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    Award-winning investigative reporter and a senior editor at The Epoch Times, Joshua Philipp is a recognized expert on asymmetrical hybrid warfare and subversion, with 10-plus years of research and investigations into the Chinese Communist Party.

    We’ve been hearing a lot about Socialism and how an alarming percentage of Americans in their 20s who were polled indicated that they wanted to see Socialism introduced to America. In this video, he aims to clear up any misunderstandings we may have about any “difference” between Communism and Socialism.

    What is Communism? Karl Marx described it as a social state, where all hierarchy, all morality, all tradition, all belief and all social structures have been annihilated. It not only aims to destroy morality, culture and beliefs but to even to wipe out the memory of such things, by destroying national heritage, down to each person’s perceptions of history and the world around them.

    Marx and Engels explained this goal very clearly in their writings. In The Communist Manifesto, they write, “Communism abolishes eternal truths, it abolishes all religion and all morality.”

    Marx believed that societies develop along five stages, starting with the primitive society, that he called Primitive Communism., which develops into Feudalism and then the system of trade he called Capitalism.

    After Capitalism, Marx proposed a new system would follow, where the state has seized control of all means of production. He referred to that state as Socialism. He believed that Socialism would naturally collapse, leading to the final goal that he called Communism.

    When Marx and others called for revolution, they were calling for the creation of a Socialist government, believing of this political system of totalitarian control or the “dictatorship of the proletariat” would be able to drive society rapidly towards the goal of Communist moral and social desolation. Socialism was merely the system of state dictatorship used to achieve Communism. It was the political system, while Communism was the envisioned goal.

    In the days of Marx, many people who believed in this system used the words “Socialism” and “Communism” almost interchangeably, to describe their goals. The only difference was that of process and intent. When Marx proposed these theories, there were not yet any so-called Socialist or Communist systems. Both of these were proposed concepts from the same group of individuals.

    In the book Communism, Bryan Caplan states that, “Before the Russian Revolution of 1917, Socialism and Communism were synonyms. Both referred to economic systems in which the government owns the means of production. The two terms diverged in meaning, largely as a result of the political theory and practice of Vladimir Lenin.” Lenin referred to Socialism as a stage of state Capitalist monopoly needed to establish Communism.

    Philipp says that the so-called Nordic model of Socialism has only remotely worked because it maintains Capitalism as its business model. Socialist regimes and their attempts to realize the destructive goals of Communism in the last century have caused the unnatural deaths of at least 150 million people.

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    • What fake news is all about! Absolutely ridiculous article. What Marx and Engel had to say a hundred years ago is of no concern today. It is dated and of no current value. What we see practiced as socialism today is simply a more decent and caring form of capitalism and nothing more. It most certainly is not Communism which is practiced in a very few nations today. Communism has a system of tyranny attached to it even if capitalism is allowed for the populace. Please refrain from such dubious comparisons, they are pure misinformation.

    • You just can’t make up stuff like this and say it is true. Socialism is not the same as communism, no matter how much you pout and posture. And BTW, you make a fool of yourself for saying this.

    • Capitalism in an elitist format (fascism) with little to no duty to one’s fellow man leads to socialism due to the collapse of the middle class.

      Those who fail to learn from history are destined to repeat it.


      But elitists who replace man’s wages with robots, who pay little to no taxes on billions (Amazon and others) are nothing but vipers and rats.

      It is our spiritual duty to take care of each other voluntarily. When Adam Smith’s invisible hand is dangling, dripping blood without want to stitches, what you receive is exactly what you deserve. Theft from government voted in by those who have been left behind of left out.

      Want to stem the drift towards socialism? You actually do have a choice. Figure it out. It ain’t exactly rocket science.

    • A bit of over-simplification. Political rhetoric blurs the meaning of brands of collectivism.

      First one must understand the fundamentals of pooling resources and assets which can be divided into two categories, voluntary and involuntary to which degrees of each occur. In a generally free society there are many examples of voluntary collectives such as insurance, associations, unions, credit unions, guilds, co-operatives and so forth. In a generally captive society there are also many examples of forced collectives which are commonly called socialist programs.

      In the 20th century Marx became the focal point of collectivism, but he was not the originator of Communism spelled with a capital C. That concept had made the rounds long before Marx and it had failed every time because it could not survive in free societies as it lacked incentive to work and creativity. What Marx added was FORCE!

      I read somewhere that one in four humans have sociopathic tendencies which are naturally attracted to force. Communism has great appeal to this part of humanity even though they likely aren’t aware of their mental disorder. You might even think of them as the brotherhood of sociopaths, a collective within a collective if they have succeeded in overthrowing their government, only they call themselves party members. This may help to understand why communism is tried, re-tried over and over in spite of it’s horrific consequences.

