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he rich and protected marshland in southern Spain is theorized by these scientists to have been the site of an ancient bay which sheltered the mythological – and possibly the historical – Lost City of Atlantis, the city that mysteriously disappeared. in a story told by the Ancient Greek philosopher, Plato.

Recent satellite photography has revealed structures that do not look like natural geological formations in the area. The entire region has long been subject to massive earthquakes and tsunamis.

Have these scientists finally found the mysterious Lost City?

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • For many years they found underwater ruins in southern Spain, but it seems, are of tartesos.
    Tartessos desvelado. La colonización fenicia del suroeste peninsular y el origen y ocaso de Tartessos. Álvaro Fernández Flores y Araceli Rodríguez Azogue. Almuzara, Córdoba, 2007.
    Tartessos. Contribución a la historiamás antigua de Occidente. Adolf Schulten. Almuzara, Córdoba, 2006.

  • When I was making submarine patrols out of Rota, Spain, it was common knowledge by the locals there that the ongoing ocean research off their shore was to find and map out Atlantis. The people there believed this was the site. Looks like, now 50 years later, this is being made public.

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