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Official reports about the 1997 Phoenix Lights phenomenon have always included a call from a civilian pilot, referring to 6 Unidentified Flying Objects.

Actor Kurt Russell recalls piloting to Phoenix and his passenger pointing out that there were 6 flying unidentified objects dead ahead. Kurt verified this and reported it prior to landing and then taking off back to Los Angeles. He and his passenger never thought or talked about this event again.

A few years later, his significant other, Goldie Hawn was watching a show about the Phoenix Lights on TV when he walked into the room and overheard the narrator describing the call coming in from a civil aviator. He realized that the civil aviator was him but he says that this wasn’t the strange part.

What he realized was strange was that if it weren’t for that show triggering his memory, he would never have remembered that event.

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  • When our home was broken into (Milab, I’m fairly certain), I tried to tell someone, anyone what had happened. I was completely conscious during the break-in and gathered very detailed info as the scene unfolded but I just could not tell the story afterward no matter how hard I tried. I kept opening my mouth to speak but nothing would come out. At around two days, as I was still attempting to convey the event to a friend, something snapped. It felt like a rubber band snapping into it’s original shape. Suddenly, I could tell the story.

    Given my experience, I get Kurt’s forgetfulness under the circumstances of his encounter.

  • When big brother is watching you, you are not allowed to remember your self.
    This way there is a service for secrecy, called sectet service.

    There is impact going on where the remmebering of beling an alien as the self is growing.

  • I have had the same response.
    It is like the brain shuts down and amnesia settles in.
    Is it natural shock or a physical shut down by the vehicles we spot.
    I think it comes with a forgetful hypnotic program transference just by viewing it.

    • Re-member is becoming a member again of what had happened.
      Now knowing is re-membering and becoming conscious.

      Not remembering is a hypnose.
      Remembering is a de-hypnose, where the hypnoses disappears.

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