      Social-ism is gateway to FORCED collectives regardless of what labels are used!

    • This came from just one of many histeric young men who thinks that he knows everything and must be on barricade to save brave capitalism jeopardized by communist bogey. It is hard to say in few words what is wrong in this article because topics is so commplex and hard , but let me say this: socialism has many faces just like capitalisam in contrast where communism is unknown because nobody real put in practice this system. If you create you picture from view
      on former USSR or former China than you are in deep ignorance water. Both systems started from point of solving unsustainable inequality which threatened complete collapse of the whole society, but after good beginning start to abandon first rule of communism that with time state has to be weaker and weaker (especially bureaucracy).They did the opposite,state and repression grown (there is reason for this but not matter for this discussion) and turn in dictatorship of one party so then never come close to system which we call communism.
      Western europe and USA for they comfortable life can express gratitude to grown fear of possibility to “socialism” can easily step in their front yard if they treat lower and middle class in old capitalism stile, right now we are witnessed to this bowed face of capitalism fade out and in near future workers will find themselves in a situation of re-fighting for basic rights.
      Like i said this is so complex topic and my comment would be too long, and just for end need to say, that socialism want and really can afford better future for everyone (forget on communism).

    • Propaganda! BS! To try to equate theory to a practice is being very disingenuous. To say that
      communists or socialists are atheists and that they don’t allow freedom, and they commit murder,
      ……You can say the same thing about capitalism. But what this so disingenuous is that it wants to
      use the worst examples of what communists or socialists have practiced – you can find many bad
      examples. Under capitalism you can also find many bad examples, like slavery and genocide.

      I hear the same thing being applied to Islam vs Christianity. Muslims are terrorist! Yes you can find terrorism among Muslims, but you can find just as much among people who call themselves
      Jews and Christians. This is a specious argument – propaganda at best, does not prove a thing!

      Alexandra I was born at night, but I wasn’t born last night!
      BTW, there have Native American societies that flourished under what could be called a socialist
      system. The problem with people who push this capitalistic idea is that they’d want you to believe
      it is the best system but they are afraid to try something else which is I believe they stamped out
      Indonesia’s Sukarno back in the late 60’s and Kaddaffi a few years ago.

      • The late Russian writer/historian Alexander Solzhenitsyn says it best in his two books, “The Gulag Archipelago” and “200 Years Together”. It was Solzhenitsyn who stated that “Bolshevism exterminated more people than all other systems combined”. For criticizing the policies of Josef Stalin. he was sentenced to 12 years in a gulag. His first book described his experiences in the gulag, which were quite harrowing.
        The Mongols came in second, behind the Bolsheviks. They massacred approximately 40 million innocent civilians – whereas, the Bolsheviks massacred anywhere between 100 million and 150 million innocent civilians. This number includes the 65 million Chinese massacred by Mao Tse-Dong and the 3 million Cambodians massacred by Pol Pot.

      • Ashken vs Jacob…
        Shem-Abraham-Isaac-Jacob/Israel-David-The Christ-Jew
        Whitish Grey vs Dark skin, woolly hair

    • Creation began with vibration or sound. ( ancient writing ) Taoism tells that with creation came two forces or the archetypal feminine Yin and archetypal masculine Yang. After billions of years of evolution the universe expresses as life-beings with one sex masculine and one sex feminine.
      Extra-genetic evolution in human culture will not eradicate the need for this duality. In dark times we see patriarchy which in darkness forgets all else. In the high energy of the precession of the equinoxes we see Golden Ages. In these times women typically rule. The early pharaohs of ancient Egypt were females. Check the Egyptologist Carmen Bolter. Bio-bodies do easy reproduction. The two sides of culture so far exist with a separation of thousands of years. How can cultures mate merge and produce new culture when separated, I.e. when the two sexes of culture are separated by thousands of years.
      Communism is egalitarian horizontal tribal matriarchy. Today we have many different names for heirarchical vertical civil patriarchy
      Tribal matriarchy does bottom up local elections and representation. Civil patriarchy does top down national representation. They need to merge for dynamic circular fusion, and dynamic alive human culture.
      Culture now needs to go global and only an androgynous double sexed culture will serve humans, not war crazy patriarchy alone.

      • Massive. Pure power proof Zionism is winning. Enjoy your NWO. I won’t be here to see it. Just remember, they only want 10% of peasants left on the planet to serve them and their wannabe god. Will you be in the top 10? Do you feel lucky?
        Eternal Life vs the pit, Great White Throne Judgement and Lake Of Fire… Your call, only. As always posted everywhere, John 3:16

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