This is an extraordinary, chilling film made by German filmmaker, Bertram Verhaag and it is a must-see for anyone interested in what goes on behind-the-scenes in the dangerous world of GMOs.

The film follows the investigations of scientists, Árpád Pusztai and Ignacio Chapela, close-up – and we learn, firsthand about how their careers were destroyed and their lives threatened. We follow farmers whose crops were destroyed. 

After watching this film, you’re no longer concerned just about the health issues presented by consuming these products but aghast at the thuggery of the corporations, who think nothing of destroying individuals and who will seemingly stop at nothing to overrun the planet with their ruinous Franken-crops.

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  • Mysteriously Dead Scientists 2004-2014
    How they died and what they were working on +
    How Surfing the Internet and the searches that you do can get you killed.

    >>> Partial excerpt >

    A certain type of government software very similar to what Thomas Drake exposed (2) called “PROMIS software” (1D) was reported on in 2002 (1). Over a decade ago and long before Edward Snowden “stepped up”. Michael C. Ruppert {R.I.P.} reported that the “PROMIS software” {1 and1D} was believed responsible for identifying and tracking the various microbiologists and other researchers that were assassinated (1). Lists of the researchers names, what they were working on and the mysterious circumstances of their various deaths are listed in reference (3).

    >>> End of partial excerpt from >

  • Thank you for your continuing to show what has been done to us by our industrial commercial monetary country. With the end product, money, and death. Is it too late to try and save this fantastic huge country? I sure as hell hope not, but there has got to be some very large changes made, with the power elite corrupting everything, for profit, with no punishment for the crimes they “are” doing to all of us.

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