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Member of the European Parliament for Germany, Christine Anderson joins Steve Bannon to discuss the global “Airmegeddon” of canceled flights and flight delays that have made commercial aviation a nightmare around the world.

Anderson believes that this is a result of the vaccine mandates that caused those pilots unwilling to submit to the jab to resign and those who took the jab in order to remain employed to now suffer from the resulting adverse events.

She says, “When you look at the data collectors, like EMA – that’s the European Medicines Agency – the data shows, within the first 7 months of rolling out this so-called COVID vaccine, there were 20 times more adverse events reported and 23 times more deaths reported in regards to this COVID ‘vaccine’ than in all other vaccines combined in the last 20 years.

This tracks with the latest reports from US insurance companies that deaths among working age people are up 20% to 40%.

Anderson continues, “So, they should have pulled this stuff off the market right away. The adverse reporting system of the United States is basically showing similar data. And when we’re talking about severe adverse events, we’re not talking about some redness around the injection site or arm hurting or something like that. No, the definition of a severe event is basically hospitalization, so this is what we’re talking about.

“Now, when it comes to flight safety, there’s various regulators in charge of this, there’s the French civil aviation authority, in Germany, it’s the Luftfahrt Bundesamt, you have the EASA [European Union Aviation Safety Agency], the European division of it, you have the FAA. They all should have done their job and made sure that none of these issues in relation to these ‘vaccines’ would pose a potential threat or risk when it comes to flight safety but they haven’t done that.

“When you look at the EASA, the European safety agency, they put out a bulletin on March 25th of 2021 basically stating, ‘Well, you know, there is no data available regarding the impact of in-flight conditions on the severity of the side effects, nor is there a resulting impact on the ability to ensure safety onboard – but hey, it’s all good! All of the flight crew should get vaccinated anyway!’

“And the point is this: they put this out on March 25th of 2021 and they haven’t done anything ever since. So…over a year now, there is so much more data out and they just didn’t bother to maybe review their initial assessment, here?

“And when you look at the international coalitions of medical regulatory authorities and the manufacturers’ documents, they explicitly state, ‘Well, there was no testing done, as far as genotixicity, mutagenicity and carcinogenicity is concerned,’… So the testing simply was not done…

“Safety on board a plane is no longer guaranteed, because most of the flying crew is now vaccinated…This will turn out to be the biggest crime on humanity.”

In short, the vaccines may well destroy the airline industry, exactly as Clif High had predicted over a year ago, in June 2021, when he had also told us that, as far back as 2003, his Web Bots had predicted the premature deaths of 1.24 billion people.

This also parallels the 2025 predictions published for several years on, a site which tracks defense expenditures of the world’s countries and which I began following in 2015.

The Deagel data showed that the countries forecast to experience the greatest population losses were Western nations with the deepest ties to the Liberal banking establishment.

These infamous 2025 predictions were still up when I checked around March of last year but they have since been removed (although partially backed-up here).

According to the latest figures, 66.7% of the world population has received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, which is nearly 5.2 billion people. 12.13 billion doses have been administered globally and 5.92 million are now administered each day.

Only 20.2% of people in low-income countries have received at least one dose. Perhaps this is what was meant by “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the Earth.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • The genetic research of the Covid vaccines by Dr. Lee Merritt has concluded Ashkenazi Jewish bloodline is practically immune to the toxic spike protein of Covid-19. Ref. She claims the jabs are genetic responsive.

    It appears this vaccine can be spread by shedding and is detrimental for pregnancies. The past development of vaccines for mice to attack their ovaries for extermination in Australia appears to be incorporated. Genocide by vaccine appears to be the goal.

    The Covid-19 farce looks more and more like a deliberate globalist scam. Where did Fauci get the money when he needed it ??

  • She’s a very intelligent woman. She is a hero, going against this atrocity. We need more leaders like her

  • My son in law is a pilot for a major airline in the US. He was one of 1st vocal pilots leaders to fight against these absolutely absurd COVID jab mandates. Because of his perseverance he was able to stop the mandates in his company. Unfortunately over two thirds of the company’s pilots and employees were already vaxxed. He is one of the few fortunate pilots that resisted and is still flying. There was a lack of common sense used by corporate leaders in mandating these lethal experimental death jabs and world is paying the price for it now.

    • She really is. I wonder why she hasn’t been assassinated yet? The only thing wrong is that she is calling the bioweapon a “vaccine”. It is NOT a “vaccine”. By referring to it as such you already lose before you get to court.

  • I haven’t flown since January 2020. Guess I’ll stay grounded for some time longer. Every day more sinister planning gets revealed. Just heard thousands of army personnel have been terminated. Are those responsible for all this actually human? I’m starting to wonder.

    • Yes they are human, they are just genetic psychopaths.
      There has been some research done which has indicated certain parts of the brain, such as the amydala, are dysfunctional, in studies done on clinically diagnosed psychopaths. And a few genes have been isolated which are associated with psychopathy.
      The research into isolating the genes which causes genetic psychopathy, and then creating a reliable test for identifying genetic psychopaths, has been deliberately ignored and woefully underfunded.
      Psychopathy has been strengthened by certain, small groups of people interbreeding with each other for millennium.
      Psychopaths can not feel empathy, although they can copy behaviors which make it appear as though they can feel compassion for others. Since genetic psychopaths have no conscience, in a very tangible way, they are inhuman.

      Genetic psychopaths are the demons and devils and the aliens come to harm Earth.
      The negative causational factor is nothing supernatural, the culprits are all homegrown. It’s just that humans insist on having otherworldly or supernatural explanations, while the answers are much closer to home.

      • Breeding out the psychopathy genes from humanity sounds like genetic engineering that I can get behind.

        • Alexandra Bruce,

          Some psychopaths are G R O O M E D
          into existence :

          Forwarded Message :

          Dear Doctor,

          His childhood traumas aside, TED BUNDY had self-analyzed!—and reported that his deadly sexual habit was groomed into existence by pornography (( S & M pornography )) !

          Media and psychologists and sociologists had responded by
          coming to the defense of the pornography/pornographers,
          not expressing ANY serious consideration of Bundy’s opinion.

          Why no thoughtful analyses
          by the professional academics ?

          After Bundy’s initial comment and public responses, nothing more was said of it.

          Pornography destroys civilized society, but profits rule today.

          Always mention Bundy’s own analysis, to be fair to
          T R U T H .

          Victim’s Story of Ted Bundy Attack



          Re the Ramsey case, members of the parents’ COVEN
          had come into the (crime scene) house that morning to
          wipe down potential evidence—to SCRUB the rooms;
          and keep in mind, the Ramsey’s first daughter had
          claimed sexual abuse by the father – no mention of that
          by MSM – then, she was killed in a traffic accident (( study
          satanic ritual abuse and find that traffic “accidents” are
          a routine way of keeping SATANIC abuse secret )).

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