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    • International Public Notice: Both Sides Now – Patents Reveal All

      We knew almost as soon as the purported pandemic build-up started that it had very little to do with the Common Cold.

      We gave our readers plenty of advice about hygiene, building up the immune system, proper nutrition — lots of basic health insights to help people stay healthy — but we were watching.

      We never once suggested that anyone get a Covid PCR Test (because we knew it was a False Positive test never intended to detect a virus) and we never advocated that anyone accept the Covid 19 injection or any Boosters.

      Why is that? Because by autumn of 2019, we knew we had a Ratfest on our hands, and it just got worse from there.

      We heard how many cases were used as the basis of the Pandemic claim — 150.

      We heard about the World Bank cashing in on Pandemic Bonds — billions of dollars worth of rigged betting on people’s health and whether or not there would be a Pandemic.

      Then we started crunching patent data, and there was the whole chain of culprits starting with the Eugenics Gurus in England — the same old evil-doers doing the same old evil: the Pirbright Institute, the Wellcome Trust, the Rhodes Foundation. We knew their sordid history and what these same criminals did in South Africa and during the Boer War. They invented concentration camps and used Dutch prisoners for lab rats.

      Bayer and the Pasteur Institute were no better. We have the records of how they experimented on Jewish prisoners in concentration camps during the Second World War.

      Here’s how the patent path went: England, to University of North Carolina, to Fort Detrick, to NIH, to Wuhan, China. China was set up as the Fall Guy. And at the end of the day, the patent to this crap is owned by DARPA and licensed to Microsoft, Inc.

      There’s something else we realized. They were trying to create a new slave class and Caste System, because the old one was being discovered and repudiated.

      They had already labeled and enforced different castes for men, humans, and subhumans, and created different sets of rights and laws for each.

      Now they wanted to erase men and women and Natural and Unalienable Rights entirely. They wanted a new Caste System that recognized only humans, subhumans, and transhumans.

      Transhumans were described as genetically engineered humans — Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) and their endlessly corrupt Supreme Court had already given them the go-ahead to own modified human cells as “products” and to patent them as GMO’s for profit.

      If you modify a person’s genome under this description, you own all the cells, so you own the person. Literally.

      The transhuman was set up to be the ultimate slave, even lower than a Subhuman, and would have no rights or protections at all; they would be owned by a Patentholder — who also planned to inherit the estates of all the dead “transhumans” they killed.

      This is why we established our Public Law and forbade any such GMO claims against people and criminalized them as of January 1st 2020. We were on them months before Operation Warp Speed even got started.

      Yes, we do blame Trump for Operation Warp Speed. We blame the whole government. We blame Biden, too.

      We especially blame the cowardly useless profit-crazed health industry, the worthless academics, and the craven despicable members of Congress who exempted themselves and their families from the same vaccine mandates they enforced on others under color of law.

      Catherine Austin Fitts, as usual, described the inevitable conclusions with admirable candor in this recent interview:

      There is no Good Guy in this story.

      And no White Hats.

      Take Notice now. Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals; Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents.

      Their corporations owe us one (1) Trillion USD for every American killed, maimed, or disabled. We called that one, too.

      As of January 1st 2020, their patent claims are outlawed, so their claims to own the victim’s Estates are also down the tubes.

      All they’ve got to show for all their cowardly murder and destruction is another insurmountable debt owed to the people of this country and the world.

    • So sad that their is not any real news these days, Thanks Alexandra, we needed to hear about this ! This seems so criminal and even taunting to Russia as well as against the Geneva Convention and International Law! If such a thing even exist!

    • Witchcraft!

      Secrecy, secrecy, secrecy by the devils imps to get a leg up on their neighbors. America has come a long ways down the road to perdition, baby!

      A very long way from Kennedy’s Peace Corps. November 22, 1963 was the watershed event. His blood yet cries out for justice, can heaven wait to deliver forever? There is a way that seems right unto men, but the end thereof is destruction and death.

      One single EMP could (will?) put an end to the electric nation forever. Just one itsy bitsy little nuke way up in the blue over the fruited plain and no more electricity,
      electronics – nuthin! Recovery is not possible.

      Pray for deliverance from evil and healing for the nation.

    • Sounds more convincing that they, instead of Assad / Saddam Hussein, have some chemical / poison weapons there.
      Also wonder if they made these colorful smokes (was it on purpose or accidental?).

    • Every bio lab in the world needs to be removed from the face of the earth, period! If your in the way too bad and all those associated w it should be added to the “list”.

      We The People Walk Worthy

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