An anonymous caller shares with Stefan Molyneux his fascinating odyssey from being a member for several years of the violent Antifa Communist activist group to his transformation into what he calls a conservative.

This conversation plumbs the psychological depths of what drives many members of Antifa and it offers excellent insights for all of us about the social forces and ideologies that are currently running amok in America.

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  • This is a bore – not what the title describes – the ‘interviewee’ rambled on way too long..

  • Sorry,but this is just crap!The anarchists are not anti-fascists nor socialists, please dont mix this .
    By the way free market is fiction it does’t exist , it is lollipop for masses.Realy left is for social right and not giving something to someone like you presented in this interview. This guy is just lost like many young people and jump from one side to other, he is not represent anything seriously about “leftisam” there is many things to say but …

  • This man is a horrible interviewer. He doesn’ let his guest speak and is constantly interrupting him. Why doesn’t get over his own ego and feature his guest instead of himself? I had to skip ahead to get to the meat of this interview and the same thing continued to happen so I just gave up.

    • Molyneux certainly has some very strong opinions! But surely, Seagypsy8, he is not just an interviewer, but a mentor. Steve did not want a shoulder to cry on, but a fellow intellectual with and through whom to validate and sharpen his ideas. Molyneux did not trample on him; he brought him out.


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