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    Former White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator, Dr Deborah Birx is looking pretty rough under questioning by Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan last Thursday. Looks like fear of the gallows.

    She testifies that she knew in December 2020 and January 2021 that people who were naturally infected with COVID-19 were experiencing reinfection based on data coming out of South Africa.

    She says that officials were likely “hoping” that infection or transmission would not reoccur once the vaccines came along, saying, “I think it was hope that the vaccine would work in that way.”

    Then Jim Jordan asks her, “When the Government told us, told the American People that people who had been vaccinated ‘Couldn’t get it [COVID],’ were they guessing or were they lying?”

    Birx, shaking and stammering, responds, “I don’t know. All I know is there was evidence from the global pandemic that natural re-infection was occurring and since the vaxxine was based on natural immunity, you cannot make a conclusion that the vaxxine will do better than natural infection.”

    In short, she admitted that they were lying.

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    • Well, that’s a relief.

      I’m sick but have no symptoms of being sick.

      I’ll need a vaccine to help those afraid to breath the same air. The vaccine won’t help them from getting the illness for which we’ll have no symptoms. But, they won’t need to go to a hospital and they won’t die.

      That young lady with the wrinkled forehead ain’t gonna be with us long – fear kills.

    • The important thing is that you DO NOT inquire into the actual causes of WWII and of US entry into that war. Covids come and Covids go (maybe), but the reason we have lived in a Bolshevik Gulag for the last 80 years, and the foundations of it which were set up by the same agents that arranged for Central Banking not founded on the good faith and credit of the people, go back further, and correlate with the arrangements for Communist revolutions throughout history. DO NOT research any of that. Couldn’t POSSIBLY be relevant.

    • Yelp.. Scientist can be payed off just like politicians. They can make up a more convincing ly.
      Hope she enjoyed her stay in Guam.

    • This woman can’t be a doctor. At best she has no clue of what she is talking about or at worst she is lying.

      • Doctors are required by law to lie to you, or they lose their license. Doctors who tell the truth are fined and stripped of their license, which they can’t afford to lose. So they just lie to you. A licensed doctor is a lying doctor

    • They lied! They knew the vaccine would screw up the people’s immune system and cause it to malfunction and become inoperable! The con men rewrote the genetic code of your immune system people! Now it can no longer protect you from viral & bacterial infections! Bill Gates & Anthony Fauci rebooted millions of Americans sophisticated immune system that had evolved for thousands of years and turned it into a primordial immune system that will have to learn to protect itself all over again!

    • The Identity of the Virus: Health/ Science Institutions Worldwide “Have No Record” of SARS-COV-2 Isolation/Purification. Dr. Christine Massey, Dec. 2021.

      US lawyer Dr Francis Boyle, who has drafted Bio-Warfare Regs. has evidence that Harvard U Chem. Dept. Dr. Charles Lieber & Oz. Health Dept aided Wuhan Labs in the project to create the bio-weapon spike protein, in which, cancer, hap. and HIV codes are embedded.

    • The mRNAd are prone to re-infection. I am not aware that natural immunity in non-mRNAd are prone to re-infection. Is SHE lying?

    • Hoping? Don’t they go through a series of trials to take the guess work out of the equation? LOL, what a joke.

    • I recall an Israeli study( sorry, no link, ln late 2021/early 2022)that claimed to have found Natural Immunity was significantly more effective at preventing recurrence of contracting Covid as compared to statistics for various flavors of vaccinated patients.

      I was just thinking today, about the near impossibility of putting a value on the
      relationship, trust, and communication
      wreckage this psyop has caused in family and personal bonds.

      And I don’t mention this harm (family and personal bonds) to the exclusion of what I believe is a significantly large number of people who have been injured, maimed, and disabled physically or who have died as a result of this ‘health care’.

      But the ghouls own the megaphone and the VAERS injury reporting data, and, IMO, refuse to tell the public the truth.

    • She’s a lying sack of 💩 like ALL the politicians and so called health leaders!!

      Let them ALL burn and croak in a lake of 🔥forever for the evil they put innocent people through!!!

    • Re infection BS!!!! With your fake count cases in all ways possible – HANG THEM ALL OF THESE LUYING GUILTY EVIL SOBS……..Now after 6mths old FFS!!!!!!!!!HANG THEM!!!!!!So much damage and directly related to their bio potion -NOT VACCINE-and locked down, harassed, financial destruction etc delayed development of children SOBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HANG THEM!!!!!!!!

    • She is as guilty as Fauci is. She knew about this in January 2021, yet, she kept the narrative all along .

      • I remember her also saying that “Covid deaths are being counted liberally” which meant we are counting everything we can as a covid death to jack up the numbers. So she knew.

        • Yes, she knew that the US was the one country that was mis-counting the numbers and creating far more panic than was warranted. It worked.

    • ANY employer that mandated this death shot needs to be JAILED. IF people want to take this crap on their own have at it.

