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    This is a very compelling interview with Clif High, whose Web Bots have been more accurate than usual, lately. They’re predicting a continued tug-of-war between the two main factions of the Deep State.

    “Team A” is a legacy of the Post WWII Era infiltration of the US Government by Nazis, with their drive for centralization, represented by Hillary and whose demise spells imminent economic chaos, as they lose the power to manipulate the markets in their favor. The other faction is about de-centralization and more transparency of information and it will usher in a technological innovation wave, as well as shocking revelations about our Antediluvian history. (!)

    We’ve seen a very surface version of this tension, playing out in the mainstream news and in the paid protest marches around the country, soon to be mirrored, according to Clif by some pretty wild swings in the markets for the dollar, bonds, mortgages, loans and especially in silver.

    Clif joins Greg Hunter from and these are just some of the highlights of the interview, which is so incredibly information-dense, my hands started hurting before I could complete transcribing it in its entirety. The interview, in turn, just skims over the reams of data produced by Clif High’s Web Bots reports, available for download at These are some of the interviews highlights:

    “2017 is going to be a deeply disturbing year because…what occurred in 2016 with the election was not merely an election cycle of four years…Really, what it represented was the culmination of a push within the Deep State towards centralization and it was a centralization at a global level.

    “So, for instance, we find that Hillary Clinton received money from Angela Merkel [and] from the heads of the ruling parties in Sweden, Norway and these kind of places for her campaign and if you look at it in a very broad sense, what we see is two parts of the Deep State at war with each other.

    “Our mutual friend, Catherine Austin Fitts made a statement, way back when, that the only way Trump could win would be if the Intelligence Community decided that he would win and I agree with that statement, up to a certain point. Trump won because of the winning of a particular faction within the Deep State and let’s just assume it’s split into two – that may not be the case the let’s just assume that, at the moment.

    “2017 is going to be a deeply disturbing year because the faction that won, in placing Trump into power also defeated the other faction, which has been on a roll…ever since the McCarthy Era interventions; this push for centralization for purification of the control mechanism, basically with all of the Nazi infiltration in the United States at the end of World War Two – not German but Nazi – National Socialist German Workers’ Party, via Operation Paperclip.

    “Tens of thousands came and infiltrated the structure of the United States, less so, in Russia etc. and so we see a push towards the centralization of government that, had the Clinton Faction won, would have continued until we were basically at the point of reaching a Hitler-type of a nexus, where banking and and political power and military power were all essentially joined.

    “That was not a native part of the German of a political structure before the war on Germany, by the way, in case people don’t know…and then came Hitler and the push for centralization, which continued in the United States from McCarthy onward. So here we are at a point now, where that faction has been defeated [after] 70-plus years.

    “The winning faction…has yet to bring its narrative out…there are some hints of things that are coming here…I think that what’s gonna happen this year is that…the United States populace is going to be [a]…re-examination of what we think we know is true and this will extend so far back in history…

    “The faction that has won is not opposed to the general population learning the truth, in terms of recent history and into distant history, unlike the the group that…Obama represented, that Hillary would have represented, etc., that group was opposed to humans knowing anything at all about our current situation on this planet and they were opposed to us knowing anything about the truth of our real origins…

    “The Hillary Clinton group…represented global warming and it represented carbon credits and all this kind of thing and the Trump group represents that part of the Deep State that knows we have to get real about dealing with an Ice Age.

    “So there’s all sorts of levels that are going to be broken up here, in terms of what we thought was true, as the legacy media…and its narrative dies, along with that the power structure that had supported it and this is not a situation that many people had envisioned…

    “There’s been higher levels of carbon dioxide on this planet you find records that go back to 440 parts-per-million that’s much higher than we’re dealing with at this point there’s no relationship to carbon dioxide directly causing any the heat. In fact, carbon dioxide rises as the planet is already moving into it cooling condition you can find these facts all over the place plus there’s another aspect of this: we have maps in our current can a possession now and you find these on the Internet that show Antarctica ice-free and it could have been ice-free as little as 13,000 years ago…

    “So we’re looking at Ice Age conditions that may have settled in on Antarctica in the course of a single decade. This would lead and many have rightly concluded to much of the language that we find in Plato about and about Atlantis and how it became inundated and covered with water – and here we find all kinds of conditions now occurring as it melts it’s revealing that much of the stuff in Antarctica that we’re finding was basically flash-frozen and so was frozen in place…whole herds of elk were frozen in the course of a minute and just like…bison that we find chewing on butter cups that are flash frozen – frozen in mid-chew – and even the bacteria killed in their stomach not yet digesting the contents…we now can say that well none of these time calculations are accurate and so here this is actually kind of good for me, on a very personal level.

