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Allure magazine recently announced that it has banned the term “anti-aging” in its coverage moving forward. They dipped into their archives and found 29 actresses and fashion icons who’d been quoted as positively embracing their aging process. These women became millionaires off their youthful beauty and we probably wouldn’t care about them now if they hadn’t achieved celebrity while in their peak. Is there a double standard going on here?

Allure’s campaign is pandering to a Millennial revolt against the decidedly Nazi beauty standards of the past, which have made women so miserable for so long. However, when this revolt goes too far, it becomes an exponent of the ultra-PC “Body Positive” movement, which seeks to normalize obesity and other undesirable traits for the sake of mitigating the emotional angst of the unpretty.

Ideals of physical beauty and sexual appeal may be social constructs but they’re based on unconscious perceptions about reproductive health. This is why an oppressive inauthenticity pervades the Ivory soap advertisements that champion the “beauty” of morbidly obese women.

The same way that tearing down statues of Robert E. Lee won’t change that slavery and genocide are parts of history, celebrating people with obesity and gender dysphoria in fashion magazines will not make them attractive or their conditions any less fraught with real-world dangers. Fashion has never been a feel-good proposition, anyway. Fashion is inherently sado-masochistic. If it ain’t got S&M, it ain’t fashion, it’s some kind of Snowflake BS with participation trophies.

Allure magazine’s politically-correct bid to offer comfort to aging Boomers and GenXers about their crow’s feet and turkey necks and to “glamorize” a very troubled genderqueer person is, like all political correctness, paradoxically oppressive. Moreover, this particular iteration of political correctness belies an insidious form of oppression coming from the medical establishment, according to Dr. Ron Klatz, founder of the Academy for Anti-Aging Medicine and

Dr. Klatz explains, “Medicine is very tightly controlled and it’s controlled by a very small group and they like the status quo, they like things just the way they are. They don’t want people living a whole lot longer. They don’t want to change the system very much. Things need to move at a snail’s pace and they don’t like revolutionary change.

“Unfortunately for the controllers, anti-aging/regenerative medicine, the new science that’s coming out of he laboratories now [is] coming faster than anybody can control it and it scares these people.

“So, what we’re looking at [here] is an attempt to denigrate the field of anti-aging/regenerative medicine.”

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  • Graceful acceptance of old age doesn’t necessarily mean we have to do away with prevention of illnesses… When we protect ourselves from damage it also doesn’t mean that we are not accepting old age. We have to accept the fact that as we age our bodies become weaker and we are prone to illnesses. The only way to avoid getting sick is by taking care of ourselves, keeping up with exercise, eat balance diets and care for our skin. All these activities must be done to survive this world… So for me anti aging is just a term to summarize the preventions we need to do in order to live a healthy life.

  • Anti-aging?
    This is an attempt for surviving inside the body for some more years, where finally death still comes over?
    There is an eternal life energy, which never ends, does not know pain and death.

    When tere is an inner fight between life and death, either life wins or death wins.
    Here the basic questions now is: what is death???

    I have my answers,
    Are there any ohter answers or questions?

  • Why pursue technology to slow aging…??
    Folks, moderation, exercise, proper diet through CLEAN food and emotional balance…this tech drive is no less than a weak assed denial of life’s cycle itself. Fear of dying is a social malaprop. I do concede that if these enhancing formulas come from naturally derived ingredients and processes (no dna manipulations or chemical enhancements) then why not?
    The issue for me is scientists devising things and processes that are based solely on their messing with the very forces of nature. That, is beyond dubious and easily marked as pure hubris.

    • The larger part of “anti-aging medicine” has to do with nutrition and exercise.

      Symptoms of aging are mostly caused by the decrease in youthful hormone levels. If we still only lived to 49, like we did in 1900, hormone replacement wouldn’t be a topic of discussion. It’s not about hubris, it’s about quality of life. Forestalling the aging process is about preventing degenerative disease. Given the amount of xenoestrogens currently found throughout our environment, we need to be proactive about this. Since we now have longer lifespans than we used to, many of us will live half of our livespans with lower than optimal levels hormones that cause the degeneration of the musculoskeletal, cardio-vascular, neurological and other body systems.

      The breakthrough has to do with bio-identical hormones which are plant-derived molecular replicas of our own hormones, administered in extremely low, continuous doses via subcutaneous pellets. This is much more favorable than using foreign chemicals, such as the xenoestrogen derived from pregnant mare’s urine (Premarin) and the high doses of “juice” or anabolic steroids, both of which have been found to cause cancer, the latter because anabolic testosterone aromatizes into estrogen.

      I haven’t done pellet therapy yet but I expect that I will.

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