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Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy’s violent crackdown against peaceful Catalan voters on Sunday is being compared by some to the Fascist clampdowns of dictator Generalísimo Francisco Franco.4,000 members of the Guardia Civil were shipped to Barcelona and are currently living aboard large cruisers off the Catalan coast while they brutally enforce Spanish law.

Ironically, the Franco dictatorship removed Rajoy’s own grandfather from his job as a university professor for his role as an architect of the Autonomy of Galicia, in the northwestern region of Spain, where Rajoy was born and raised.

Since the death of Franco in 1977, the Spanish State has been undergoing a slow process of devolution, with Catalonia, Galicia and the Basque Country declaring themselves “nationalities” and gaining self-government. Most of Spain’s other regions have followed suit.

Carles Puigdemont, leader of Catalonia’s Autonomous Community has said, “We have no problem with Spaniards. We have nothing against Spain. We have a problem against the Spanish State and the Spanish political system.” Evidently, he also has no problem with the EU and would like to have Catalonia deal directly with Brussels, similarly to what Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has suggested for her country, the majority of whom did not vote for Brexit. There is currently no legal framework for this, however.

Sturgeon has shown support for Catalan independence, as have politicians from Belgium’s Flanders region, who have also called for secession. Between Brexit, the other “-exits”, these independence movements and others around the world, the very idea of nationhood is being shaken up.

For pro-independence Catalans, the fight for freedom goes back to 1714, when Spain’s King Philip V captured Barcelona, then part of the culturally/linguistically distinct Kingdom of Aragon. Break out the popcorn, because whatever happens in Spain over the next few weeks is sure to be interesting!

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  • I wonder how many police would show up if they were not allowed their gear ssuch as batons, shields, etc and they had to go fist to fist intead!! Many are probably cowards without weapons and each other for backing!! No amount of pay would make cowards show up!!

    • Yes, it is needed to become an alien again in a space beyond the earth, somewhere in universe.
      There must be a space without illnes and death.
      How much peopel are longing for this?
      When they are loning for such a space, it must be possible to find it.

  • Citizens of Catalonia–KEEP IT UP!

    We are born free and with that freedom we have the sovereign right to live as we choose under any governing system. The state is using their typical go-to move. They finance hoods to physically harm you. The state knows nothing but how to beat you into submission, to hold you in place through fear and pain. It didn’t work in India. It doesn’t have to work in Catalonia. Stick together. There is no force that can win over the human heart when it knows what it wants. Just as the self-appointed kings of the past not much has changed. No matter. STAND! Do not give in to the tyranny. You have the right to live as you want, under the system you choose.

      • Yes, I was born a free human. That knowledge was part of me. I’m not sure what you mean “any directions on how you have to live”. I neither want nor need state directions about how to live and behave. Every living thing is born with the seed of the knowledge about what is right and wrong. Doing right is a choice. Doing wrong is a choice. That is free will.

        • Elle,

          yes there is this will.
          However, when you are attracted in doing the right thing, you are forced to do the right thing.
          When someone is attracted to do the wrong thing, he is force to do the wrong thing.
          Both choice have a kind of intensity, where the strength and mass of this intensity decides what to do.
          When the mass of doing the right thing is less as doinf the wrong thing the choice will be for the wrong thing.
          How many beings do choose for killing, splitting, separating?
          How many beings do choose for self-healing, reparing, inner fusion?
          See the massive manipulation on t.v., by face book etc.
          Yes, there is a choice………… moreover “education” destines what the choice is.
          F. e. who is an american, or is he/she just a human being somewhere living in a state, which is called USA?
          What is his/her choice??

          Who is telling: Make America great again.
          He does not say: Find out who you are.

  • Once the secessionist and separatists movements have achieved any victory in any in part Europe the result will be the rise of secessionists and separatist movements in the US, Russia, China, India and Gulf Arab states.

    The result will be martial law and the response by the governments in the US, Russia, China, India, and Gulf Arab states will be far more violent than anything seen in Europe but particularly in the US as the US population has lots of weapons.

    Individuals cannot declare separatist and secession movement success based on group affiliation within any region based on history within any existing nation state without genuine and national legal approval and consent at country wide level.

    In any case the question that has to be asked of any secessionist and separatist movements is, who benefits?

    It’s certainly not the ordinary hard pressed people misled by delusions of separatist and secessionist movements.

    Fragmentation of nation states means powerful foreign global nation states military and multinational corporations and billionaires have easy access to takeover, own, control and exploit resources from secessionists and separatist regions whilst the people on these newly separated and seceding regions become poorer and suffer economic hardship.

    Separation and secession will lead to greater conflict and war.

    • Sooooo, a people who do not want to be ruled by their sitting government should kowtow to it anyway because not doing so will cause suffering and hardship for them in the long run while providing easy access and control for worse global powers?

      Freedom, Safir, is the ONLY thing worth fighting for. If you are not free to enjoy your life–to live, work, play, vote, be educated, safe, rear your children, speak of change without fear of retribution and all under a system that values you and yours, then you are not free. You are only alive. I don’t think Gandhi would agree with you. I certainly do not.

      • Elle,

        There is only a freedom of ………………. whatever one chooses.
        All and anything is related in universe and therefore any independecy is an illusion.

      • Catalans pretty much have all of those freedoms. They don’t want to pay taxes to the Spanish central government.

        • Refusing taxation is a open statement to oust a government you do not want ruling your country. America, wanting independence, refused British taxation without representation and fought a war against the most powerful nation in the world, at that time, to secure their freedom from both British rule and the taxes they demanded.

    • Safir,

      This attempt for separation base on the power of money.
      It is the richest part of spain.

      This happens today all over the globe.

      Still it is disgusting to see what kind of violence is happening.

    • One need only look at the US Civil War, the bloodiest war in this country’s history (by far) to see what happens when you try to secede from the Federal Government.

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