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    This video is by Eric West of, who has had this YouTube channel since 2012. He thanks David Crawford for the Starlink for him to livestream this broadcast with a potential smoking gun for the cause of the Lahaina fire.

    Eric livestreamed this with a friend on Sunday in the Lahainaluna neighborhood of Lahaina where there was no fire – except for on this one, small empty lot – surrounded unburned homes – the two cars parked on the lot were melted and glazed.

    Rivulets of aluminum snake out from beneath the front ends of the two cars and melted glass festoons their trunks and we see a clear delineation between the entire area that is fine and unburned and then, this small, quarter-acre lot is charred.

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    • Concerning Maui fires:
      Please check out 2 people on YouTube more information on the dew weapons. I think you should contact these guys directly. I know they can help –
      Cliff High & Max? I’m drawing a blank on his last name. Anyway he’s the Creator of C-60 purple power. They both have you tube channels.
      Sending prayers Maui’s way. Good luck with everything!

    • Smoking gun of … insurance fraud. Bring two cars on a vacant barren lot, pour some gasoline over them and … voila.
      BTW … is this video Starlink advertisement? Seems so.
      Every good crisis should be exploited, right? At least for fraud and marketing purposes.
      And what is that logo on the white cap all about? Why tipping it while suggesting formation of public fund?

    • We lost our home to the Oregon Wildfires Labor Day of 2020, namely The Echo Mountain complex wildfire, in the coastal range a area that a year before had a similar fire up the coast leaving many homeless. We had a Ford Windstar Minivan that had rivulets of aluminum snake out like in Lahaina, I may have a picture of it, I think I kept some of the aluminum, I’m not 100% convinced DEWs were not used in the Oregon fires, the blame there is being played squarely on the power company failing to denergize the power lines.
      One thing I can tell you and you can take it with a grain of salt, I learned some time ago the NWO would create/ use whatever diasisaster Hurricane, Tornado, Fire natural or manmade to get folks .out of their homes leaving them and into their “smart cities” It is now painfully apparent they are burning folks out of their homes intentionally, when I was evacuated, I met a true patriot one of those known as 3 percenters, he told me about how he flew down from Alaska to see what was left of his home in Oregon. same fire, at first the Sheriff’s wouldn’t let him see it but he eventually did, all of his thousands of dollars of mechanical equipment gone, his firearms all melted in his melted gun safe, he mentioned about how nearby homes were untouched suspecting DEWs, true if you look at some of the aerials taken by a drone the same seems to apply in Oregon as Maui, so I asked him do you think this is the NWO making their long planned move to get us into the smart cities, he said without a doubt! Take it for what its worth.

    • Incredible visual!

      Naturally impossible for two cars to melt down on a lot surrounded by homes and landscape untouched by fire or heat.

    • even though Starlink seems to be great at this moment, but one has to remember this:
      1. it traces where you are
      2. one of their launch series almost blinded a friend of mine
      3. do they own the data in a system which is the SpaceX’s constellation, a military application??
      4. remember the attack came from space!
      Since I do not trust anything these days, just wanted to add this with a suggestion, protect yourself with EMF shielding…

    • Is that from an imported non-native grass wildfire or a poorly directed energy weapon wildfire
      the coverup just sprung a very inconvenient leak . Yo shook ass Infoshill Alex tell us some more of that DEW DEW about how the power company did it , is that still your goto BS excuse .
      Waiting on a murder indictment for the whole f*cking .gov laser shitshow .

    • Aluminum melts at 1300 degrees. Gasoline burns at like 2000 degrees. Wind blows the fire. Sets grasses on fire around and under the car. The gas tank explodes in the heat, the heat from the gasoline burns and melts the aluminum wheels. Why isn’t this an acceptable rationale?

      • Because the cars in the middle of a circle of homes that were untouched, how many fires have you seen that burn in a perfect circle and don’t spread beyond it? DEWs

      • All DEW respects, but this otherwise good bit of logic seems to ignore HOW ignition selected these two vehicles while skipping all other objects in that vicinity including landscape, trees, shrubs, residential structures all untouched by fire. What am I missing here?

        • oh, forgot about THE most important, the WINDOWS!!! That’s the HIGHEST melting point, next to steel, all far away from the tank, exposed not even to the burning grass JUST TO AIR, and yet, all melted! The left over GREEN grass left untouched is the biggest wonder of all, and it couldn’t just show up within ~2 weeks with that height.

          what you missed JD? the beam coming in from above!!
          What is strange that the DEW military facility just aound the corner on MAUI there, had the very first launch of their long range laser weapons at the end of July ’23, perfomed 100% by AI, according to the source I read.. Just can imagine, the criminal who is behind that all, maybe considered to apply Ai’s in order not to leave a real HUMAN finger prints on the weapons..???

      • For MANY REASONS, including your FALSE source of the apparent melting points!! All temperature will be in F
        gasoline(LIQUID combustible!) ignites around 550, aluminum(SOLID METAL) ~1220!
        2. The BACK WHEELS are FAR AWAY from the gasoline tank, which most probably is NOT aluminum but rather steel (with 2700K melting point), so grass melted these back wheels??

    • THANK YOU ALL for posting this!!! 3000F ~1650 degC thats’ where glass is melting.. All the houses with the entire missing glass and annihilated HUMAN BEINGS!!
      Erik, now you will understand that the entire 9/11 was exactly the same story. Dr. Judy Wood and her book will explain everything. AT that temperature no human DNA will survive, thus taking the DNA from the still LIVING INDIGENOUS people in order to apparently identify the remains is yet another pretext to collect it for maybe the Zuckeberg’s DNA ‘library’..???
      Can all the video’s with the evidence material be located in multiple points (for safety reasons) for inspections and sharing ideas??
      Posted this and your other stories on the substack at:
      Praying for you all, and never give up the fight for justice.
      It would be interesting to find out WHO organized these meetings for the authorities in exactly the same time of these attacks. Please get EMF meter and inspect the wi-fi and EMF radiation level around you. On 9/11 there was a radioactivity present in the burn areas… Get a Geiger counter for your safety and check it out!

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