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    Catherine Austin Fitts, publisher of the Solari Report and joins Sean at the SGT Report  to say that the same forces that have looted trillions of dollars from the Department of Defense (DoD), NASA and Housing and Urban Development (HUD) funds are the same forces aiming to destroy the US Constitution.

    Fitts believes that the greatest immediate assault against the people is mind control, namely in the form of a Mainstream Media that wants you to believe that Russian Hacking and interference in the US Presidential Election is an actual concern.

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    • Govern

      There is a religious commandment: Respect your parents.
      Now the parents can govern their children in such a way they respect their parents.

      This process is the same in any country on earth, where the people get their government they deserve.

      By this government, the brains of any new born human being becomes more or less damaged by the parents, transferring genetically their old pains into their children.
      It is also possible to say: the pains of brain damages become reincarnated again and again.

      Such damages can be scanned, as this video shows:

      By these damages their appears also a damaged government, where a damaged democracy also is the result.
      In order to create a healthy nation/country, these individual damages must become repaired.

      This is possible as the video shows.
      Moreover the presented possibility is not the only one.
      For sure, there is a need for other possibilities, which includes the effect of oxygen, for repairing the brain.

    • The deep state, and the secret government are trying to kill almost all of us. And they are working at that objective. I trust C.A.F. and her views, however, the main thing is what I stated first.

    • Awakening the masses is not going to be easy. The weaponized media is doing a bang up job of disinformation while the school system(s) and television indoctrinate the masses. (Why do you think it’s called television PROGRAMMING?).. I have come to the conclusion that some will NEVER wake up, regardless of what they are told or shown. Perhaps they are not to supposed to awaken, I can’t say for sure, but many seem to avoid the truth at all costs.

      Thank you for what you do –

    • I’ve been reading an essay by Slavoj Zizek Neighbours and Other Monsters: A Plea for Ethical Violence. In it he talks about the ancient tension between Jewish traditions and the European (Greek, Christian). The Jewish desire for the rule of law and the European desire to move beyond laws and to self regulate. The Jewish tradition for secret societies and the European desire to create a unification single governance. An ancient struggle between these two with the Notion of the ‘Jews’ in the European ideaology as the obstacle that prevents unification. Nowhere is democracy mentioned or equality or equal distribution of wealth, just this struggle between two ideologies going back to the time of Christ. Pertinent to this debate of ours I thought….

      • The link below is a David Icke review. He addresses freedom of speech, the Ziocons and the capitulation of fear based on threats that has come to rule the Western world. The impetus to address the subject came from a recently cancelled Canadian speech. One of the points made was that we cannot speak freely if we fear to speak against a thing. He addresses the Zionists and their newest turn of phrase which includes criticism of their government as anti-Semitic hate speech.

          • Zizek also says that the Jewish tradition for the purity of the blood and the European desire to be rooted to the land are distinct. But when the two ideaologies meet you get fascism.

    • Really great video. I fear that it may be too late. Many people are waking up but many are in a deep sleep. The machine in DC is all about protecting itself and they don’t care about Republican or Democrat as long as that person is willing to play ball. Speaking of the constitution being ripped up, it has already been twisted, ignored and given modern interpretation by many judges. I very much want reform and for our country to be restored but I honestly believe it is too late.

    • This week I told some of my friends that we have a fiat currency that costs us money. Just that one fact if you understand it points to more questions. I managed to get them to understand but I don’t think I got them to feel any urgency. Has anyone had any success with friends and family etc? I need some help here

      • No help here, babe. James Corbett of the released a video on how to handle such things. Don’t remember the title but he has a search function on his site. The advice was good but, as I remember, it required a bit of skill building on the Truther’s part in order to use the information to it’s fullest. I have not been successful with the willfully ignorant in my life, either. They continue to be tuned into the MSM and anything they consider “official” but little more. I’ve found, through bitter experience, they are more about “feed me” but ONLY when I want it and don’t tell me anything I don’t want to hear. In the US the proofing of he willfully ignorant is saying anything about the Clintons that does not put a golden light on them. Yikes!

        • I like James Corbett’s posts, I’ll search for this, thanks Elle. we should share any successes I think that would be useful.

          • But I agree it’s a slog. I was talking about 9/11 to my uncle and after listening for a while he literally patted me on the head and told me not to worry about it!

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