causing people to de-hoard their monetary silver but now he doesn’t see these things occurring until 2019, when he’s seen language for silver being worth as much as $1,000 per ounce.

    As we get into the summer, he sees an ounce of gold as maintaining a one-third the value of a Bitcoin, which puts it at $3,000-$5,000/oz. At that point, he sees Bix Weir’s assertions gain acceptance that gold is like diamonds. The scarcity is controlled. There’s MUCH more of it in existence than is generally accepted.

    Clif sees a lessening of the doomsday/prepper mentality. He sees us leaving behind the negative visions we’ve been held under by the oppressor bankster class. He says, “They’ve dampened society down for a number of…decades. They’ve caused a twisting of our collective emotional balance towards the negative and have held it there for 30 or 40 years. That’s breaking lose.” People will no longer feel the need to be “hoarding against an inevitable decline”, as they will see around them a reinvigoration and an optimism. How and what we value will change.

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    • GOOD NEWS for a change after decades of lagging hope? Loved hearing this report.

      o Another “great generation”? Wonderful! My heart leapt with joy about this one. The great grand-children rocking the globe. You go guys.
      o Technical renaissance? Fascinating.
      o Gold found (finally) to be plentiful but under cartel-type control? Yep!
      o Pedophiles taken down/out, no matter their image control? YES, Go get ‘um!
      o A blooming of society? Excellent.
      o Bankster families’ influence crumbling with the NWO? It’s about time.
      o New economy breaking out? Fabulous!
      o Social unrest via ANTIFA-type groups and their wealthy supporters failing due to being out of step with society? ALRIGHT!

      Is Cliff seeing the tip of the big iceberg for which we’ve all been waiting–a coming golden age? After the last few decades, I certainly hope his data sets are correct. I’m so, so tired of being under the thumb of these creepy, dark, ugly self-appointed elites. Maybe we’ve reached that tipping point we all knew had to come? Fingers X’ed.

    • Bit coin and cryptocurrencies in general are empty ponzi schemes. They will lead to a disaster for those who speculate.

    • I followed Cliff a few years ago. I found his information fascinating though often doom and gloom and not too accurate. He really jumped on the bitcoin and prepper bandwagons. I could not find a picture of him nor his location. That added to the mystique.
      I drifted away from his following.
      I’m interested in his positive attitude and findings. Time will tell if his prognostications
      ring true.

    • Let’s hope the information is as Optimist as portrayed…Hello, 2018! Down with all pedophiles! No tolerance No acceptance of the low lives!
      Cheers one and all

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