Here’s Part 2 of Dark Journalist’s interview with Catherine Austin Fitts ‘Who’s Who and What’s Up in the Space-Based Economy’, previously available only to his subscribers.

As Catherine says, “I think there’s no more important question on this planet than who is really running things and why are they behaving the way they’re behaving. They have a map of the world which is different than ours and anything we can do to understand who they are and what their map is helps us navigate this world – but also, have a positive impact on where our civilization goes.”

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  • Another great session with C.A.F.
    The bigger mystery about space is: Are there forces lurking to come & invade or destroy or maybe even enslave our world? Or are these ‘aliens’ coming back to claim a planet that has become controlled by evil intent and return it back to its’ original purpose? Perhaps all of this money is being put to use to defend what those in charge consider to be theirs and theirs alone. I can hear the propaganda that will be put to use in making the theft of these trillions of dollars as necessary to defend life on our planet!!
    It’s farfetched but in our world, up is down and black is white and look at how much we have been duped already. The majority would believe most anything they are told. How many young people have given their lives in defence of lies and corruption. Our air is being ionized, technologies interfering with our thinking…..we are the fodder that is needed to complete weaponizing space and putting A.I. to work.
    One doesn’t have to look far to see that there are no lows to achieving their ends. I can’t see how what’s lurking ‘out there’ could be any worse than what’s already lurking here on earth.

    • Which GOD are You talking about??? The WHITE Man’s god (Lucifer/Satan)…OR…Prime Source Creator who doesn’t have a NAME because it’s ONENESS IN ALL CREATION.
      OooooH! And WHY was my post REMOVED here from yesterday??? Because I addressed a similar point about NASA LIES about Space???

      • Kennyboy, your racist posts were not manually removed by me. The racist language that you used tripped the spam filter, which put them into a queue for my approval. I chose not to give your racist posts the light of day on my blog and I will continue with this policy. Go post your racist bullshit somewhere else, not here. Thanks.

        • Talk about RACISM…The White Race CREATED the Word…or don’t YOU Remember???
          I already KNOW that You understand this too…The WHITE race has been trying to cover this TRUTH up for ages…CAN YOU ANSWER THIS QUESTION TRUTHFULLY….WHY???
          I’m SURE you know who Jim Still is, because HIS videos are all over the Internet and does a wonderful job of EXPOSING “White Racism” and EXACTLY how it works…IN GREAT DETAIL!
          SO “WHO” IS A RACIST “YOU” OR ME???
          Even NOW your race is still trying to RULE THE WORLD VIA A FRAUD RIGGED BANKING SYSTEM.
          I ASK YOU…DO YOU “LOVE” TRUTH???

  • NASA has duped the American people just as our historians have duped and altered our history. Do you really believe we through our telescopes can view stars millions of light years away! One light year being a distance of 6 trillion miles. Or that we landed on the moon when astronomers are now admitting we do not have the technology to penetrate the Van Allen radiation belt surrounding our planet. I believe we are living in a period of unprecedented history where the light is shining on all the B.S. that has piled a mile high under the heavens for decades. Checkout for an example.

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