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This is the riveting Part 2 of Dark Journalist, Daniel Liszt’s interview with Dr. Joseph Farrell on his new book: ‘Hidden Finance, Rogue Networks and Secret Sorcery’, in which they go deeper into Farrell’s controversial theory that 9/11 was a penetrated operation with three layers:  Level 1: the patsies, i.e, the “19 hijackers”, Osama Bin Laden, Mohammed Atta et al.; Level 2: the National Security Establishment of the US, without whom 9/11 would have been impossible and Level 3: a group which Farrell sometimes refers to as “Nazi International”, which infiltrated Level 2 long ago, with forces operating in the Deep State.

According to Farrell, the events of 9/11 marked a kind of “divorce” by Level 3 from Level 2, with the diabolical deployment of an exotic Tesla Directed Energy technology, which pulverized the World Trade Center Towers before the eyes of a stunned planet, to make their point about who was boss.

In the course of investigating the possible roots of the exotic technology used that day, Farrell discovered an unexpected series of links to Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), a US defense contractor that provides information technology for systems integration in scientific, engineering, military intelligence and industrial intelligence, particularly in technology markets, with a gross annual revenue of over $11 billion before it was spun off into two divisions in 2013.

Farrell links an SAIC project to back-engineer to the Nazi Bell secret weapon (Die Glocke Wunderwaffe) and cites an interview with former NSA Director Admiral Bobby Ray Inman, in which he confirms that SAIC was working on anti-gravity research. 

In researching the many anomalies of the Pentagon attack and of Flight 93 in Pennsylvania, Farrell found witness testimonies with some perplexing features, such as Flight 77 appearing to “melt” instead of crash into the building, while others described a missile with wings attached and some claiming to see only an explosion with no visible plane! He also refers to the photos we’ve all seen; the small initial hole in the Pentagon, the impossibility of that craft’s airframe to withstand the g-forces of flying full speed at ground level, the diameter of the Rolls-Royce turbofan jet engines also making the entrance point of impact impossible and the debris left behind not being that of a huge Boeing 757 airliner on the Pentagon lawn.

Farrell also discovered that the same Swedish cleanup company that was remodeling the Pentagon before 9/11 was granted the contract to restore the damaged areas of the building complex. Interestingly enough, the same company was also contracted to handle the break-neck cleanup at the World Trade Center crime scene. The company reportedly donned nuclear protocol suits while they were working to clear the incompatibly small amount of debris at both sites, incompatible with the vast amount of damages.

Farrell further investigated one of the main witnesses, Frank Probst who was put under embargo not to testify or be questioned. A retired Army officer and Pentagon employee, Probst’s testimony was contradictory but his story of watching the plane fly into the Pentagon and having to “jump out of the way” became the nucleus of what came to be known as the official story. In addition, he was somehow in a position to corroborate every major point of the narrative. Digging into his past, Farrell traced his background and involvement with the remote operation of airliners, which underscores the arguments of many that these events were orchestrated from the ground.

This special part 2 of 3 episodes reveals more shocking information, showing the parallels in history-changing events, like the JFK Assassination and 9/11 and how these may have been designed as Mass Occult Ritual Sacrifices, in a sickening alchemical psychological processing of mass consciousness. The obscure symbolism involved in both events reveals the true purpose of the perpetrators.

Deeply revealing and totally compelling, this is the Dark Journalist episode you don’t want to miss!

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  • Your never- ending search for truth is a life changing continuous event !

    Thank you and your distinguished guests. Absolutely the best intel anywhere !

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