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    The Concorde used to fly from New York to London in 3.5 hours but after a nasty crash in 2000, after years of people living near airports complaining about the unbearable sonic booms, the Concorde and commercial supersonic travel became unprofitable and was retired in 2003.

    The European commercial airliner consortium, Airbus recently patented a design that would fly from Paris to New York in an hour (Mach 4.5) by using rocketry to make for a nearly vertical ascent to about 95,000 feet (almost three times the altitude of a commercial airliner at the highest cruising altitudes) and then swivel its engine components to use ramjets, which would direct the sound waves horizontally, as the plane cruised at speeds over 2,500 mph (almost twice the speed of the old Concorde). It would then land using conventional turbojets.

    The US has long been developing small hypersonic aircraft, which fly at speeds of Mach 5 to 15 but they’re small and unmanned, like the X-43A and doing secretive things.

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    • The host is annoying, presenting a dumbed-down version of aerospace technology – Jets & rockets are 70 years old. The way to do it simply and safely is by artificial gravity, which is how our more technically advanced residents (ETs). This is our reality, although it’s been covered up. The truth is coming out with more velocity daily. Since these beings exist, as does the tech, then there IS a way to do it. Aerospace companies already have it, but are taking their time releasing it to the public because of the illegitimate government has it locked away in secret programs. One can create a local gravity field that acts independently of Earth’s gravity; then you use directed gravity to propel the vehicle at FTL speeds, going from NY to London in about 10 seconds with no ill affect. Embarking/ disembarking the vehicle would take longer than the journey. This IS our future, and we should stop wasting money on the polluting and dangerous rocket/ Scramjet plane.

    • What is sooooo important that you have to get across the Atlantic in a couple hours? Only the Elite will be able to use such planes. The cost of what is basically rocket flight is enormous. Internet communications is faster. Signatures can be sent electronically. The only reason I can see is to pass information that is at risk of being intercepted though the internet.

    • I wished the presenter spoke a little slower. Apparently, he is not aware that many
      people are not used to listening to the fast talkers!

    • Does this mean there be bringing back the Concords? And then improving them. I hope so I never understood why after 1 accident they take all the plans ofline.

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