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Speaking of mind control being the greatest threat to world peace, whether it be in the form of war drum histrionics about Russia in the US Mainstream Media or as the madrasa-brainwashed suicide bombers of ISIS (with the madrasas subsidized by the Neocon-allied Saudis), here is a segment that gamely attempts to stamp it out with reason.

I chose this non-hysterical segment with author, journalist and lifelong Democrat, Max Blumenthal over another recent one that’s gone somewhat viral recently of Tucker Carlson engaged in a shocking clash with the Council on Foreign Relations’ Max Boot, where the latter compared Putin to Hitler. Tucker has had a few similar clashes with rabid Neocons lately.

Blumenthal tells Carlson that Russophobia has buried the Left and that he believes Democrats would be better off focusing on their message and policies, not on Trump and Russia.

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Alexandra Bruce

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