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Sally Miller was 44 and divorced in 1983 when the former Miss Arkansas began a year-long affair with the 37-year-old governor of that state. She claims that she wasn’t a spy or someone who was trying to remember facts, 20 years later. This may seem a bit ingenuous, coming from someone who’s about to publish her memoirs, entitled ‘The Beauty Queen: Let No Deed Go Unpublished.’

She’d previously come forward with her story on national TV in 1992, shortly after Clinton took office, on the popular daytime talk show, ‘Sally Jessy Raphael’. Her appearance was a total disaster. Clinton was then a popular president and the public simply saw her stunt as an opportunistic smear campaign. Which it was.

She says it triggered an unbelievably vicious “Democrat vendetta”. One wonders if what she says is entirely true – but if the extent of the harassment that ensued is only half true, it’s way too much for someone who should have been totally ignored:

Miller found the back window of her jeep shot out from the inside, with shotgun casings left piled up in the back seat. When she reported this to the FBI she says she was almost run over by a car with no plates, as she her way out of their office.

She fled the ongoing harassment by accepting a radio job in 1994, broadcasting for the blind in China, a place she loved and where she’d earlier become something of a celebrity, as the first woman to run the entire length of the Great Wall.

Her life was turned upside down, 4 years later, when the Clintons arrived in Beijing for a 1998 state visit. Her hotel room was raided by Chinese soldiers and US agents, looking for drugs and weapons. “They told the manager I was a drug dealer who had fled the United States to avoid prosecution. It was a warning that they could find me anywhere, anyplace, anytime.”

Most of Miller’s dark allegations can’t be substantiated, apart from her stash of old documents, letters and journals, which she says are included in her memoir.

Still, Miller is hardly alone, in a long line of women, like Paula Jones and Gennifer Flowers, who say they were harassed by Democrat aides and have had their reputations dragged through the mud, to cover the tracks of the philandering President.

Miller claims that Hillary is the architect of these attacks, which have now been re-ignited with her Facebook announcement of the impending publication of her memoirs. ‘It’s the same pattern they used in 1992, ’93 and ’94. I’ve watched cars following me down to the park. They are typically trucks or SUVs – all the windows are completely black.

“I’ve been getting calls from 911 saying ‘Ms Miller, we understand that there’s an emergency and you’re about to commit suicide’. They always say it was a family member or a close friend [who called in] but they can’t give you the name.”

Miller hasn’t found a publisher for her memoir and suspects meddling from the Democrats here, as well but she claims that she will self-publish, if need be.

It’s ironic that the woman who could be the next president of the United States, a former Secretary of State and seen by many as a female role model, would be the force behind these ferocious attacks

“I think the Clintons are capable of anything,” says the 77-year-old Miller. “Do I live in fear, no – because I’m armed too, I’m prepared. You have to be, when you think perhaps your life is being threatened.”

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  • Ms Miller

    I know what you are going through, I publish a book of a former congressman
    James Traficant, the book is America’s Last Minuteman. that the government rail road him into prison for seven years, Be strong and safe.

    Best Regards, Noz Cavan

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