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    by Tore Says Show

    Antarctica emerges as a battleground in the latest twist of global real estate wars. Corporations deploy private armies and human clones to seize their hidden resources. Under the aurora skies, this icy continent has become a chessboard of espionage and shadows, marking a new, chilling chapter in the quest for dominance.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • your dystopian future has arrived get your surrender flags ready or not everybody has a choice this is one . whats that your family sword is in the shop for repairs from when your grandpa last used it . the agenda pushers actually insisted we line up for poison shots the next time will be not be so kind and gentle as before . sadly, they don’t sell balls on amazon I know amazing but true I checked so if you’re not ready to defend yourself after what has transpired maybe earth was not really your thing and cleaning it out will take longer than your lifetime .

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