      • The only problem with letting people self-select to exterminate themselves is that they’re using our tax dollars to do it.

    • Those long swabs they stuck up everybody noses were fake and a scam, they did not test for anything and telling people they had it when they didn’t. What did they do with all those swabs that they stuck up everybody’s noses. I bet you they knew those swabs wouldn’t test for nothing but a booger. It was a scam and conned millions of people to take it. Hopitals we’re getting paid thousands of dollars for fake tests and writing down Covid for everybody even though people had died from other health conditions or car accident or this and that. The more people who took the fake test the more money the hospitals would receive. This was the biggest scam perpetrated on the American people and the rest of the world a big con. There was never no Covid it was all a lie and no it’s no conspiracy theory. The whole world had been conned believing their was a deadly virus killing people left and right and people were dropping dead everyday. I always found it very suspicious why everyday the so called death numbers kept going up and up and up everyday. Something didn’t sound right to me.who were counting all these so called dead people dying? Where is the data? Where is the proof. Then shutting down the country, businesses. Whoever came up with conned should all be held accountable for the biggest hoax against all humanity and then some.

      • Yes, Dr David Martin said it didn’t exist. People panicked, and now some truth is revealed. This is so evil. We don’t hear too much from Dr Fauci now.

    • When are we going to see them all get their just desserts because they were lying from the very start.
      That’s why it was called a ‘scamdemic’, they pretended there was a dangerous virus just to get the gene therapies in to everyone, they know it and we know it.
      Crimes against humanity must be punished, otherwise what is the point.

    • She’s horrifyingly smiley as she attempts to rewrite history and paint herself as innocent. Lock her up.

      • who was that person nodding in the background? Our economy, people were sacrificed for money. They all need to pay with their lives for this crime against humanity.

    • Dr. Birx.. she lied to the American people along with Fauci. Stood there right beside him and validated every statement he made for over a year! All of a sudden her memory is lacking or it really did not happen the way we now understand it did! She seems worried and the young lady behind her seems very concerned. Daughter? Dr. Birx needs to be held accountable for her actions and all the lies and manipulations.. The PCR test she mentions was used unlawfully to get a result that was incorrect in many cases. The audacity of these arrogant “scientists” is appalling!

    • yea RIGHT😪. “ I wrote this book to warn people in real time”. Are you shitting me!!!!! These scum deliberately avoided doing a REAL study. Then they lied about what they did know about vaccine safety and the CDC admitted later on that they never really monitored the VAERS REPORTS. Damn, just what did these people even try to do right beyond lining Big Pharma.!!!
      Oh then they followed up on efficacy by WATCHING FOR SYMPTOMS when they had at their disposal testing processes. NOBODY IS THIS STUPID OR LAZY. There is a huge element of criminality here . It will range between Crimes Against Humanity to criminal Fraud. It’s in there somewhere and I will never believe this mess wasn’t planned !!

    • She makes me suck because she just as guilty as as any of them so she going to try for the point a finger at everything that moves!Something must have come out that we don’t know yet,They’re all running for cover👉👹

    • There’s no such thing as a virus. Everyone is being played and too afraid or ignorant to look into Virology being a scam.

    • With so many disciples of Birx and Fauci’s Branch Covidian cult listening with HOPE to catch their orders and words of wisdom, you can almost hear them cheering Dr Judy on as she faces the cruel and unfair questions of this boisterous MAGA right wing senator who must also be racist, sexist and cruel. To find out where they stand just hop on over to Twitter. There’s a raging scream fest going on.

    • Why, at 0:53 does the sound go mute? Why is this so, at such an important point in the video? It’s important to me because those names congressman Jordan is divulging to us are going to give me an idea of who’s guilty in continuing the progression of these lies. Get set, people… This is going to become a very troublesome word in the coming months.

      Those of us who have Jesus Christ in our hearts are becoming more filled with applied spiritual virtues of patience, wisdom, understanding, and compassion, and those around us who don’t have a true relationship with Christ are only becoming less patient, kind, compassionate, and more aggressive and lustful for material gain.

      Don’t be one who sees the end of this evil beast of a world coming and mistakenly chooses the side of this beastly world that’s run by money and men who lust after money and its rewards. Join in with those of us who are going to have our souls redeemed and avoid staying dead for all eternity.


    • Bunches of irresponsible moronic puppets twisting words illogically, they should go back to kindergarten or be forcibly taken to prison for life, otherwise take couple of their bioweapon shots and be gone now.

      • I truly wonder just how much these turds such as Birx, Fauci, etc. Have received in payment for trying to cram this b.s. down our throats and being the big pharma stooges that they are.
        Where’s the justice?

    • “…since the vaxxine was based on natural immunity, you cannot make a conclusion that the vaxxine will do better than natural infection.”

      She just said they lied.

      • I don’t see how they can say it was based on natural immunity when it totally bypasses the first layer of natural immunity: the mucosa lining your airways.

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