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From a laptop somewhere on vacation, Alex Jones joins Steven Crowder to discuss the irreconcilable details of Jeff Epstein’s alleged demise at a Federal prison in New York.

Jones then segues into a description of Epstein’s sexual compromise operation and into the architecture of a worldwide Satanic secret society in excruciating detail that you won’t see anywhere else.

That’s why it’s posted to this site.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • okay get the information of facts from Alex. Now he then tries to rescue Trump by playing the game of history. I am from middleeast and Alex is b.s’ing a lot Nothing like this exists. What Trump is doing is a shitty. This is very simple

  • All I can say is that Alex Jones has brought a lot of truth to us over the years.
    So, believe what you will, as will I.
    Too much of a deep, pedophile world is around us.

  • When one discusses the architecture of the “Satanic” World Order, it is helpful to point to other examples of deception and abuse of citizens to get the “sheep” to more fully understand what we’re up against.

    Richard Lighthouse, former NASA employee and whistle-blower, published a free pdf entitled,
    10 Reasons The Watch list Is A Fraud,” which details that over 40,000 Americans are on the watch list while the State Dept officially lists about 5,000 according to Sen Feinstein.

    In addition, State lists 184,000 terrorists worldwide while the FBI’s Terrorist Screen Center lists almost 1 million.

    With people like Dick Cheney and other neo-con military machine types heading up this program (even now), it is easy to see that the fraud is for profit when one considers:

    1) 700 military industrial complex corporation and military info Stratfor are illegally given the list of these names for the purpose of targeting and weapons testing on domestic US Citizens while;
    2) Having been stripped of their Civil Rights due to the unconstitutional Patriot Act

    …it is a clear human trafficking program that renders citizens as victims that ultimately
    1) cause them great suffering
    2) kill them
    3) take away their rights
    4) ruin their reputation.

    You can download the FREE pdf here:

    • Whooo Cooks For You?
      Not-so-silent sounds
      The Fake Barred Owl calls last night

      Refrain of “right” owl cult
      Broadcast, police dark ops
      “Owl right,” was all I heard

      To wit their-llmp-wristed response;
      Addressed to: Dick Chaney, MJ-12 human trafficking posted toastie;

      Bad, bad boy
      Barred, what they can do to me
      Witch-choice-you, mental or jail?

      Option 2 – Epstein Barrs
      Option 1 – Craaaazy
      Cults of crosstown traffic spar
      Witch barr, witch mob, victorious?
      MJ12 or MK-Ultra_sound?

  • So I am listening to this video on your site, got to the place where Jones is talking about indoctrination of society to accept pedo and human sacrifice and I get the circle of death on my iphone. I try a number of times to restart video but am unable to do so. Then I get a screen saying Youtube wants me to agree to be tracked on this website before it will play again. Just thought I would let you know – never has that happened to me for your site.

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