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Dr. Greg Little presents the story of what he and many scientists believe happened 12,000 years ago.

He describes a large cometary impact off the Southeastern coast of the US, which first broiled the landscapes along the Gulf of Mexico and in the Caribbean Sea and then inundated them in megatsunamis. Fragments of the comet left pockmarks in the Carolinas, in an impact event and in the geological features of the area now known as the Carolina Bays. Most traces of the region’s history were erased by this disaster.

Basing his case on the book, ‘Gateway to Atlantis’ by Andrew Collins, Little seeks to prove that this cometary impact was the very cataclysm responsible for the destruction of Atlantis, whose center is proposed to have been in the present-day area of the Bahamas and Cuba. Collins and Little say that Plato’s description of Atlantis corroborates this, as do the readings of the astoundingly accurate American psychic, Edgar Cayce.

Edgar Cayce, a devout Christian man had an amazing talent for diagnosing and prescribing cures for illnesses, while he was in a trance so deep that he was dubbed “The Sleeping Prophet”. While consulting with patients, Cayce would begin describing their past lives. Sometimes, these past lives were described as having occurred during Atlantean times.

In his sleep, Cayce said that there were Halls of Records places in three locations, with records of Atlantis. These were placed beneath the front right paw of the Sphinx at Giza in Egypt, another one located in an Atlantean temple in the Caribbean which had sunk beneath the waves and another one located within a temple in the Yucatan Peninsula.

The researchers in this film journey to Mexico in search of the ancient Yucatan Hall of Records and stumble on what they believe is concrete evidence of an extraterrestrial connection to our ancient past.

This independent film was made with the help of the¬†Association for Research and Enlightenment, the group founded by Cayce’s sons.

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  • Cayce said that the “intentions” of the searchers would be key to their discovery. Sounds like he predicted the records will be located by those who share the records’ frequency. Which could mean that the tablets are not just stone, as believed but carry crystal (or some other vibratory element) that lays in a particular frequency within a particular spectrum of sound to be felt/heard by the worthy finder of such. How romantic.

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