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The subject of pet psychics and animal communicators has tended to annoy me for a number of reasons in the past. I was annoyed that delusional people were enabling each other and that some pets in the world had such a higher standard of living than many humans on this planet, that their owners would actually pay for such a frivolous luxury as an animal communicator.

So, of course I think you’re well within your rights to doubt claims that Anna Breytenbach can communicate with animals. That’s what I thought before watching this film. Having now seen it, I can honestly say that it was one of the most profound YouTube experiences I’ve ever had, or really any kind of experience. My thinking has been corrected. Through communication, anything is indeed possible. I’m not sure how Breytenbach had escaped my radar all of these years.

If you don’t have time to watch this whole film and especially if you’re unconvinced, please do at least try to see the last sequence, involving the incredible breakthrough with the black leopard, Diablo, which starts after the half-hour mark.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • This documentary is so powerful in telling the story of the state of our earth and the part we play in it. Eversince i saw this film i have been looking into Anna, and Jon Young and i am amazed and it resonates deeply of what it means to live your own life completely, – i mean the soul’s journey they hit upon, – and look at how much they are all in the film doing to hunanity. For me, i am less afraid of animals. I am telling people about this whenever it pops up in my mind during a conversation. And as for myself – orderd the first film from South Africa and watch it over and over – why? Because it connects always to myself and the whole. Thank you!

  • Amazing discovery of a universal language that your brain can decode! Also totally mind blowing discovery that animals think complex thoughts and can understand human conventions like what a name might mean! This lady offers classes in communication, I would love to go…a trip to Botswana.

  • Not surprising.

    I grew up close to nature, talking with animals, getting the earth under my fingernails and to this very day believe in connectivity with all creation, but I don’t deify it. Love, true love is key, that is giving, not seeking to receive. If you love animals they know it. One size doesn’t fit all, but generally speaking they will respond positively to selfless love and appreciation. As example one summer I would sit alone in my open overhead garage door near sundown to enjoy all God’s creation when a little humming bird smaller than my little finger would dine on blossoms around my home. I got to talking to it and singing to it and it would hover fifteen to twenty inches in front of my face for about as much as a minute on occasions, then fly away only to return a couple minutes later to that same position to visit with me while I sang to it and I was certain it loved and understood all of the experience as much as I was. It’s tiny little eyes were so beautiful as I gazed into them. Just rapturous.

    So there take that all of you doubters!

  • Amazing Lady with a great gift. People who don’t accept animal sentience are sadly ignorant. If there are ‘Horse whisperer’s’ and “Dog Whisperer’s”, then there can certainly be Ape whisperer’s, too. Anyone who denies that is truly irrelevant.

    • Where are the Whisperers for persons and personalities in order they become human?
      I guess there is a very strong need for them.

      Is not whispering happen by feeling and sensing?

  • Dear Alexandra,

    I agree with your sentiments about this short documentary entirely. The sense of interaction between the animals and Anna was profound and deeply moving; as well as being hugely exhilarating.

    I found it deeply disturbing that both Prince Harry and Prince William in the UK have been big game hunting and photographed standing proudly by their kill.

    I personally see little difference between their merciless killing and the quite barbaric practices of IS. I realise that I would be hounded for not recognising the difference between the killing of animals and humans; but to me they are each a life-form and to slay simply for sport is quite despicable.

    When you looked into the sorrowful eyes of that beautiful black leopard, how can anyone not of evil disposition, even contemplate snuffing out its life, let alone for some barbaric sport?

    Just such a beautiful story that whilst humbling gave me grounds for hope, that when we have finally rid this planet of the evil elite that dominates us all; we might at last be able to share our lives with the animal kingdom to our joint enrichment.

    Christopher x

    • And yet, I would find it easier to kill many humans than most animals – animals live in the present, and live naturally; humans lie, cheat, hate, kill, and sell fear & misery – many of them – especially the 0.01%, probably deserve the karma, and should be killed for their Satanic ritual sacrifice of babies, like the Rothschilds do, along with George Soros, and many elites in DC, Holland, Switzerland, the UK, and other places hiding “power perverts”. Our animal friends are pure beings by comparison.

      • Doctor Moebius,

        I agree with you whole heartedly.

        I have developed the means to enable anyone, bird, animal or human inflicted by cancer to self-heal within a matter of days, yet if I were to tell the world at large, Big Pharma would ensure that I was murdered within the week. Yet I am hopeful that we will see the removal of the murdering Satanic, Luciferian, Paedophilic Elite, including the leaders of many so-called religions; within the next few years. There are signs that they are losing their desperate fight to hang onto their power. But the real challenge is to overcome the apathy and ignorance within the vast number of brain-washed peoples of this once beautiful planet; whom are perpetually induced yet further into their hypnotic state by the ever-lying media. Thank goodness for people like Alexandra x.

        Christopher x

  • Dear Alexandra, you gave me a beautiful experience, the change of diablo into spirit was so touching, it brought tears! All the other animals too….so incredibly wonderful. Thank you for sharing this Alexandra and greetings from a very happy follower!

  • Alexandra, this is a beautiful film and speaks so much about our communication with nature. It bought tears to my eyes and so much empathy for the animals involved. I think we can learn so much from animals.

    Perhaps there is an equally deep and important message here about how we communicate with each other (or not, as is all too often the case) as fellow human beings (and with other beings too, whether they be ET, etheric or something else). As we can’t even get it right within our own species, let alone with other species, it is hardly surprising that the world, both in human and ecological terms, is in the horrific state we see around us today.

    Best Wishes,


  • This is an amazing, touching video! thank you from all the people involve in this beautiful experience and sharing it !

  • There are some who can talk to the earth, and get answers back, there are some who can talk to the animals, as well as get answers back. It’s just a knowing, a feel. Most people don’t want to know about the world they can’t make a profit from in cash. But there is so much more to understand.

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