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    During a pro-Russian rally in front of Sydney’s Russian Consulate Lieutenant Colonel Ricardo Bosi made a bold statement of support to Russia.

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    • Censorship at Forbidden Knowledge? Say it ain’t so.

      WHat happen to my comment? I see only a specific view is allowed. Just another hub for propaganda and clicks.

    • As far as I understand it the Russian Federation is acting within Article 51 of the United Nations Charter and Australian’s federal government are acting as traitors to get involved in a war without having been authorised by a DECLARATION OF WAR to have been published by the Governor-General in the Gazette naming the Russian Federation. As such legally the Russian Federation is and remains in a “friendly nation” status and the former and current federal government I view are all guilty of war crimes, etc. Also, the usage of Consolidated Revenue Funds without proper Appropriation Bills to allow any spending for Ukraine is also a criminal offence. And a lot more to it all. See my blog

    • What a bunch of nonsense. Typical propaganda piece when you have to repeat yourself 4 times “its a real war.”
      I would question Russia’s alliances with Turkey whom traffics Slavik women, Iran, who oppresses women, Saudi Arabia, who has a shady relationship with United Arab Emirates who still exploit Africa, this time for their gold.

    • What if ——- it turns out that Putin is not what he thinks he is?
      Putin allowed vaxxxine mandates, similarly to Trump’s operation warp speed.
      He should stop licking politician’s azz before another disappointment.

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