The Russian company, Apis Cor has developed a unique 3D printing technology, which can build a comfortable modern house in just 24 hours. Check out the amazing time-lapse footage of different home designs being built in this clip.

It’s incredibly cool and cost-effective and yes, it’s another way in which humans are becoming obsolete. As one subscriber told me about what I was going to do for a living if I couldn’t make this site profitable, I should learn how to repair robots!

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  • Here it is, finally, house construction. Not as Jacque at the Venus Project envisioned but it’s somewhat the same. For some unknown reason while watching this well constructed marketing piece I got an uneasy feeling deep in my solar plexus. On the surface it’s all that, but . . . can’t shake that feeling. And I like the 409sf tiny house design they used.

  • Thankyou for this as I knew it was coming but not this soon well done people and as you have said great for those with natural disasters

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