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Dr. Nick Delgado does a blood morphology analysis using a live blood sample from a patient sitting with him in his office, who has unresolved Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and who wishes to remain anonymous.

The slides reveal the platelets, basophils, lipids and candida that one would normally find.

However, when he taps the slide, this causes swarms of extremely small flagellate microbes, which are .04 microns in size – which are at the nano-scale – to start swarming at super high rates of speed and displaying movements which almost appear to be sentient. This is in contrast to the normal, probabilistic “Brownian Movement” of the blood cells and other microbes found in the sample.

It’s recommended that you use “Cinema Mode” on this website (aka “Full screen”) in order to properly see these very small objects and to fully appreciate this mysterious phenomenon.

These nano-flagellates swarm like schools of fish or flocks of migrating birds – and at times, like the complex murmuration of starlings before they roost.

Dr. Delgado only began observing these ultra-fast, tiny “tadpoles” in the past year and a half, in patients living in Northern and Southern California and in Florida. After 40 years of studying live blood samples just like this, he’d never previously seen any microbes exhibiting the behaviors that we see here in these “tadpoles”.

Next, he puts some saliva samples under the microscope and finds these same tiny flagellates swarming about but in lesser quantities. We also see the typical rod-form bacilli cells that one encounters in the mouth, as well as other microorganisms resembling worms, which he says burrow into the gums.

(If one ever needed motivation to brush, floss and use a water pic, this is it!)

Dr. Delgado will be having full pathology tests done, to see if these “tadpoles” can be identified – and he’ll also confer with his physician colleagues to come up with a plan of treatment to eliminate these from his patient’s system.

The results will be announced at his upcoming FREE webinar this Sunday, starting at 3PM Pacific Time.

To register for this FREE webinar, go to:

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  • Hi my name is Terry Calcari, I have been a very active person my whole life along with being very athletic & body builder, I’ve been sick for for over 3 years now. Ever since I had major surgery to remove My Ovaries & at the same time I had bladder mesh put in.. while they were taking out my ovaries they nicked an arterial / vessel in surgery and was having a very hard time to stop the internal bleeding, they closed me up hoping it will stop on its own… if it did not stop by morning they were planning to open me up again to stop it… it finally stopped but I lost a lot of blood so I had to get blood transfusions. I went in as a very healthy person and came out a very very sick personal, my thyroid went bad, then they tell me I’m infected with Lyme’s disease & now chronic Lymes along with other bacteria and chronic pain, chronic fatigue disease, along with morgellens which has left me with ulcerated sores all over my face and legs. I have pulled thousands of the same thing you are describing in your web news… note!! I know after that blood transfusions I became very sick.. I feel the blood they gave me was infected with Lymes and all that I’m going through at this time from the blood transfusions I was given in the hospital… they need to start testing the donated blood for Lymes!! Please contact me, I do have a number a samples of fibers & a number of little creatures I’ve been pulling out of my sores… that look like tadpoles & shrimp looking & long worm like with tentacles and small nano looking things that have black & sheer fibers intertwined in the body of these critters.. i have a # of video and a number of pics that shows what are these thing that are coming out of my sores when they bleed… & they bleed very bad along with clots that come out in my blood & I find the critters in my blood… this is not normal… I just seen an infections Disease Dr here. They took a numbers of blood samples along with some other samples & most of the samples I have recently collected. Please call me, I know I was infected by that blood transfusion…
    Thank you

  • I know here in canada it’s illegal for a family doctor to have a live blood microscope in their office. Blood samples get sent to a lab far out. So, if in gum saliva, must be in brain fluids and /or other bodily fluids. I’m so pissed off. James Crothers. you are correct.

    • Isn’t that crazy??? The same is true in the US, as well.

      MDs can’t have microscopes in their doctor’s offices! This is criminal.

  • I believe that this is what the secret government has been up to, just another control and destroy factor. Hell I have no idea what the changes to our environment with chemtrails, pesticides, fluoride, chlorine, etc. have caused to happen to us, most likely with intent to control, dumb down and destroy in order to get rid of the excess population of this world, us. Only time will tell with research. I wish all of us luck to find an answer, and use it. Peace and longevity to all.

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