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    Here are the three-toed Nazca mummies again…Gaia TV seems to have grown silent on this subject after a lot of hype last June. This may be due to the position of the Peruvian government that, “The criminal abuse of corpses for petty ends violates human dignity in a profound way. Thus, exploitation of Pre-Columbian mummies carried out by this organization attacks and particularly offends the Andean culture, implying that its achievements were due to an illegal ‘alien aid’.”

    I’ve set the code for this to begin after the first 8 minutes of this piece, which follows Steve Mera of Phenomena magazine on a laboriously documented, uneventful trip from Manchester, UK to the Andean altitudes of Cuzco, Peru.

    Under very dodgy circumstances, our Mancunian host and his cameraman Barry Fitzgerald are allowed to film the small mummified remains of what look like “Greys”, which even they are forced to admit from the x-rays look fabricated.

    They exclaim, however that a larger body, dubbed “Maria” looks genuine. We saw this desiccated body last June having its DNA samples taken by scientists assembled by Gaia TV that included Mexican TV presenter Jaime Maussan. The carbon dating from Maria has allegedly come back and dates the body at 1,600 years old, which is contemporaneous with the creation of the famous
    Nazca Lines in the area where the bodies were originally found by a grave robber. Could this three-fingered mummy have been ritually modified so long ago? Three-fingered beings feature frequently in ancient Nazcan art.

    Whereas I think that the hundreds of remains of large, red-haired elongated skulls from Paracas, Peru are genuine and are probably the most significant archeological find that I’m aware of, my gut is suspicious of these three-fingered mummies covered in white diatomaceous clay. The Peruvian government is officially calling the Nazca mummies a hoax, with a statement saying that the “cultural patrimony of the nation” has been “maliciously manipulated” and “mutilated” for “commercial exploitation”.

    However, Dr. Edson Vivanco, a surgeon who examined the remains personally says that many scientists have been quick to call them fraudulent without seeing them up close. He notes the many features that would be difficult to fake and he states that,”So far, we haven’t found anything to say that it is a fraud or that the bodies have been modified or altered in any way,” but that “If we finally discover it’s a fraud, we’ll be the first to report it.”

    With all of this said, it’s nice to catch glimpses of Lima and Cuzco, where I traveled as an 8 year old with my mother, decades before an economic boom raised Peru up from the crushing poverty that was rampant then. Improvements to the general quality of life in Peru are very evident from the incidental images here.

    The film ends with a press conference featuring scientists defending the investigation of Maria and the evidence that this is not a fraud. In the absence of the DNA results, I will withhold my judgment for now.

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    • Jaime Mausson has been duped before, but with Gaia people there, and the Russian scientist seems quite knowledgable. It looks real to me, and an example of the many types of humanoid/ Homonoid / Hybridoid that exist. I hope it’s real because it looks real, and from the analysis so far, ost definitely NOT a hoax. The Peruvian gov’t shills – at the behest of the USMIC – are debunking it, because douchebags debunk, and never have supporting evidence except conjecture (from Adamski to Meier to Romanek, who are/were all telling the truth), and with thousands upon thousands of pieces of evidence proving the ET and UFO reality, why all the dogmatic skepticism? Scientists look at the evidence, collate the data, then theorize from there. But honestly, anyone who DOESN’T accept the ET reality is going to look like a retarded child; from the Gov’t shills to NASA, academics, the aerospace industry (except Lockheed, who has admitted to the ET reality and technology. The secrecy now is a total joke).

      Please, folks – skepticism is fine, but denying UFO’s is like denying automobiles. UFO’s (ETV’s) are nothing more than fancy levitating, FTL, force fielded, cloaked transport vehicles. And that means that OBVIOUSLY their are aliens. The government position today is so ridiculous that all of them look like ignorant fools – especially the current big fat one.

      The numbers, the witness testimony, the evidence (the samples, the diagnostics..) – all this, and people still don’t believe?

      They must be religious…

    • Perhaps the legends of the Hopi are true, and the Ant people have been found. On the other hand, this is from Gaia T V, so,… lets hope that the truth, whatever it is, will come out. We all know how governments can mostly make things just go away, kind of like the giants that were found in he past, sent to the Smithsonian” Institution of Darwin”, and all trace of evidence just vanished. Or Roswell, or the WTC, the list goes on,and on. Maybe this time truth, whatever it is will win.

    • I rarely give much credence to such presentations as most of the time these “interviews” are scripted for the audience, mostly for ratings. I believe Peru, as well as other parts of South America, has much more credible mysteries. I guess such shows are “necessary” to expose the public to other points of view considering the lack of true knowledge about our past. Thanks for posting though. 🙂

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