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    This is a testimony made at the Citizen’s Hearing on Disclosure produced by Stephen Bassett, which I missed the first time around.

    Shi-Li Sun, President of the World Chinese UFO Federation addresses members of US Congress, which included the former US Senator from Alaska, Mike Gravel. During the hearings Gravel notably stated that he “had lost faith in representative government.”

    Sun has been actively involved in the leadership of this largest UFO organization in the world, and later of the World Chinese UFO Federation, participating in international conferences all over the world since the early 1990s.

    He says the Chinese have a cultural belief that they descend from The Dragon, a cosmic being from the heavens. The mission of Chinese UFO scholars is “to help each of our citizens to find the truth of the universe.” He estimates that over half a billion Chinese nationals, many coming from scientific research agencies in aerospace, aviation, aircraft manufacturing, astronomy, meteorology, geology and the defense industry are convinced of the existence of of UFOs and aliens, to varying degrees.

    China has the earliest and most recorded cases of Close Encounters of the Third Kind. The earliest records can be traced back to 12,000 years ago, in prehistoric records carved on ancient stone plates.

    According to studies of 5,000 years of written history, there is a wealth of suspected mysterious UFO-related data and files, that he says may be the most objective and powerful evidence that prove the real existence of UFOs and a long interaction between humans and an alien civilization.

    He says there are a number of jade statues, which resemble aliens and that judging from the formation of water crystals on the statues, experts estimate that these may have been in existence for at least 100 million years. (!?)

    Chinese UFO scholars have worked with scientists and inventors in the design, manufacture and experimentation of dozens of high-performance disc-shaped aircraft using alternative energy technologies.

    His group has also conducted R&D on many new technologies for environmental protection, pollution treatment, disaster prevention and mitigation, medicine and health engineering.

    “Chinese UFO scholars recognize that the study of the sky is for the benefit of the ground; research of the outer planets is for the benefit of the planet we live in…our mission is…to solve the unified field theory of the universe…Let’s work together to uncover the truth of the universe, and to meet a new era of interstellar civilization.”

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    • THANK YOU for adding to m,y list of who DOESNT do this stuff. Stephan got it right…major change on planet earth…yet there are so many of these folks everywhere…what will it take and how long.. to really sweep up? weve known and lived thru this awareness 30 + YEARS [Ted Gundersons interviews on youtube a must]…and most of my lifelong close friends ESCAPED such families…as I did….So THANK YOU and please keep talking as masks come off. I dare say these criminal people would fill up FEMA camps real nicely

    • The US Main Stream Media is often called jew news. Our Jew news cover the fraud of Genesis. To accomplish this they keep most people blind to ultra ancient history that is written in existing stone tablets. Zwcharia Sitchen translated hundreds of those stone tablets that are in London. They were transported there by the king’s army and navy in the early 1700s. They were not understood until Sitchen broke the code. As it proves in stone another version of creation and that humans were not thrown out of the garden because of Eve’s sin, they must keep women enslaved to that fraud story. Thanks to our new news media the truth is coming out. Shock it was ancient aliens of sorts that created us through DNA manipulation. The US crushing the fraud Main Stream Media gives us a new opportunity to find trugh.

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