    “So the winning of Faction B means that all us woo-woo guys can come on out and speak of these things in a very factual manner, without having to go and provide mountains of evidence to prove our opinion on things because a lot of the stuff I’ll be speaking of is not accepted by the mainstream media. In fact, they ridicule it; such as UFOs…the unidentified aerial phenomena that we all live with and some of us, daily.

    “All of these kind of things are in our actual parts of our reality that are not being included in our thinking and therefore we are in the miserable state of affairs that we are in now…if we just simply face reality in a factual way, a lot of people’s opinions about some of the stuff would change, our emotional attachment to these opinions would change and we’d be a lot more harmonious with each other and with that reality, going forward.

    “We can’t do it…if we keep living on these lives of the manipulated money, manipulated history, you know not acknowledging the reality that’s staring us in the face…

    “The advent of Faction B signals the breakdown of the manipulation and the power base but…when it will happen, I don’t know but I think that the truth bombs will cause the natural human reaction to take place and that natural human reaction, in this case is going to be the shift of wealth out of disappearing paper assets and into what we can call hard and harder, ethereal  assets, like Bitcoin.

    “I talked about this back in 2003, that there was a juxtaposition between 20,000 on the Dow and $600/oz. silver. That was really all I had back then, because it was long-term data. You don’t get a lot of details. As we get closer to the event, we get more shorter-term data and then as you get closer, even still you get what we call immediacy data so you get a lot more details and that’s really what we’re getting into: a situation here where there’s going to be two forces that are working on silver; the degradation of…our emotional confidence in paper money and its digital representation, so we’re gonna have forces pushing our emotional attachment to the existing system away…and that would naturally move us towards a more ancient forms of money that have held their values such as silver and gold…

    “Silver has been money longer than gold and has been money wider in the sense that more people have used silver and daily transactions than ever refused gold gold was much more of a storehouse of wealth for entire states and nations, whereas, in the Roman Empire people use the silver Denarius they were really moving much gold between them.

    “Then there’s this other aspect of it that is quite staggering. We’ve had hints of that for perhaps the last 18 months or so in our data, without really being able to recognize what was shaping up that long ago but there’s other aspect of it is what we’re now calling “hyper technology” and that is to say that that were in an innovation wave that’s going to take off, now that the Faction A has lost and the free-floating of information will start to occur.

    “The information is going to be combined from one person to another to create new ideas and you can see [an]…innovation wave is just literally building under our feet and some of the technologies that will be involved in that, in our datasets have silver, at a real key level and so because of its unique properties and transmission of electricity and so there’s a pressure not only on silver from a monetary viewpoint but also from a technical viewpoint…

    “By 2022, the data refers to silver as being too precious to use as money. We need it too much in our technology to consider using it as money. It’s much more valuable…because the technology, itself is much more valuable than money…Imagine the situation where you had a hundred ounces of silver and you have a device that required that use of exactly 100 ounces of silver – but this kind of a device would pay off in a way that that hundred ounces of silver in and of itself could never do, even if you converted in and used it to buy stuff…

    “Maybe this device is some form of a low raw material input replicator that might provide food for 30 years or you know might be something like a very high-end 3D printer that can provide robotic arms for 30 years and so there’s going to be a trade-off, in everybody’s mind at the commercial level…

    “From March to May, we have a some sets about what we had going for months about bonds and how the bonds are just going to basically be vomited out of institutions for poor performance and for being basically a drag on them as an asset class and so they’re going to get rid of the bonds.

    “There’s a real-world stuff here, from last week…the bond market in Europe was the worst January in history…we’ve seen for years that it would be coming out of Europe before it hit the US and that it’s all going to spring from the Italian banks that we’ve been identifying in reports, maybe even five years back but they are getting back to the bonds for a minute.

    “The datasets have this period, that shows a lot of not a big culmination or anything but I can say a near-term peak of emotional activity relative to bond hits us in May, as a result of the political chaos that’s going to be there from March through May, not only within the United States population but also throughout a lot of the Western developed world, including down into Australia.

