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In the name of World Peace and in mollifying Russophobia I wish to acquaint the world with the very evident good health and good cheer (if a bit daft) of Russian Millennials. They certainly seem more mentally- and socially well-adjusted and physically healthy than any large group of American kids their age that I’ve seen of this generation. Posted by a British documentary filmmaker for RT, Peter Scott. It features lots and lots of bikini snowboarding, garrulous conversations and cultural pastimes, both modern and ancient.

Scott had lived in Russia for 7 years at the time he posted this, initially as an English teacher in the Siberian city of Omsk. Despite his typical British self-effacement regarding his language skills, these sound pretty impressive to me.

If you read my previous comments about the prevailing Western Cold War stereotype about Russian women, you will see stunning confirmation of how completely false that was in this clip!

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  • IT is WONDERFUL for Russian Youth have such a positive attitude in their country!! IT is for the rest of the world to appreciate and imitate.
    ALL the good may be imitated and of course, thru the different situations in each country, innovated!!
    Horay for Russian Youth and their beautiful and positive attitude!!!
    Best regards from Guatemaya City:

  • Love RT. I agree, it’s Russia, and I like it. Beautiful country, beautiful friendships, beautiful girls. What’s not to like?

    • YEP. Love seeing young adults having fun – just like American kids, really. We should ALL be partying across the planet. It’s the damn greedy, controlling assholes we ALL should be ignoring. Don’t let them have any power! And have fun, Russia – you are our friends!

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