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HealthNutNews’ Erin Elizabeth shares her phone call with the Director of Mosquito Control from the State of Florida, which is incorporated into a piece by ron Johnson, in which which he rightly questions not only the non-existent “Zika Threat” – but then the obvious question of what toxic gases are being sprayed on citizens, by helicopter, plane and trucks rolling through Miami neighborhoods, since the Zika virus is a non-issue, as far as constituting a serious threat to public safety?

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  • My neighborhood has been included in plans to spray poison to kill the West Nile Virus. If the Federal Agency tells them that the criteria has been met, they will spray automatically. No other decision is necessary. The POLIO epidemic that hit America the hardest in the late 1940, early 1950 was caused by ariel spraying of poison, not by a Polio virus. I was a Polio victim 69 years ago when I was two years old and am still in the wheelchair, today. Polio epidemics appear as bell shaped curves with cases rapidly increasing, over time, as it goes up the left side of the bell, then peeking with the maximum cases on top, then, down the right side as cases of Polio begin to quickly decline. The use of DDT in America is also shown as a bell shaped curve. In fact, you could overlay the bell shaped curve of Polio and the bell shaped curve of the use of DDT in America, by date, they are identically the same. At the start, DDT was most popular with farmers, on the increase. When DDT disasters came to light, it was quickly outlawed, hence, the fast decline in the use of DDT in America that matched identically the decline of Polio. With only the DDT information as to the amount used per month in each State, the number of polio cases can be determine without any other information being available. Counties or cities that did not spray did not get Polio and those that sprayed lots, got a lot more Polio. In summary, populations of people today have been lied to and do not know about dangers that in our past have been covered up. Today, we think there has been no problems, but there have been many problems that we have been denied the truth about and that has left us with the inability to see the danger that, otherwise, would be so clearly a message to not spray poisons.

  • yes, 1984 arrived-on time-and no one noticed because we were all zoned out in front of the TELL-A-VISION watching Miami Vice–now we have government Miami Vice-creating customers for the HELLth care system controlled by alligators and their minions in the corporate government-who is getting paid to do this hellish deed…look local-who is getting paid government money to kill–his name is known….look under any Bush.

  • Their findings indicate pyriproxyfen may interfere with human brain development as well, calling into question whether Zika is really the culprit behind Brazil’s outbreak of microcephaly, and raising fears that increasingly aggressive efforts to halt the spread of the mosquitos carrying the Zika virus might only make the outbreak worse. In the paper, they call for more research, and for the phasing out of pyriproxyfen in mosquito control efforts.

  • Children are more at risk from pesticide poisoning because they are still developing their DNA, brains and bodies. I suggest researching the homeopathic remedy for the nervous system as doctor’s may be told (as they were in Calif) not to treat it as a organophosphate pesticide poisoning but as”something else” as it goes on to affect the bodies organ most vulnerable after the “flu like symptoms” nervous ticks, headaches, vomiting, still necks, etc, etc, symptoms.

  • Yes, some will get cancer, others may get the many neurological diseases which is prevalent in Calif from the constant spraying of Malathion that went on for 10 years. , Pregnant women have given birth to children with Autism as they were sprayed with a neurotoxic organophosphate nerve gas which attacks the entire nervous system. The pesticide is lodged in a man’s sperm and is passed on to the next generation as well as in our fat cells. The brain, by the way, is all fat. A research was ordered by Jerry Brown on health effects that was immediately discarded after finding that 50% of people do not have the enzyemes in their liver to detoxic organophosphatess. The other 50% will probably develop diseases 10-20 years down the line. The research was done by toxicologist Dr. Mark Lappe. Jerry Brown ordered the spray anyway.

  • The people are being treated like cattle. The government has been treating people of other nations similarly killing them with disdain as collateral damage. Americans did not protest. Now no one will speak up for us. We are just chattels far as the Administration is concerned just waiting for the coming chop.

  • i grew up in south Florida…my whole neighborhood was sprayed by trucks constantly ever since i remember…im talking West Palm Beach….to kill mosquitos…so they are probably used to it…business as usual…

  • Actually, this type of behavior goes back to late 80’s early 90’s in may parts of this country- if not Well Before.. We are but Rats in a Lab to the Powers That Be!! Look what happened in New Mexico & Nevada Desert (Where Many Lived after WW11 into the early 50’s (With THEIR Sporadic Nuclear Bomb Testing….. All this of course has been gingerly covered up by the culprits & Their All Too Willing Corporate Media…..

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