The Gavin Newsom recall vote in California is on September 14th and it is already fraught with fraud.

Friends report to me that registered Republicans received their mail-in ballots more than two weeks after Democrats did.

The first video shows us the recall mail-in ballots and how the box one would fill in to vote “YES” to recall Governor Newsom aligns perfectly with a hole cut into the envelope, so that a casual onlooker – or a mail sorting machine – would be able to see your vote through the closed envelope and toss your ballot out, as was done with thousands of Trump votes in 2020, especially in New York and Pennsylvania.

Jovan Pulitzer shared the second video that shows two women standing in front of an apartment building’s mail boxes with a master key to open all of the boxes, from which they remove all of the main-in ballots.

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  • I’ll say it til I’m orange in the face, until we start shooting our way back to democracy there is nothing that will prosecute, hold accountable, or get a paper ballot election system that’s fair. the runaway corruption, fraud and treason will exponentially increase. Load your weapons, save democracy.

  • Please, anyone in CA can contact Kevin Kiley or other candidates who are not in gov. assembly yet and thus have little less inside into what is going on. Kiley just recently reported Newsom wants everyone in his group genetically modified via the ‘covid injections’ now, the same with the entire police, schools, insurances and hospitals!!! Kiley’s info is at

  • We need to vote california, washington state and oregon out of the union so they can join up with their butt buddies the ccp. Lack of capital letters in appropriate places is NOT a typo.

  • You can’t make this shit up any more.

    There was a time where if your policies were unpopular with the people, you changed them. Now they keep their garbage policies going by rigging elections. They are so unpopular that the mainstream propaganda no longer works. The failed results speak for themselves.

    We are onto them, people are waking up. #TrumpWasRight is now trending on Twitter.

    • Well, Steve Gaylord :

      The Communists had infiltrated Lincoln’s
      administration, before his war against self-
      government and the colonies’ rule-of-law
      Constitution (( find, “Republican Marxists
      and Abraham Lincoln”—and similar titles )).


      • WTF is wrong with you. Communisim did not exist during Lincoln’s time. Oh well just another right wing fantasy!!!! Don”t let the truth get in the way.

  • FYI,

    Leftists’ default mode for success is to lie/cheat,
    re Newsom—why Democrats manipulation votes
    to stop the recall.

    Leftists are right-hemisphere EMOTIONAL.

    Rightists are left-hemisphere RATIONAL.

    So, therein lies political conflicts between rightists and leftists,
    and within our own mind’s decision-making choices to do good
    or bad.



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