    “The datasets has all these such joined up relative to bonds, such that in the situation looks so dire to the Central Banks, that their response will be rolled out in June and it’s a response to the previous three or four months, building up all of this emotional and political pressure on them.

    “That’s why we get the hyperinflation is because the bond vigilantes have come out. We’ve got rising rates, that the Central Bank is caught between a rock and a hard place. They don’t know whether to raise rates and chase the bond vigilantes or to try and swap them with a huge amount of Quantitative Easing and that’s what our data suggest: that the Federal Bank…attempts to take that approach, which sets us up for the problems in the Fall.

    “We get some very heavy inflation, starting in March through May…we’ve been hearing about for several years from many people that manipulation has put off and it’s unbelievable fraud manipulating gold silver, Forex, interest rates, mortgages, futures, the stock market: everything indefinite-related.

    “What’s coming in the Fall I don’t know if we would call it the “Big One”…but let’s assume that we know that by the time we get to Fall, the bond markets or are basically shuddering, old men, peeing on themselves, just sitting there, not doing anything.

    “So, we’ll be talking about the only thing still moving at that point, which is the shares or equities markets which are based on algorithms and so on and not really retail trade and so they don’t really represent a market but those numbers, according to our datasets are going to be quite high, in the sense that we may be looking at a huge amount of hyperinflation within the equities market in the U.S., such that we have a 50,000 Dow or much higher…

    “It shows the dollar being a worth less and less and less, as we go through from March through May and I don’t understand the mechanisms, myself that’s just what we have in the way of a forecast from the datasets but we have silver, gold and Bitcoin rising very rapidly during this period of hyperinflation and in fact Bitcoin will signal a lot of this, over these next few days.

    “We expect by the time that this is seen, one of those dates, February 3rd will have been tasked and would you be just getting into the February 5th and then the 10th and we’ll see temporal markers we think on these days, that will…be echoed, later on in the year before going into our Fall period…”

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    • Too ‘data-sets’ for my blood…I’m with Mister High in much of his view on how the immediate economic system could go, but his entire premise requires a system which is consumption focused, technology centric and ongoing in development and direction.

      I doubt that very much…if things crash as he implies, which I can go with, the very notion of that plummet requires a planet wide reassessment of how the masses fit into the drop down and recovery which he seems to believe will continue in the same vector as today.

      Tech, in it’s mindless expansion is now promulgated solely for PROFIT and not at all for addressing either it’s benefit to humans as a whole nor it’s point of reality for assuaging current economic NOR CLEANING UP THE DEVASTATION NOW OBVIOUS…60,000 unregulated, unexamined chemicals drowning the economic system, Fukushima requiring, according to TEPCO, 300 billion and 40 years to resolve and the swirling vortex all that implies.

      Back to the drawing board sir…far too many gaps unexamined and incorporated in this take…

    • The fall of the new Rome–good analogy.

      I’ve been saying it for a decade. Anyone who heard it couldn’t believe I was sane and took umbrage with my POV because it ran counter to the MSM propaganda–we are entering an ice-age. We are not going to burn up, children. Stock up on warm clothing. The last 50+ years as told by the Cabal/old guard were nothing more than twisting reality to hold their power.

      I feel pretty sorry for the Millennials sometimes, as frustrating as the larger portion of them can be. The kids have been so conditioned by the media, absent parenting and distraction technology they have no idea what truth is. They simple react, as we’ve seen. Few can employ critical thinking, a skill necessary to truth seeking. They were taught to follow the crowd from birth. Those few who have escaped being affected by the MSM and have somehow engaged their minds to overcome the Cabal reality narrative are a true godsend. We see some of them in alt media investigative journalism. May that group grow exponentially in the years to come as our true reality and history are revealed.

      Loved that Cliff confirmed another of my POVs with regard to the current Administration. You want to bring down Group A, guys? Tell the truth, support it with facts and run them out of town as a consequence. The public will rally around you once the facts are known.

    • All I can say is that Trump is making some large changes, he’s shaking the tree, hopefully it won’t fall down. Everybody hang on for the ride, it’s going to be bumpy, understatement, I know. I don’t hold with all of them, but I didn’t vote for him, or “her” so, there was no one o vote for. Poor excuse I know. But we must go forward, so I hope, and not with war. Too many have died in the name of profit, and control. Are “you” ready for the new Rome to fall the rest of the way?

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