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    by Vigilant Fox

    Who are “THEY”?

    “We have to name the names” in the worst miscarriage of medical science in history. Is it the World Health Organization?

    Dr David Martin says Tedros is just a puppet with a “giant stick up his ass, which is what’s making his mouth move. But who’s moving the stick for the puppet?”

    The answer is, according to Dr Martin:

    • Bill Gates
    • The Wellcome Trust
    • The Rockefeller Foundation

    “By 2023, which is kind of where we are right now, Gates represents 88% of the donations to the World Health Organization from donor organizations and agencies. By any definition, that’s a controlling interest.”

    Bill Gates is no philanthropist; he’s laundering money into the World Health Organization.

    And when Gates and others state that having vaccinations where they are needed could potentially lead to as much as a 20% reduction in the Earth’s population, according to Dr Martin, “those are not allegations; those are stated objectives.”



    Fast forward to the Gates Foundation, which most people don’t realize was an undisclosed settlement between the US Department of Justice and the Gates convicted felony antitrust violations.
    This was not there was an allegation Microsoft did bad things. This is a they were convicted of antitrust crimes.
    Quite mysteriously, the Gates Foundation just shows up and instantaneously starts laundering money into – are you ready for this – the World Health Organization.
    If you look at the financial statements beginning with the Gates Foundation, when it was established, you start seeing an anomaly. It used to be that UN associated organizations and specifically the World Health Organization had two line items for most countries.
    The country, through an organization like the State Department or through a line item budget would allocate money to the World Health Organization and then there’s the corporation for the same country and there’s another allocation coming from there.
    But with Wellcome Trust, Rockefeller Foundation and Gates Foundation and the minor players like the Bloomberg Foundation and a couple others now, but mostly the top three, suddenly we actually have the formation of what we call the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board.
    Well, who’s sitting on that?
    Dr Elias from the Gates Foundation, Anthony Fauci from NIAID, Jeremy Farr from the Wellcome Trust. I mean, this is a criminal conspiracy – and I’m not saying that from the standpoint of conspiracy theory I’m saying that from the definition of what it means to be a criminal conspiracy and so if you ask the question, which is a legitimate thing to do, “Was the FDA was the CDC following orders from the WHO?” the answer is, “asterisk almost.”
    Who Is Pulling the Strings Behind the World Corporate criminal conspiratorial organization that was guilty, at the time of racketeering, was guilty at the time of interlocking directorates – all felonies – was guilty, at the time of price-fixing – another felony – which was guilty, at the time of actually suppressing commercial alternatives, which is called “market allocation” – another felony.
    That criminal organization announced that it was going to take over the world – and they did!
    But we have to name the names. It wasn’t just the World Health Organization. Anybody who thinks that Tedros is smart enough to pull this off is delusional. He’s a puppet and there’s a giant stick up his ass, which is what’s making his mouth move.
    But who’s moving the stick for the puppet? And that is Wellcome, Gates and Rockefeller.
    By 2023, which is kind of where we are right now, Gates represents 88% of the donation to the World Health Organization from donor organizations and agencies. By any definition, that’s a controlling interest. So is it independent? No.
    Is it the World Health Organization nonprofit in Switzerland? No. This even violates Swiss law. Everything I’m saying is a violation of Swiss law.
    If we think about how bizarre it is that we have essentially the extension of the Carnegie Foundation’s Eugenics Office, which they put at Cold Spring Harbor Labs back in the early 1900s – the continuation of that, with the explicit inclusion of that as an agenda in the 1950s, when the World Health Organization gets off the ground.
    The ongoing nature of Bill Gates getting up and talking about how there’s too many people on the Earth and Bloomberg and others getting up and saying we need to figure out how to control populations.
    In 2011, when we had the Decade of the Vaccines publication come out of the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board, we had a very explicit statement that said that if we have vaccinations where we need them, we will actually see potentially as much as a 20% reduction in the population on Earth.
    Those are not allegations. Those are stated objectives.

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    • This is the fourth video I’ve watched here so far today and what a great job you do here to bring a focus on neglected topics.

      This concise segment of Dr. Martin’s information should be picked up by everyone, but I guess you are the first, as you often are, He is always straight to the point and this time it is that way too. Many thanks for this exposure.

      It really is right in front of our noses: If the Cabal wasn’t intending to mess with human procreation and survival, why would they be playing word games to define mRNA as a ‘vaccine’ when it is actually a GENE MODIFICATION DRUG? If Eugenics wasn’t their plan, why insist every human on Earth must accept multiple and ongoing doses of a Gene Modification Drug?

      Gates is pumping money into W.H.O. like there is no tomorrow. But I guess that reflects Gates’ goals to make it so there really is no tomorrow for the majority of people on Earth.

    • I stopped listening to this guy when he turned one of his last videos into a Democratic bashing political stunt. I am Not for either party, nor should he be advocating one, if he is trying to relay an important message.

      • Really, he’s naming names for the setup to take them out. And yes, it’s the lefty demonic democrats that sold us all the bill of goods lie about a so called vaccine that isn’t a vaccine but a Bioweapon that isn’t safe nor effective and is the immediate to slow kill box against humanity all the while they knew it and still don’t care about you, me or anyone ….that’s demonic . There is a “list” of names.

        Saying this, Dr D Martin is/has been informing us and is justified coming out for anyone on that left side of the fence and so am I w no apologies! You’re done for.

        We The People Walk Worthy and if it come to it will walk all over you if you’re on the left side of the fence.

    • IMO the top of the chain of command does not stop with homo sapiens. Many believe this planet is run by the so-called fallen angels or David Icke’s reptilians or Clif High’s Elohim or Svali’s Illuminati, etc., etc. Whoever or whatever is in control their behavior documented over thousands of years indicates that they are evil. I don’t think Bill Gates and others have what it takes to be evil but they are useful tools of evil. So this won’t stop by rounding up the low level guys.

      • “IMO the top of the chain of command does not stop with homo sapiens.”
        And to the alien consortium, we have the power to say no : don’t interfere on our planet.

    • He’s right we don’t need an investigation they confessed already about their documented intentions to commit the crimes . We know who dunnit time to pull the plug on the excuses machine on why nothing is being done about it and just admit we are a bunch of shaky ass scared little deer caught in the headlights of the trump train ready to make a second pass who just want to go vote and hope it will all just go away . trump gold plated designer knee pads sales are booming and the gold plated trump shoes stomping on my face look regal . are you comfortably numb enough yet ?

    • Asides from these obvious evils behind, it would have been easier to stop this from happening a long time ago, but ignorance of people made it possible to happen.

      Someone questioned – Why do we call (them that are ourselves) “evils”, when supposedly, all of us have come from the same source (light) ?
      He meant to say to focus on doing what we can do better about.

      The other said that it’s our “consciousness” that lets it happen, but we just don’t realize ourselves.
      Then it’s good to practice on doing stuff to help us improve our consciousness as well, and focus on manifesting the good stuff that we imagine.

      Just sharing some quotes.

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