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    I’ve extolled the talents of the young Mouthy Buddha before. His latest piece offers the best coverage of the 1997 Phoenix Lights case that I’ve ever seen, full of details I’d never previously heard, including a classic Men In Black story and former Phoenix Vice Mayor, Frances Barwood.

    Barwood’s politically-unsupported pursuit of the truth saw her ridiculed in the press. The city government refused to engage the thousands of witnesses looking for answers so she became the personal recipient of their calls and correspondence. Barwood remembers her calls with a disabled veteran named Richard Curtis who owned professional video equipment and who said he’d captured high-quality images of the large object hovering over the valley that revealed the outline of the craft. Two weeks after sending her the video tape, he called her to ask her what she thought. She’d never received it.

    Curtis explained that he’d been on his way to make a duplicate for her when he was intercepted by two men who claimed to be from her office, who offered to make the duplicate for him. Barwood says she only had women working in her office. The manager at the hotel where Curtis lived told Barwood’s investigators that he’d seen a black car pull up from which emerged two men who “looked identical”, wearing dark glasses, black hats and black three-piece suits (in Arizona!) going towards his room. The last she’d heard, Curtis had had a bad reaction to a change in his medication and had been taken away. Nobody knew what had become of him.

    Mouthy takes the most relevant snippets from the existing documentaries about the case and puts them together in one place with his usual pizzazz.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • Any chance this video was reposted elsewhere, Alexandra, that you could repost it since your post is no longer available through YouTube?

    • It’s true, there is a clear distinction between man-made and otherworldly…and don’t believe shit from the military!

      • Of course. And your point about the military is right on.

        Just now we’re all watching a man-made hurricane Florence to our north that was made from sound frequencies coming from Tenerife in the Canary Islands. Yes, there is actual proof.

        Military planes from the US are involved in this process that emanates from those Spanish islands. NOTE: King Carlos still sits on the Club of Rome board. He has been, for decades, part of the cabal.

        Our military, together with numerous Nexrad Haarp devices, other equipment and this mysterious sound frequency generator, all together produce storms that become hurricanes.

        They turn on the devices when the desert winds stop blowing eastward towards the ocean, giving a chance to storm creation.

        Alexandra, here’s a good topic to research and put up for discussion.

        FYI, this discussion has nothing suggested like the sound frequency cloud generator found at Tenerife.

        Other than that, its located in the perfect location and all you need is timing and ocean temps.

        Learn about it here:

    • From the ones I’ve seen, the “light” does not shine, it’s pure light, dosen’t matter what the color is, it’s pure. And it’s not for seeing where to go, lol, it’s for getting there.

      • I saw the Hudson Valley V-shaped “wing” formation a decade prior to the Phoenix Lights. I was with friends, going into an Indian restaurant on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, which is bordered by the Hudson River. I noticed it first and we all saw it, at least 5 of us. It had a lot of similarities to the Phoenix Lights but some differences and that’s an interesting point you bring up, about it not shining. The amber light was very unusual and had a property that I could not put my finger on and that could have been it. It wasn’t bright but it wasn’t so faint that you couldn’t see it – it was not “liquid” or showing any heatwave-type distortion, as reported by the people here. The light itself had no movement, it was steady. The lights weren’t round, like in Phoenix. They were complex deltoids. What I saw appeared to be a V-shaped formation of 5 triangular craft, whose wings and bodies were on two different planes – they weren’t on a single plane, like “flying wing” or “stealth”-type planes. They also moved so slowly that they should have dropped out of the sky and were absolutely silent – and didn’t seem huge, like an “aircraft carrier in the sky” and they were not held together by a larger frame.

        • The first time I saw one I was a little past 16 with a friend, we were hitch hiking around Grants Pass in Oregon, middle of winter, about 2 feet of snow on the ground, it wasen’t a ship, it was an orange ball about a foot and a half in diameter, it stayed about 15 feet or so behind us for about two and a half miles or so, we didn’t look at it very often, but knew it was following us, every time we would glance back it was there, that light didn’t “shine” either, you could almost see through it. Then we decided to sleep under an over pass, or was it an under pass. Anyway when we woke up it was gone. Strange times in the late sixty’s. There have been a couple of times since, but ships. At any way, I’m sure we are not alone on this little blue ball we call home. Best Wishes.

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