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The creator of this clip, with the tongue-in-cheek handle, “Barry Soetoro” claims that just one photo of the Chechen Tsarnaev brothers is enough to destroy the “Boston Marathon Bombing” PsyOp, once and for all.

Barry Soetoro alleges that the Boston “Hoaxathon” was a staged event 1). for the purpose of testing martial law, 2). to restrict the sale of gunpowder (to discourage the homemade manufacture of ammunition) and if I recall, 3). to restrict the sale of pressure cookers, to discourage the creation of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) made from these household items.

Even if one buys into the story that the Tsarnaev brothers were guilty of the bombing, the subsequent full-scale military-style invasion, with tanks and troops rolling into the suburb of Watertown, where the homes of totally innocent citizens were evacuated at gunpoint by soldiers attired in full “Operation Iraqi Freedom” regalia surely demonstrated a new low point for “Freedom” in the USA – yes, *that* “Freedom” – for which George W Bush claimed America is so loathed abroad (!)

To be clear, the way this went down was that residents of Watertown and adjacent cities received “reverse 9/11 calls” (you learn something knew every day) and were ordered to “shelter in place” while SWAT teams searched for the bombers.

Although what ensued certainly walked and quacked like a duck and looked for all the world like martial law, as it unfolded on TV and is viewable on hundreds of clips posted to YouTube, this Fallujah-looking action did not legally meet the definition of “Martial Law.”

When I say “military style,” I’m referring to the inter-agency task force that was set up under Dubya after 9/11. Headed up by the FBI, troops from the Massachusetts National Guard and some other civilian Federal agencies moved in. The civilian agencies were in command – not the military. Therefore, despite the overblown, terrorizing presence of military troops, who opened fire and blew holes through many peoples’ homes, missing one baby’s crib by inches, this mission was not legally “Martial Law” – on the technicality that the troops’ activities were not ordered by military commanders.

Whatever happened, it certainly was not Constitutional. However, under the Patriot Acts, the US is now a transmogrified Changeling, a pod replicant of its former self.

Although I’m not acquainted with the language of the Patriot Acts, my guess is that these activities are currently legal, as the US creeps headlong into a full-blown military dictatorship.

I’ve been there. I know.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Hooded man with sunglasses is key.

    This hooded sunglassed man’s Info:

    “Williams works in a field he describes as Augmented Reality. That makes sense, since this is what the Boston Hoax is all about, or should it be said, “Augmented unreality?” Notes one poster in assessing his expertise:

    Christian Williams, the guy in the hoodie and sunglasses, works in “Augmented Reality.”

    Augmented reality (AR) is a live, direct or indirect, view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented by computer-generated sensory input such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data.”

    Augmented Reality….need I say more?!

  • So at 1:55 I see a black backpack but there’s no way a whole pressure cooker could fit in that FLAT pack which is clearly either nearly empty or maybe 2 books or one single laptop at best contained therein. Something people don’t mention typically. In science, size does matter, especially physics. :>

  • Warren Peace: Your comments, as are all of the comments to this post are intelligent and discerning. Personally, I believe that the Tsarnaev brothers were played – if not entirely sheep-dipped. Friends of the younger brother who attended his arraignment claimed loudly that the young man on the stand was not their friend (it didn’t make the MSM – or propagate very far). Then there was the issue of another Chechen associate of theirs, the details of which I forget – but who was killed shortly afterward. (Chechnya is a center of Sufism, which is the Gnostic branch of Islam and very similar to Gnostic Christianity and Gnostic Judaism. Its moderate and intelligent approach to faith is deeply spiritual and the opposite of Wahhabist violence and insanity). There has been such an onslaught of these False Flags that one needs to make it their lifework to keep track of all the misleading details. The crazy Islamic fundamentalism that has emerged in the past century is a political movement against the depredations of Western powers in the Middle East – and in the case of the mujahideen and its offspring, including ISIS, it’s manufactured with the covert support from the West (and by the Saudis, with their selfish desire to dumb down their population to the maximum and easier for them to control) for the purpose of destabilizing and demonizing the region, to keep the US Wehrmacht humming. The stupid patsies who get caught up in it are manipulated and have woefully horrible eductions and are victims, as hard as it is to see them as such.

  • steven spielberg was there and he directed the boston upsets one that the government is stealing our rights and the american people who believe the nonsense and truct the government need help. GEORGE CARLIN SAID IT BEST I DONT BELIEVE ANYTHING THE GOVERNMENT SAYS ZERO,ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.if people see the agenda from hollywood to the white house to the vatican and britain etc if you cant see this is an all out attack against freedom and liberties.people can laugh and hate all you want but you are being led to the slaughterhose.ALSO THE TERM CONSPIRACY THEORIST WAS DESIGNED BY THE CIA TO DISCREDIT PEOPLE WHO SPEAK OR GET CLOSE TO THE TRUTH.PEOPLE OF AMERICA WHETHER YOU BELIEVE ME OR NOT OR WANT TO ATTACK WHAT I SAY THIS IS FACT AND DO WHAT YOU WILL WITH IT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE THE ENEMY OF THE GOVERNMENT AND THE NEW WORLD ORDER.

  • A quick note of appreciation to you Alexandra…your write-ups offer much to your presentations, keep up this great service to WETHEPEOPLE.
    With the plethora of whistleblowers from a myriad of experience and observation points dealing with this deluge of manipulation (I substituted these implications of gigantic for expletives) by government, local to state to federal and military and police and the in our faces internet linked 50+million cctv cams, 80,000 SWAT exercises in 2015, 60,000 untested, unexamined chemical poisons saturating the ecology and all of this and more being spun overtly, I am unable to be skeptical of _any_ assertions about malfeasance by authority…numb n dumb = US citizenry.

  • i had the same thought about photographic color mutation, but after seeing several pics from several angles, I agree this was not the same backpack.
    what got me,. and I am amazed it is not being discussed, is the fact that this bomb did so much damage on the sidewalk around where it “exploded”; but the large windows of the building right behind this “bomb” were not even scratched.
    warren, you are right. the corruption of the usa, inc., fed gov is massive. we are a nation overthrown by a cowardly enemy that will not even declare their victory.
    the punks got all the money, the punks got all the power and the sheeple snore on.

  • Isn’t it possible that what looks like a dark gray material on digital film might actually be black, but due to the material & the lighting, looks dark gray? Or, when the backpack exploded, it could have been charred. And isn’t it possible that the blurred-out dude is just a dude listening to music, but doesn’t want to give the press rights to use his image in the news? At least, these ARE plausible. And if the Tsarnaev brothers are innocent, why would they behave like they are guilty? Why wouldn’t the surviving brother express his innocence loudly?

    That being said, I am 100% convinced that 9/11 was a Bush/Cheney – Saudi Royal Family special, and that Sandy Hook did NOT go down as advertised (if any kids were even killed at all!). With the Boston marathon, I can totally accept this was another false flag/ psy-op for the reasons given. But this video about the backpacks isn’t that convincing. The large-scale military police presence is way more convincing as evidence of gov’t shenanigans. But did the amputee already have a missing leg? That should be easy to determine, provided you have a budget to bribe the hospital for the records, or some sneaky way to access her health records (hack ’em!).

    Beware the US Gov’t – it has become totally corrupt, evil, illegal, immoral and no longer representative of the People. Time for an overthrow.

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