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Check out this dynamite documentary short by emerging YouTube storyteller, Greg Reese, based on an article by Corey’s Digs, which details a timeline of Hillary Clinton’s involvements in children’s causes. It is very concerning if not damning.

Reese reports that Hillary did her postgraduate study at Yale on children and medicine. Her work seemed to be focused on protecting children but in 1975, Hillary Clinton defended a 41 year old man for the violent gang rape of a 12 year old girl. After destroying the little girl’s reputation in order to win the case, Hillary not only bragged about getting her client a lighter sentence but she laughed about knowing her client was guilty.

In 1999, she launched the International Center for Missing and Exploited Children with Richard Branson as a board member and with ties to the Podesta Group. ICMEC is a nonprofit supported entirely by private funds that claims to eradicate child abduction, yet the numbers of trafficked victims has skyrocketed since its inception. When ICMEC was founded, human trafficking was a $30 billion dollar a year business. Nine years later, human trafficking had grown to over $150 billion annually!

In 2009, the Clinton Global Initiative launched the Polaris Project to run the National Human Trafficking Resource Center and Hotline. Also in 2009, AMBER Ready, Inc. selected Clinton Associates and the Podesta Group as their PR company. AMBER Ready’s cell phone technology creates a database of children across the globe, stored in cell phones.

In 2010, Laura Silsby was arrested at the Haitian border with the Dominican Republic for trying to smuggle 33 children out of Haiti. Bill Clinton got involved and Laura Silsby’s charges were reduced to “arranging irregular travel”. Silsby then returned to the US and became the vice president of marketing for AlertSense, a tech company that’s affiliated with the AMBER Alert system.

A shocking number of Hillary’s associates at the Clinton Foundation have been convicted for the sexual abuse of children and child p-rnography. Convicted pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein was part of the original group that conceived of the Clinton Global Initiative and flight logs show that Bill Clinton flew on Epstein’s private plane, the Lolita Express at least 26 times to travel to Epstein’s private island, where dozens of underage girls claim to have been trafficked for sex acts with Epstein’s powerful guests.

NXIVM cult members, Clare Bronfman, her sister Sarah and Nancy Salzman were all members of the Clinton Global Initiative, which is by invitation only. NXIVM cult leader, Keith Raniere is currently on trial (and being found guilty) of sex trafficking, forced labor and pedophilia and the NXIVM cult was found to be illegally providing cash to Hillary’s 2008 presidential campaign.

When looking at all this information, it is only natural to ask the question, “Are Bill and Hillary Clinton involved with child trafficking?” In looking at the various options at the end of her article, Corey writes, “They created bills, instilled laws, built relationships, worldwide databases, countless initiatives, partnerships, and global hotlines – all with direct access to, and knowledge of, children and their whereabouts. In both politics and business they are known as the procurement specialists, often using this language in their press releases.

“The evidence is piling up against the Clintons. It’s becoming more and more difficult to rationalize all of their choices, relationships, and nefarious dealings, away.”

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  • I don’t have the time to watch the video but Alexandra’s summary seems to hit on the primary points that have been revealed over the past couple of years, particularly in the information shared on voat circa pizzagate investigation. It also picks up many of the issues I personally dug up in my own investigation.

    While the lure of hillary hate p-rn will certainly bring attention to this within certain circles, it’s somewhat misdirection in the much larger, world-wide, humanitarian emergency of child trafficking as it does not care about political divide. There is plenty of disgusting history to learn on the republican side of the aisle. Unfortunately, its horrific vices like this that make certain people ripe for public positions and other positions with the corporate arena. And you all know all about the Catholic diocese. The more leverageable some is, the more valuable they are in positions of power. Never forget that.

    Key in understanding the NCMEC link is that it directs all reporting of issues to NCMEC, therefore it holds the database for all of the evidence. Yet it is not required to turn anything over to official entities. That is just one glaring issue with NCMEC.

    NCMEC and ICMEC (International) are both non-governmental agencies and are in charge of some the world’s largest and most sensitive cases. NCMEC gets 2 million reports per year – (record was 7m a few yrs back) and they hold info in their databank and decide if the case is severe enough to pass on to law enforcement. Why does a 25- employee private organization that receives government funding have the largest collection of p-rn the world with no obligation to report it? Other websites have “rules and regulations” to report any child p-rn found to NCMEC, but NCMEC doesn’t have any responsibility to report it to authorities. All these websites intermingle and reporting, etc. protocols and rules seem to conveniently cancel each other out. NCMEC employees go through 25,000 images every week.

