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This is Part 2 of the previously-broadcast interview ( between Dark Journalist, Daniel Liszt and his special guest, Oxford Scholar and prolific author, Dr. Joseph Farrell. Their fascinating discussion reveals the hidden dealings of a secret breakaway group, operating inside the national security state, with covert knowledge of UFOs, Black Budget finances, advanced technology, and a post-war Nazi International empire.

In this startling conclusion, they reveal that 3D Printing is a Black Budget technology that is being released to the public at an alarming pace by a group of secretive insiders, in order to stave off a potential threat from off-world visitors.

They also expose hidden systems of finance that have been in place since before World War II, in order to support a covert program aimed at creating advanced technology that has been back-engineered from ET crash retrieval and the enigmatic Nazi Bell Project!

In this nexus of subjects, the post-war Nazi Super State is highlighted as the architect of geopolitical strife and excessive secrecy at the highest levels of global governments, dating back to the formation of NASA and the assassination of President Kennedy.

Riveting and informative, this Dark Journalist episode will leave you wondering who is actually running the world and what is their ultimate shocking plan!

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Alexandra Bruce

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