    President John F. Clark states on their website they have saved 8000 kids in the past 30 years, but with 2,000,000 reports every year this an unconscionable 3% success rate.

    Brian Podesta works as NCMEC analyst, brother P.J. writes for Salon (which publishes articles that critics claim normalize/garner sympathy for pedophilia). Both Podesta’s parents have worked at The Washington Post for 30 yrs.

    I have previously posted on this site the nation-wide crisis in the also private organization, Child Protection Services. There are (or were) a ton of YT vids by CPS and other state/county whistleblowers and parents talking about their own personal experiences with CPS. Here is just one source:

    The Truth about Child Protective Services //
    “The number of children taken into state custody each year will be the number sufficient to generate the federal fund claims necessary to balance the agency payroll… The net result is a system in which everyone stays employed only if the number of funded child abuse cases and children taken into state custody always increases and never decreases.”

    The Adoption and Safe Families Act of 1997 institutionalized financial incentives driving corruption within these services. This opens the door to the pedo cartel.

    Lying and perjury by CPS is a standard practice. They do so because if the children are removed from the parents custody for 90 days or more, the worker gets about a $4,000 per child bonus and the state gets a $100,000 per child “reimbursement” for their costs. CPS steals and abuses children for profit. 85% of CPS cases are unfounded, yet 100% of children removed from a home are traumatized.

    Horrifying numbers re: Foster Care:
    74% of trafficking victims were in the care of social services or foster care:
    85% of children are removed from their primary homes for reasons that are not associated with physical, sexual or emotional abuse.

    However, these foster children are 7-8 times more likely to suffer this kind of abuse in foster care. In other words, they are far more likely to be safer at home.

    50% of all foster kids end up homeless for at least 5 years after “aging out”.
    The vast majority of homeless in America were foster kids.

    They are 3 times more likely to be put on psychotropic drugs than other kids, due to financial incentives to foster parents.
    They are more likely to get PTSD than war veterans and less likely to recover from it. They are 6 times more likely to die, than if they stay in their “problematic” or “abusive” home.

    R.I.P. Nancy Schaefer, R-GA and her husband “murder-suicided” (allegedly over financial woes although they were fairly wealthy with well-off children) weeks before she was to complete a documentary on her exposure of pedophilia in Child Protective Services and coverups at all levels of state and local governments. Shaefer was partnering w/ William Fain (suspected to be CIA or informant) who publicly promised to get documentary release after her murder but never did. Of course, as these stories go, that docu is gone.

    The Corrupt Business of Child Protective Services

    Sen. Schaefer was working with William Fain (suspected to be CIA) on a documentary about her findings, which was never released. Fain, owner of NASCAR teams/family’s rights advocate and “movie maker,” tells Alex Jones in an interview (linked below) he felt certain she was unknowingly killed by her husband, who then shot himself (in the back of the head?) due to the horrific circumstances of living a life investigating pedophilia, etc., that her husband felt it best to end it all, particularly since they were burdened financially. Not only is this unreasonable but of all people, he should realize the suspicious nature of events and history of foul play in any investigation of pedophilia rings.
    A.J. Interview w/ Fain //

    In the news Sep 05, 2012 Georgia Bureau of Investigation raided Department of Family and Children Services Wednesday. District Attorney’s Office, if someone breaks the law whether they are a government official or not, we will prosecute you,” Slater says Officials say the DHS/CPS allegedly destroyed, delayed, changed and falsified the intake of child abuse reports in order to meet federal requirements that awarded millions of dollars in grant funding.

    Some of you may remember the shooting of House Maj Whip Steve Scalise and others during their baseball practice in Alexandria, VA in 2017. A couple weeks prior Scalise had published a video about child trafficking investigations he was driving.

    There are so many other events and connections and historical evidence of consistent and predictable coverups at the highest levels of law enforcement, government, corporations. But people who focus on this Hillary connection seem to want to ignore the vastness of these horrific crimes. It’s simply too unfathomable to consider how big a problem this is and how long it’s been going on and what is actually being done to little children. But therein lies one primary reason it’s still such a huge problem.

  • This is what I have been hoping they will finally GET them for. It’s the one thing that will turn the Hillary lovers off.

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